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Rengar Build Guide by Angel of Deth II

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Angel of Deth II

Rengar: The Marauding Savage

Angel of Deth II Last updated on September 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I. Introduction

Hello everybody, I'm Angel of Deth II. This is my first build ever to go up on Mobafire. Also please do keep in mind this is no where near finished and I will be updating it as much as possible as time goes on. Please leave me some comments and criticism on what you feel could improve this guide.

Rengar is a pretty nasty top laner with a lot of burst, some really fun mechanics and can support his team decently as well. In this guide I'll show you how I play him and what I find to be the most effective Rengar build to date.

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II. Pros / Cons


+ Can stop a lane from being pushed quite easily since he is mana-less.
+ Has the potential to duel anyone 1 on 1 and win.
+ Great ganking capability all game long.
+ Can eat turrets pretty quickly if left alone.
+ Great escape-ability and offensive abilities with his ultimate.
+ Good off-tank and can both deal damage and support his team through long teamfights even with low health.

- Building good health regen and armor can stop him.
- If your opponents avoid bushes it really hurts your ganking capability.
- Any debuffs to your attack speed will most likely get you shut down.

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III. Skill Usage

The best way to burst down your opponents is to get 5 , use your Empowered Savagery and then your Savagery immediately after. Early game ranks of Empowered Savagery will give you 60% attack speed bonus over 3 seconds and late game ranks will give you 100% attack speed bonus over 3 seconds allowing for insane assassinations from lane to lane or from the jungle. And when using the Frozen Mallet from my build early on, you will absolutely destroy. If your assassination attempt initially doesn't kill your victim and you are 1 on 1. Use Battle Roar to deal a tiny bit more damage and gain 60 bonus Armor and Magic Resistance. Stick to them with Bola Strike, Frozen Mallet and/or Exhaust and finish your enemy. Exhaust is my favorite because of the bonus Armor Penetration when used.

If your opponents are trying to make for a quick getaway use Thrill of the Hunt, build up 5 Ferocity and jump to them and repeat the double Savagery attack to finish them if they are low enough or you could simply use Bola Strike to root them and take them down.

Also if things aren't going your way, Thrill of the Hunt makes for a great way of escaping single or multiple opponents attacking you and empowering your Battle Roar to heal yourself for 15% of your maximum health or empowering Bola Strike to root a single enemy for 1 second and slow them for the remaining 1.5 seconds of the ability.

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IV. Rune Build

9 Greater Marks of Strength: Flat damage runes early game are great for establishing yourself as a bully in the lane with Savagery.

9 Greater Seals of Alacrity: Rengar comparatively speaking doesn't start with much attack speed. These runes paired with early ranks of Savagery and 4 points in the Alacrity mastery get the job done, helping your life-stealing efficiency as well, early and late game.

9 Greater Glyphs of Shielding: Rengar starts off with good Magic Resistance but falls off late game and will leave you vulnerable to powerful Ability Power champions. Take these runes to gain some much needed Magic Resistance late game.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation3 Great Quintessences of Desolation: Take 3 of these very potent runes to help you deal even more damage and counter your enemies building Armor.

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V. Jungle Path

Start at the Wraiths, then Red, burn your Health Potions, gain 5 Ferocity and then gank.

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VI. Lore

On every wall of his den, the trophy hunter Rengar mounts the heads, horns, claws, and fangs of the most lethal creatures in Valoran. Though his collection is extensive, he remains unsatisfied, tirelessly seeking greater game. He takes time with every kill, studying his prey, learning, and preparing himself for the next encounter with the one monster he never managed to defeat.

Rengar never knew his real parents, but was raised by a human who was revered as a legendary hunter. He was an ideal pupil, intently absorbing the lessons of his father, and improving them with his uncanny feral instincts. Before his mane had fully grown, Rengar set off on his own and claimed a wide territory for himself. Along its perimeter, he mounted the skulls of his slain prey - a warning to would-be aggressors. He thought undisputed reign of a region would fulfill him, but instead, he grew restless. No beasts in his domain proved challenging prey, and without formidable adversaries to push his limits, Rengar's spirit waned. He feared that no worthwhile game remained, that he would never again feel the thrill of the hunt. Just when things seemed their bleakest, he encountered the monster. It was a disturbing, alien thing, distinctly out of place in his world. It bore huge scything claws and devoured any animal that strayed across its path. Overzealous at the prospect of a challenge, Rengar ambushed the monster in haste. It far outclassed anything he'd hunted before. Their fight was savage, and each suffered crippling wounds. Rengar lost an eye, but the most grievous blow was to his pride. He had never before failed to make the kill. Worse yet, the severity of his injuries forced him to retreat. Over the following days, he hovered on the threshold between life and death. He was wracked with pain, but beneath it, he felt a glimmer of joy. The hunt was on. If such powerful beings existed in the world, he would find them, and stack their heads high. The monster, however, was a kill he wanted to savor. On his den's largest wall, he reserves a space for the beast's head, a trophy he swears will one day be the centerpiece of his collection.

"Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live." -Rengar

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VII. Summary

Hopefully this is a good start for new Rengar players. Thanks!