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Rengar Montage - Execution (Simple Guide) with Montage Video

Last updated on September 3, 2015
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Hi guys , since we have plenty of players wanted a Rengar guide , I'll make one here :)
My IGN is 狮子狗 in SEA/Garena SG/MY server. I am a Diamond 4 solo queue , challenger rank team player. My favorite champion is Rengar :)

This will be a very simple guide. (Sorry)

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Item build is depends on your gameplay , but I would explain some item for Rengar.

Sword of the Occult - I would usually buy this item on first/second back to snowball faster. It's okay if you lose your stacks early , keep this item , you will gain your stacks later on by snowballing , catching enemy's ADC or Mid. (Not Core item but very useful)

Tiamat / Ravenous Hydra - Tiamat is a MUST. Ravenous Hydra is not a must in early. You can stay at tiamat until your 3rd/4th item. It's not too late. We get tiamat just for the trigger , lifesteal is not important till later on. (Core item)

Youmuu Ghostblade - Yes , this is a must too. Crit chance , armor pen and movementspeed/atkspd boost. This will be your 2nd/3rd item after tiamat.(Core item)

Last Whisper - Important item , one of the item to make your "1-shot" successful. This would be 3rd/4th item. If you do not like this , you can go Infinity Edge instead.

Infinity Edge - Massive damage from this item , especially with crit. Can be your 3rd/4th item , and also can be your last item too , if you have Sword of the Occult earlier.

Boots: CDR/Mobility -
Base on your choice , personally I use CDR boots if I'm snowballing my lane(top). And mobility boots if I have to roam a lot (can't win lane) especially against Irelia at top , she beats you HARD at 6 onwards .

Phantom Dancer - Crit chance , movement speed. Buy this item after each of these items - Last Whisper / Infinity Edge / Sword of the Occult. If you don't like this , you can try Statikk Shiv or Triforce. They all do pretty good :)

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My Item Path/Build/Playstyle/Plan/General Guide

Rengar is actually a VERY WEAK champion. Any champion win Rengar EASILY if you misplay. Especially Panthoen/Irelia. Try to be aggro and first blood your enemy at top lane before 6 , where all the top champ powerspikes high. After 6 , make use of your teleport and go mid/btm along with your ulti to gank.

I would start with 1 long sword/ 3 pots.
First back - Sword of the Occult/Brutalizer/ Pickaxe - Tiamat , some pots , ward
Early first back - long swords , boot , pot , ward

Jungling -
Machete + 2 pot (Start at the side where your adc and sp belong , you will need hard leash)
Blue team - start golems (btm side)
Red team - start frog (btm side)

After golem/frog -> Own Red Buff. DO not take blue first, you will be wasting your hp.
After red buff -> raptors and try to gank mid/top. After that , continues to clear your jungle and go back.

Look for Blue or Purple Smite. I prefer purple , more sustain. And tiamat would be your second item, follow up by youmuu as your 3rd.

My Item Path(SotO) -> Sword of the Occult - Tiamat - Youmuu - Last Whisper - Hydra - Phantom Dancer (Boots in between , if you have more gold , replace Sword of the occult with IE and boots with Triforce or another PD)

My Item Path 2(Without SOTO) -> Tiamat - Youmuu - Infinity Edge/Last Whisper - Phantom Dancer - Hydra - Infinity Edge/Lastwhisper (Boots in between , if you have more gold , replace Sword of the occult with IE and boots with Triforce or another PD)

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Rengar 1 shot combo and other combo/Ending

1 shot : Ulti -> Youmuu -> When near your target , press Q -> click on your target -> in midair use Tiamat/E/W

Ganking : Ulti -> click on the target ->mid air empowered E FIRST -> W -> use Q to animation cancel your first AA

Tiamat/Q AA animation cancel -> After auto attack , immediately Q then tiamat.

Remember , do not aim their front line. Aim for their mid/carry. Before you jump in , make sure you can get out alive. Look for position , don't just walk through their whole team to go in.

Another tip , try not to fight teamfight without ulti no matter what , except if you are in bushes.

Why don't go tank? Not my playstyle , 1 shotting the enemy is more fun than slowly fight till someone dies.

Rengar is not easy champion to play , in my opinion , overall it is a weak champion. BUT it can be some HYPER CARRIES if you can snowball , get fed , and play it well.