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Rengar Build Guide by Guest

AD Carry Rengar AD Kill and only Kill

By Guest | Updated on October 9, 2012

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This Build

In this build Rengar will have a great ability to kill, but on the other hand he will be squishy and will need a tank to initiate while Rengar picks off either squishy type characters or low ones. As him, he will need to get kills to have the ability to roam and get more kills. This will make
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Rengar :D

Rengar is a very strong AD champion that has the ability to jungle or Lane. With Rengar I have had much success with him top lane. This does not mean it is only "solo top" with a normal game this works great. Rengar really focuses on bush killing his enemies. It's alot easier to kill from a bush because his passive will cause you to jump on the enemy ( surprise ownage). I like to build him with Armour pen because I think they help way more than flat strength. He has a very good kill potential, you must work with teamates to intiate. It helps to have his ultimate when in team fight or pushing a lane. I've been able to avoid being killed by ulting and instead of running back twords base run towards the enemy Nexus and into a bush not regularly walked through press your "w" to heal then teleport back to base. Now this won't work all the time but most of the time it does.
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Why it's so Short

Now you might be thinking why this is only 2 parts, honestly no one comes to the guide to read lore and why you chose what you did. In that case if you don't enjoy these items, masteries, runes. You can not listen to the guide, or choose to improve on it ( on your own). Thanks :D
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Pros / Cons

Pros: Cons:
High Damage Squishy
Great Killing Ability Focused Down in Team Fights
Strong Early to Late Game Ganks could be Deadly without Ult.
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Rengar Guide

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Rengar AD Kill and only Kill
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