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rengar: the liability

Last updated on July 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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rengar: pros and cons


he can go invisible as an escape method


unbelievably underpowered
always a liability
can't kill unless you use my build which is focused on KSing and running away from 1v1 easily
easily killed
can't survive outside of jungle

here is my last game with this build :3
Score Card
high elo ranked K D A CS
J zin zao 31 59 1 2 2
AP [TCS]CHaMPioN 1 12 21 72
AD adamking 1 22 18 102
S kral22 2 47 4 248
T swager 1 34 20 48

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why i choose those items

because well to jungle well you pretty much need jungler knife + 5 pots especially on rengar .. then you rush boots of mobility with speed enchantment so you can run away easily from fights AND get to fights to get some kills by KSing

and then you get a lot of attack speed items to ks way easier .. this is seriously the only viable item build for rengar

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what you will focus on

all ur going to do is FOLLOW people do NOT attempt to 1v1 ANYONE just follow people (ideally the guy that gets the most kills)
so when hes getting a kill time your attack right and get the kill YOURSELF .. do NOT attack with him just wait as he gets the guys health down and RIGHT WHEN he's killing the enemy get the kill yourself with a well-timed attack .. if hes fighting a unwinnable fight do NOT attempt to help him you can die yourself rengar is an underpowered champion just start running away
now let's get to early game :3

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early game: what to do

ur going to jungle since rengar can not survive in any lane but make no mistake you're not going to gank at all .. you should just kill jungle creeps here's the route:
wolf > lizard > stone mans > golem > wraith

so the reason you got revive was rengar even at jungle can't go without dying so you first kill wolves if you didn't die yet then go to lizard now ..

it's pretty much a fact that you will die in this one so when you die use revive and kill the lizard then kill stone mans if you got enough hp left if not go to base

then go to golem and use smite to kill it then kill wraiths if you die at this point then you might as well be afk since rengar can't catch up if he falls behind even a little amount of experience .. if you live then restart this route BUT make sure to buy a LOT of HP potions you'll need them to live since your revive and smite are on cooldown now

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mid game: what to do

mid game there are 2 thing you can do
1. if enemy jungler is going to ur jungle too sometimes then just stop jungling remember ur NOT supposed to 1v1 anyone since rengar isn't good enough for it
2. if they have no jungler or if the enemy jungler doesn't come to ur jungle OR you jungle with anohter person then you can just keep on jungling

however if there are any fights then quickly go there but DO NOT fight yourself just watch if the enemies are getting killed then quickly go to the fight and KS people

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late game: what to do

well just follow your team and try to KS in teamfights not much different than other parts

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support rengar

support rengar is actually really viable right now just get killed like 10 times to jungle creeps then go to bot lane and just camp in a bush and ward .. etc. and jump on enemies even if they kill you who cares they will get only 50 gold since you died to jungle creeps .. but if your adc is close to getting a kill then quickly KS it because rengar is COMPLETELY item dependent for easier KSing


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