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Rengar Guide

Last updated on July 31, 2015
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Who am I?

Someone who plays rengar A LOT.

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Why play Rengar?

Pros: Amazing ult
Great late game and one shots
CC on his e
A little bit of sustain
Amazing passive that lets plays happen

Cons: Pre 6 ganks not that great
Early clear is pretty bad
Kind of sucks to play if behind
Needs items to be good
Long cool down on ult and requires cdr to be build on him

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Runes and masteries

I run 21/9 masteries. I take the cdr on the offense page which gives me 5% cdr.

For runes I take 2 quints of flat cdr
1 quint of armor pen
9 red armor pen
9 armor yellows
9 flat cdr blues

These runes will let you have a better late game, because if you just take a standard ad rune page, you will not have armor pen and armor pen scales better. Also cdr is just so good on rengar and if you do not have 15% percent cdr from your runes and masteries, you cannot get 40 % with just your yhommu and cdr boots. (15 % plus 15% plus 10%), you will only have 30% % cdr. (15% plus 10% plus the 5% cdr from masteries). You will then have to keep your jungle item warrior which gives 10 percent cdr but late game you want to sell that item and replace it with a phantom dancer or a last whisper.

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Early clear

Usually just go and ask for botside to give you a leash and make sure to smite the stone krugs and the gromp immediately. Proceed to red or blue buff. Remember to always empower q not empower w on the blue and red buffs. Usually you don't really want to gank pre 6 so you just mostly power farm your way to level 6, so after you do your first blue or red buff go to wolves or raptors, empower w here, do not empower q or you will not have enough health to finish your jungle clear. Proceed to the raptors if you did wolves or to the wolves if you did raptors. Empower w and when you finish your wolves or raptors do your blue or red buff and then finish off with gromp. If you see someone overextended you can gank them but remember, if you do not farm a lot and your ganks fail, you will fall behind and rengar is bad when he falls behind.

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Ganking post 6

When you only have a few items and cannot one shot:
1.) Get five stacks
2.) Walk up to the lane, do not walk from the brush in case its warded, just walk through the lane itself.
3.) Tell your team to let you engage, in case that idiot laner telegraphs your gank by being too aggressive
4.) Ult
5.) Jump on target and empower e mid air to trap them

When you have enough items to one shot:
1.) Get five stacks
2.) Oracles to make sure you are not on a ward
3.) Ult and start running to your target
4.) Activate yhommu
5.) Before you jump click q (this does not break your stealth)
6.) Jump, and with your empower q, click e-w-ravenous hydra all at once, this should one shot the target

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What order you should get items

1.) Finish your jungle warrior item
2.) After warrior go for the cdr boots
3.) Go for timat and then finish the hydra
4.) Get the ghostblade
5.) Build a phantom dancer
6.) At this point sell you jungle item and get a infinity edge
7.) If they are not building armor go for another phantom dancer and if they are building tanky finish a last whisper
8.) Sell your boots and get a second phantom dancer if you got a last whisper or if you already have a second phantom dancer then get the last whisper