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Rengar Build Guide by Grnbaboon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grnbaboon

Rengar TOPJUNG 5.23

Grnbaboon Last updated on November 26, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Illaoi Your only oportunity againts her is 1v1 LV1 with Ignite. Bait her Q with the minions, Charge your Q until 4 stacks, then go to the brush, Q+Jump+Q+AA+AA+AA and suck that potions like the holy grail.
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Hi there! my name is Grnbaboon a former NA player who is now playing in LAN for PING Reasons. Well I started to play in preason 3, nothing much to say, a noob player with no idea what to play. Then I found the real champion, my love. I started to play Rengar since I started to play. Rengar is an Assassin AD burster with low mobility and easy to trick and kite, the jungle does not treat him very well and people thinks he is complicated. Sorry for my bad english, I am practicing. :D

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You being rengar, and rengar being you.

First I must say, use rengar is quite simple, a few games and you will understand how you should play him. However there is a thing that separete the good rengar for the best rengar player, have nothing to do with the build or the lane, is you attitude, when you play Rengar you must play to kill, look for the weak and smowball. Now I am not telling you to look for suicide missions, but you need to be confidend in your skills, must players says that rengar does not need a plan, just press R and Q like there is no tomorrow. Well that is a lie, you must have a plan to enter, KILL and LEAVE.

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Rengar is powerful and weaker champion at the same time. The niche here is your desicion making.

-Snowball hard
-Hit like a truck
-Lv 1 in lane duels (Ignite Only)
-Is f*king Predator

-Item dependant
-Missclick can send you to hell
-Ulti unleash your bloodthirster instincs

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Well the Rengar set is simple, you hit, you kill.
Your PASSIVE skill makes rengar an unique champion, the is manaless which is nice for an assassin, When you hit something with your Skills, you charge Ferocity, when your Ferocity is full You gain special Buff for Each skill. Also all your basic atacks makes rengar jump when he is on a brush or with your R.

This skill is empower your next basic atack. This skill is your main weapon, your breat and butter, the milk of your cereal, the reason why rengar is rengar... well I guess you get the idea...
When this skill hits empowered, provide an absurd amount of damage.
-You can cancel your AA animation with it.
-Proc on-hit eff (Hydra, sheen, etc).

The understimated skill, but this skill makes rengar tankier, when it hits champions or larger monster it give you 50% of armor and magic resist. Also it does a little magic damage.
When you active this empowered you gain missing healt.
-This skill hitbox and animation are weird. The animation seems to be smaller than th ehitbox.
-You can stay in lane with this skill and survive the jungle thanks to this skill.
-Use W to duel, not to poke (this hit as hard as a fresh wind)

My favorite skill(Dont Trip!), and the only skill shot for Rengar, this have a range of 1000, is kind of slow skill shot but its width is huge. I recommend to practice this skill shot, this can make you Kill/Survive dunring ganks. ALso this skill have a huge AD ratio, ppeople ignore his damage most of the time, but is very inportant to hit the bola strike.
When you use this Empowered it roots the target for 1.7 secs.
-These little f*ks hit harder than you think.
-You can farm with this in hard situations.
-You can assure kills Starting ganks with Empowered E, better than Q.

Well, this skill makes you feel like a true assassin. After activation you need to wait 1 second (or 3 if you get hit) and rengar enter to stealth mode, giving you a high vision darius, activating yoru passive (jump), and when you run to a champion, you get movement speed. After jumping, you gain Atack speed and your ferocity bar increase 1 each seconds for 5 seconds.
-You can avoid Face check in unwarded places, you can save lives just providing vision.
-In late game you can abuse this skill just to take a look.
-Trust in yourself when you go in with this, only flash can save your ***.

Combos :D
The Main combo of rengar is: Q+Empowered Q+W+E. From the noob point of view you see an easy combo, and let me tell you something noob,,,,,,, It is, is quite simple.
The conditions to use this combo is: Having the Ferocity bar at 4 (YES AT FOUR) to create the cancel animation of the Q giving you the instan double Q. And/Or hiding on a brush or Ulti.

The Gank Combo is: Empowered E+Q+W+E. To execute the combo I recommend to start with the Ulty, to jump and throw the Empowered E mid air, is almost impossible to miss jumping direclty to the target, now that he is rooter you can continue the rest of the combo.

Like all other Rengar guides, there is a gold rule. NEVER, BUT NEVER START A FIGHT USING EMPOWERED W.

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Now Early game is your most important phase as a top rengar, I will tell you with details what to do.
START with long sword and 3 pots. Go to your lane, If the jungle start on your side, help him to charge your ferocity at least 1 will help.(place your Sort Art Online theme song here, then continue reading) Now you are in the top with your Enemy, Look at the minion counts, go to the brush, last hit with your Q then enter to the brush again. Repeat this process until you get the 4 Ferocity stacks. If your enemy stay neat the minions.... then is the moment to strike. Go to the brush, press Q, then JUMP to him, when you land Press the Empowered Q(and use a potion when he hits you). Now you have the advantage of the fight, keep fighting him/her with AA, at this point you have the advantage, if the enemy flash, you too, keep in mind you can instant jump using the brush. At this point he is already dead. Then farm a little bit, back and buy another long sword. Now in your lane, since your assassination tools are on cooldown you can farm. If you feel confortable you can go to fight again without ignite, if not then just harras him/her with your bola strike. You can save the ferocity stak to heal you after the trades. If the enemy got scared then farm and deny farm. This is pritty much your Winning situation lane. REMEBER TO WARD ONCE IN A WHILE.

Now Assuming you did not kill him/her now you showed dominance, this mean the enemy will call for help. Do not worry if the enemy backs, try to get some farm and back too, get ready for another fight. Be careful, since he/she already know that cannot just trade with you he will try to place safe, until he jungler appears. Try to farm as much as possible. Continue Until you get lv6. Now if you see that you cannot kill him, then forget about him/her, and lets go HUNT!

Now assuming you lose the fight, you get rekt, once again do not worry, do not let this stop your blood thirst. Now you know you cannot fight him, and you will need to get in a defensive position. In this case farm as must as you can and get lv 6, this is when you can get your revenge. Note: DO NOT SHOW FEAR, DO NOT STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE MINIONS THERE IS NOTHING WORST THAN A COWARD TOP LANER. This is when you must use tactics and not brute force. If you can, poke him/her as much as you can. Try to kite him/her 1/3 of their health. Try to get health advantage. Then if he/her has a hard cc (stun, root, blind, taunt) bait it, it does not matter if hits you, because NOW YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE, Press R and go for it. Your revenge is done.

Now assuming you cannot fight him for any reason, then once again do not worry, this only mean he/she is not your target, farm, get lv 6, try to push until the mid of the lane if possible, and then Dissapear, Ward the enemy jungle in front of your side, go back to your lane and keep farming....And now we wait.... Oh looks, the jungle is 1-2 level behind you and is alone in the jungle and is being atakked by the jungle kreep. Time to HUNT!. To make this possible charge your Ferocity at 4, check if the enemy midlane is busy with yours, check if your top lane is farming. Then go for that kill, you can tell to your mid and jungle to keep an eye on you for any inconvenience.

Now, we are in mid game, you sould have at least 3 kills and some minions, is now time to get more kills, go to bottom lane, Eneter with R, and help your team to get some towers and dragons. Be aware of your tower, go back time to time keep the tower stand as much as you can. Help your jungler to get dragon. Use your advanagte to get objetives. At this point of the game you can solo dragon.

From now it comes the team fight.... and you do not care about team fight anyway, You must look for champions that are alone in lane, trying to push.
Go and try to split push, tell your teammates to avoid fights when you are out taking some towers.

If their team want to push a fight and there is no other option than a suicide mission, go for the weak, Do not start the team fight. From here it comes about team composition so there is nothing I can tell you about. Just kill the lone wolf, split push, and avoide team fights, if there is no other options then trade yourself for the ADC or APC.

Jungle Rengar