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LeBlanc Build Guide by ningen ouroboros

Support Return of LeBlanc Support 10.2 (In progress)

By ningen ouroboros | Updated on January 24, 2020
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Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


only summoner spells you take
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #55 in
Middle Lane
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

Return of LeBlanc Support 10.2 (In progress)

By ningen ouroboros
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*This is a work in progress, renewing the guide to better fit the metagame of season 10.

LeBlanc support is a strategy designed for autofilled mid players with a support background. DO NOT play if you're:
1. a mid laner with no support experience
2. you are a support only player
3. if you are not confident in your LB skills

have fun.

(rest of the content is slightly outdated)
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    Able to win lane with minimal adc intervention
    Great follow-ups to ganks (only second to Thresh, as he has lantern)
    Best mobility on a support
    Safe map control (w ward w)
    One shot machine
    Disgusting trade
    Aggro ping-pong (pulling aggro back and forth as they don't know who to focus)
    Strong early, mid, late game (cause you can ult frequently, base damage + scaling is decent)
    Can use
Electrocute to trade

    Too hard for people who don't play both mid and support, as it requires knowledge of the enemy champs to abuse
    If not abused, has no merits over the traditional supports
    Weak defensive stats
    Weak against point and click cc
    Adc might run it down
    High-risk, High-reward
    Harder to play than some supports
    Falls off when they can cc you before you kill em
    Effectiveness relies on your mechanics (mainly on hitting e and decision making)
    Low range compared to some other bot lane champs
    If your hands are not following your brain, champ is suboptimal as LB has minimal defensive stats
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Take flash on f slot and ignite on d slot as dw is not as natural as fw.

All other spells are below average on Leblanc support, as your job is to use your adc as bait and gimp squishy champs that are ready to pounce and bounce on your ad player.

Taking exhaust improves gameplay minimally, while having the ignite ready generates pressure by just having it up.

Exhaust does not increases snowballing potential or help protect your adc (as you shouldn't be protecting the adc). Taking ignite and absorbing the aggro will be more efficient as they are more likely to focus LB, not the adc, and LB has good mobility as well as being a member of the team that can die after oneshotting somebody.
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Thunderlords is best keystone but it's gone so take this.
Electro has harsher activation conditions but does more damage than Thunderlord's Decree.
The keystone does about a skill's worth of damage to the frail bodies of the opposing marksman.

Sudden impact is more magic pen when you w or flash, more finishing potential, more useful as cheap shot is not that easy to proc when you are not with Ashe.
It also helps as when w hits, it pops the sigil giving you extra sigil damage on mark + w

nothing to worry about, zombie ward is also an option
Last row is preference, but I would take ravenous hunter now, as you have no recovery options without ocean drake or red buff

Sorcery secondary with Absolute Focus and Scorch, which are more lane focused than other setups.
Raw ap is good in lane, especially after nerfs.
Scorch gives you the tick of damage that is needed to finish early kills.

Manaflow band and transcendence is alright as well.
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core items
1. Spellthief's Edge
This gives you the gold to buy items. Get the upgrade when possible, but leave it at frostfang because you need more gold spent into ap to one shot the enemy squishy. Important thing to note is that the procs do quite a bit of damage, and they can lead to a kill early game. You can save the procs for an all in, and it will boost your damage, especially if you shoved them under the tower and they are low.

Upgrade immediately to a Frostfang unless you have enough for a Lost Chapter, and keep it at Frostfang until it's the last item to upgrade.

2. Luden's Echo
This gives you damage and mana to w more times. It is also high in ap and 20% cd, comparable to morellonomicon pre-rework. There are no better options, unless you have a GLP fetish.
You can also go GLP if you have sorcs and lost chapter already but not 850 gold to buy the blasting wand.

3. Sorcerer's Shoes
This gives you magic pen, to ignore that zeke magic resist the good player on their team has. also negates adc's magic resist.

4. Zhonya's Hourglass
Build this cause you go in zhonya and your cds start to run
You goof assassins and high burst champions. Also gives a bit of armor as well to aide in not dying before you assassinate someone. Most important item mid-late game. Having this in a teamfight will win you some games.

5. Morellonomicon Void Staff Rabadon's Deathcap
Pick 2 of the above to your preference
Morello is flat magic pen + griveous wounds + hp
Void is total magic pen
dcap is too expensive for a support, but gives you the ability to kill people with 2 skills

6. Spellbinder
This is an alternative to any three above, as it provides 120% gold efficiency. Movement speed and ap are good to have on Leblanc, and it gives a ton of both.

7. Mejai's Soulstealer Boots of Mobility
These items are bought as a pair, as they both give you movement speed during certain conditions. After 10 Dark Seal stacks, upgrade to Mejai, and you get the bonus out of combat movement speed which goes along with Boots of Mobility as it's % increase. This allows you to hard carry your team when you are fed, as you stack Mejai quite fast and maintain the stacks as well. Q max when taking this build.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter doesn't help you oneshot, and there is minimal need to slow them when with just a bit more gold, you can buy a void staff and kill them instead.

Support items also don't help you kill them. You build it only to flex on them with a Redemptionkill.

Archangel's Staff take too long to stack for a support

Tank items are not good on Leblanc unless your team can 4v5, maybe one might be alright.
If you want to play actual support LeBlanc, get on another guide and you should not be even playing LeBlanc as she is not optimized to traditional "supporting".

most importantly:
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LeBlanc is always considered a powerful laner as her combos are quick and hard to react to while being also quite safe and high damage early on. A downside to her gameplay is that her auto attacks are pretty weak compared to other mages and she lacks a proper form of ranged waveclear, so she would get behind in cs if the player is lacking. So instead of learning to cs, I have found out I can get away from csing in the bot lane support position. The goal of the build is to virtually maintain the gamestate of LeBlanc in the early game where she can chunk hard and get away from them.
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W first, to trade. Without this skill, LeBlanc is the worst champ in the game.
Get E level 2 if you're looking for a level 2 kill, as it gives you a snare and more dmg.
Get Q level 2 if you're looking for a level 3 kill after trading, as Q-W-auto trading is quick and easy.

Put 3 points into Q, max W, then Max Q

Maxing W is alright as well, but support LeBlanc doesn't need to immediately max it, as she doesn't need to clear waves, and Q does more dmg.
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*skills in brackets are optional
*ignite whenever you need to
1. Q W (W) (auto)
QWW onto the enemy champ is fastest combo on Leblanc, and you can auto after the qw and w back to the spot to proc electro and outtrade them. QWW is when you don't have electro up or when you don't want to proc it, but wait instead for the next rotation for the kill secure. You can flash QW auto to kill low hp targets as well, and it helps to have electrocute up.

2. W E Q (auto) (W)
*the best combo in lane
WEQ is using the w to gap close and chaining them before they can react, then q to put sigil on before the second hit of the chain pops the sigil. This is when you don't have the range to hit the w, so instead of using it on the enemy champ you can instead use the e as the damage, and w as a dash.

3. W Q E (W)
By using WQE instead of WEQ, you get reduced success rate on the chain hit, but you get better sigil pop success rate when you don't have the time needed to wait for the chain to pop. You can employ it in a similar manner to either QW or WEQ, using the w as damage, or a dash.

4. W ward W
You get an extended ward range and you can go back to your original location later.
This is useful when they predict you to be on the w ending spot, but you actually dashed to the point instead of walking there, so you can go back to your original point to juke them.

5. [WR] Q W (E)(auto)(R)(W)
You can use this to trade or to finish off someone low. By using your ult as a dash to get in range to qw the enemy champ, potentially hit the e for bonus damage or instead go back to the w or rw checkpoint. This is, if not, the most disgusting trade potential packed in a single combo in the history of League of Legends showing people what one-sided trade is.

6. Q R W (E)(auto)
This is the highest damage combo when every skill hits. At the level 6 timing, it executes anyone below 50% hp, and has the potential to one-shot anyone with 75% hp or even higher hp depending on the enemy champ.

7. W R Q E
This combo is to clean up the low hp targets or deal AOE damage in a teamfight.
It is often better to oneshot someone than to do this combo, unless they will die from it. Two W's onto the enemy team can probably chunk quite a bit, and if you are snowballing, can possibly delete some champs.

8. auto W auto (W)(auto)
THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT LEBLANC SUPPORT COMBO! Using this combo will lead to their adc or support being close to half hp, and usually mixing in 3 autos will deal massive damage as the spellthief procs are not to be ignored. The combo, if successfully executed, will allow you to get a kill level 2.

9. q w/w q e r
This is double chain. It allows you to root people for long or switch targets.

10. W R E Q
E and Q can be swapped. This is to approach them and potentially doing burst damage with 2 W's while having chain up to help team kill the target.

Personal Combo Videos from a real game (that looks like it's filmed on an android):

There are more combos on other guides, but decision making is important as there are no fixed combos to do in a situation, and one or more skills may be on cooldown.
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Ban any of the threat champs or the champs that you're not comfortable with.
I personally ban Graves cause he is cool champ, and destroys our terrible jungler.

Don't pick when there's a long ranged bot lane picked on the enemy team and when there's targeted hard cc like Twisted Fate, or aoe cc like Alistar
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Leblanc support will allow you to at least 5 v 4, as she can remove a certain non-tank from their team if needed.

You win those
Leblanc early to late game can do massive damage, and even when behind can do some damage. In order to make sure you do more damage later on, play with the mindset that you win those. As long as they don't have more people than you do at the fight, you win those. Make sure you go home with the W. Although LeBlanc is good mid-late game, she is bad at 45+ min, so don't drag it out for too

Pick a target to kill over and over again

This allows you to effectively one shot them as they are behind in gold, and allows you to make at least a 4v4 situation.

Poke a lot when zoning

Poking with W->R->Q->E, W->Q->E or W->Q->R->E allows you to either get kill potential when the chain lands or force a recall on them, further reinforcing the 5 v 4 ideology.

Use ult liberally

Ult has low cd compared to other ults, and trading ults means that it is worth it as yours comes back up faster than their ult.

Use W more
You should w out of fountain as the delay for the cast regenerates some mana before you fully leave the base. Use w as a mobility tool, saving it up when you need to go for a fast gank is not good, even though using it too much will waste mana and the cooldown.

Change up your combos
Doing the same combos again and again will give time for your opponent to expect what is coming and "react" (predict) when you dash in. Mix ups are important so you don't get so predictable.

Do the most damage you can do
Don't go AFK when Karthus presses R when you have 100 hp, instead look for more damage output by turning on the adc or the support, etc. When they are not focusing you, use your skills to do damage instead of walking behind your adc like some duo-boosted diamond iv 0lp probably about to get demoted Janna, Soraka, Lulu, Sona, Nami main. Play more aggro or don't play this champ. If you do no damage on this champ, you are most likely to be reported for intentionally griefing.

ACTUALLY THINK WHILE PLAYING THE GAME. What are my goals for the phases of the game? What's my damage output? Are their summoner spells gone or are they baiting? Oh look, I have 3 wards left over and yellow trinket too, I better change that to oracle and set up more vision cause unlike Sona I actually have up to two dashes to run away from threats while warding. Are they going to react to my qrw, or do I need to use wreq to kill them? What skills are they going to use to kill me? How am I going to dodge and do damage at the same time? Thinking about stuff like that helps not to hard int playing this game. Unless you are me.
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Classic skin is alright as the effects are yellow and are hard to spot, but it lacks some flex potential.

Ravenborn is the best skin for Leblanc, but it is legacy, so it's limited in availability. It changes the animations for all skills, and it's teal, so it blends in to the rift. And also, she thicc af.

IG LeBlanc is probably tied with Ravenborn for the title of best LB skin. The white effects are very clean. Highly recommend it if you like black and white, or if you would prefer a newer skin. Unfortunately, it's also legacy.

Elderwood is another skin that changes the animation, and it is alright as the chain is harder to dodge as well. The skin itself has green highlights and she also blends in with the rift if you don't focus on the wings. Wings also make her look like a bug, which is a downside if you don't like bugs. I personally use this skin cause it looks goofy.

Project Leblanc is hands-down one of the most disappointing skins in a while. The 101 dalmatians skin looks as good as this yee yee lookin skin. Don't make yourself play with this skin when it's the only one you have. Thinking this skin is good is actually your head lying to you because you spent the money/got the chroma one for free. Base LB looks way cleaner.
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Leblanc has many options to go with, and will work best if your opponents underestimate the damage done, or don't know which options you have.

Remember to pick a person and kill them to optimize mind games.

Don't build support because Pyke and Rakan does support things better.

LB support is support in a sense that you distract the enemy team and either let your team finish off the kill or you take the kill while they are distracted by your team.

You can w to pull aggro and burst someone and pull out, while you're doing that, the team hopefully is smart enough to start attacking them.

Zhonya use is important in teamfights, negating multiple skills aimed at the end of dash is a positive for the team.

The main goal is to win lane and get them to ff by roaming a lot.

Farming the enemy champion is a legitimate tactic.

Don't try this when you can't play Leblanc.
reminder to buy control wards.
Most important rule is to make everyone unable to enjoy the game at all.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ningen ouroboros
ningen ouroboros LeBlanc Guide
Return of LeBlanc Support 10.2 (In progress)