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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chokedup

Renekton: the brick wall

Chokedup Last updated on March 24, 2011
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This is my first guide, I play alot with junglers on my team, and have to hold a lane 1v2 alot, and have had a few people tell me i was brutal, and said they liked my build so I am throwing it out here. I don't like all the flashy frilly ****, so I am leaving it simple and informative.

Renekton is a great champ to hold a solo lane when you have a jungler on your team. With this build you can hold your lane against 2 champions, and even push their tower with little or no help. It is always a good idea to let your jungler help gank your lane when they are ready. You should be 1 to 2 levels above both enemy champions at all times and if you play right you are an unstoppable force once you hit level 6.

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The flat armor and magic resist help you in early game against whatever pair of champions you are up against, the armor pen helps you to quickly finish off the creep waves and bring the fight to the enemy so they feel it. Alot of people like the cool down reduction, but you can get a brutalizer after the ghostblade if you want more cdr. I find that the survivability early on makes a huge difference.

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Skill Sequence

The key to staying in the lane is survival, Cull the Meek gives you health back, as well as damaging alot of enemies in one attack, you want to master it quickly as it can save you from trouble alot. You want Slice and Dice next, just slice into the creep wave, cull the meek, dice out of the wave towards your tower. The creeps fall fast, you live. You don't need Ruthless till around level 4, because your jungler shouldn't be coming out before then anyway, and you are still playing defencivly at this point. It is nice to have one point into it incase the enemy decides to tower dive you, so you can stun them and use your tower to kill them. Always get you ult when you have the chance, once you have it, let your jungler know you are ready for a gank, pop your uld and chase down the squishies and eat them for lunch. You can also pop your ult if you are low on health and your heal is on cool down.

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You are a tanky croc, so go tanky, and you go into utility to get the increase regen and experience boost, which helps you get levels above the enemy champs.

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Summoner Spells

I like to go with Heal and Ghost. Heal is great in a team fight, and if you are alone and need a little boost to keep you alive. You are an instigating tanky croc so heal comes in handy. The Ghost is helpful to get accross the map to team fights, run away (rarely) or to chase someone down for a killing blow. Anything will work, just your preference, but I do well with these two.

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I always start out with the shield. Gives you alot of health and armor, the health regen is not even worth it, but its there anyway. I get the Ionian boots next, gives some cdr which helps keep you alive. At this point I go one of two ways, if i am not being hurt too bad in fights I go for a brutalizer first, for the extra damage and more cdr, otherwise i go for the frozen mallet first, as it provides survivability, then I get the brutalizer. After that I go for a guardian angel. It helps keep you in the fight longer, and if you die and then pop up and ult you will make up for it. Next finish off the ghostblade. You can sell the shield anytime after you get the mallet. Now, if you are facing a heavy AP team, get the Banshee's veil. You don't need the mana, but the passive works for you either way, so get it. If it is AD, go for the Thorn Mail first. If survivability isn't an issue, you can leave out one or the other of those (depending on team comp) and get a brutalizer, and don't upgrade it so you keep the passive for it and the ghost blade.

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Pros / Cons

Good survivability
Good initiator
Decent damage output throughout
Great at holding a lane alone against 2-3 (if played right)

Easy to get over confident and fall into traps
You will be focused down quickly
If you get stunned and cc'd you are useless

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You are the initiator, slide right on into the enemy team, stun and slide out. then ult and slash your way through. Don't worry about your kill count, and take one for the team if you have to to get your dps carry out of there alive. 5/2/30 is a good way to be in a win, beats 30/2/5 in a loss, so don't get greedy, work with your team. With ghost you can be all over the place. When pushing towers, go in pop ult, cull the meek and keep turret aggro so your dps can destroy it. Slice your way out of range if you're getting low on health Heal and go back in. Your damage output isn't the best, but you are one tough skinned croc that takes a team to bring down.