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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reaction#10048

Revive Pantheon

Reaction#10048 Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 1

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 8

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Pros and Cons

- Pros
Great Pusher/Farmer.
Good Survivability.
Can easily backdoor if needed late game.
Global Teleport.
If fed early he can become a unstoppable force.
Can shutdown enemy carry.

- Cons
Cant handle most 1v2 lanes early.
Silence can shut down majority of your damage output early/mid game.

(Will add more to this section at a later time)

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Items & Masteries

- - Item Builds and Masteries
- Offensive DPS Revive Pantheon
- Core Items
- Optional Items
Guardians Angel: Great item late game if you need that extra bit of armor and survivability.
Randuins Omen: Great if vsing a team with heavy auto attackers(Yi,Ashe,MF,Tryn, and more)
Banshees Veil: This a great item that you will most likely always need but i didnt put it as part of the core due to the fact you can do just as good without it, BUT you should always get a BV if your being focused by silences/stuns/taunts and/or vsing a team with good amount of magic damage.

- - Offensive DPS Revive Pantheon Masteries
- I prefer using 21/1/8 as your role with this build is to be pushing towers and focusing enemy carries, although going 9/21/0 can work i find going into offensive is more effect for the role you will be playing.

-- Masteries Overview
As i said above most the time 21/1/8 or ~ 21/0/9 ~ 21/9/0 ( if you didnt opt to take revive) will be best for this role but often tank setup pantheon 9/21/0 and 0/21/9 can work well with this build and role aswell, just setup this according to what your vsing if playing ranked, if its normal than i suggest always going 21/1/8 for revive pantheon.

-- Item Explanation
So some people may be curious why i have these items and not IE or Black Cleaver or ect on here. well heres why
Yomuus gives you the extra attack speed + movement speed which is useful for taking out the enemy carries and for taking out towers/inhibs, Bloodthirster gives you good damage output and a nice chunk of life steal to go along with it and since you should be always killing something whether it be a minion in the jungle or pushing a lane or taking down a enemy champion you should have no problem keeping it at atleast +80 AD out of +100 AD, And Frozen Mallet cause it gives you a decent chunk of survivability a bit of AD and a 2.5 second slow which makes it pretty much impossible for someone to run from you which makes your job of taking out the enemy carry even easier, and Last Whisper because by now the enemy is most likely going to be buying some sort of armor or defense to counter you and this is what counters that for a cheap price instead of spending a lot more on a black cleaver which will set you back a lot on getting your last optional item.
So for all you wondering "Why these items?" now you know.

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How to play Revive Pantheon

- Early Game Laning, Solo Mid.
Pantheon can be a amazing mid solo when vsing carries that depend mostly on their auto attacks but he can also excel vs casters aswell.

If you go mid with pantheon its a good idea to take spear first so you will be able to poke your opponent a bit before lvl 3, but if you decide going HSS first you can start harassing at lvl 2.

So start off by going to your lane(always remember to guard your jungle whether your mid or not), once in your lane try and poke your opponent as much as you can than if you decided to take HSS first get your Aegis(W) as soon as you hit level 2 and W+E them asap, if you decided to take spear first just continue poking till level 3 than soon as you hit 3 put a point into either aegis or HSS(whichever you havent gotten yet) and go Q+W+E+Q, now your opponent should be rather low on HP, this is where the real fun starts, you want to start being really aggressive now and zoning out your opponent (make sure that you dont auto attack creeps UNLESS the enemy went back to heal, if they went to heal than you should push your creeps upto their tower as soon as you can that way they will miss out on 1-3 waves of creeps before they are back) so to zone out your opponent you will just want to last hit creeps as much as possible and harass inbetween those times by doing your combo, if you start to drop rather low on mana than you just W+E whenever your opponent starts to go in for a last hit. by this time if your doing everything perfectly the enemy should be atleast 1 level behind you and low on cs(creepscore) if this is the case keep a eye on the side lanes for any of them to go MIA and watch out for the enemy jungles ganks as 90% of the time if someone is getting zoned in mid or top they will be calling out for a gank.

- Level 6
Once you hit level 6 you will want to be watching your side lanes ALOT for the chance to jump in and gank. or if a lane needs help and is getting pushed tell your jungle to go get ready to gank the said lane and once he is in position jump in(remember to place your jump well so that the enemy has to either run right into your ultimate or has to run towards the person on your team in the lane) and someone is wondering why wait on the jungle? the reason for this so you can get a 100% kill as the enemy wont be able to run forward(blocked by your teammate(s) in that lane) and wont be able to run down/up the river due to your jungler waiting in the bush for you to land, and he wont be able to run back as youll be landing right on his head with a stun, if you do this correctly you will 100% get the kill and often be able to also take down their tower in the process.

- Late Game
Late Game you will want to be pushing lanes(make sure you ward or know the location of the enemy if you push past river) if a teamfight starts you will want to ultimate in to aid your team asap just make sure you dont ult in too soon and get focused by the whole enemy team.
If you arent able to push than stick with your team and push together or setup for team ganks, if a teamfight starts YOU want to be focusing the enemy carry that way he cant damage your team and ect, if you happen to die in the teamfight and its still going on you want to revive and ultimate back in asap, this will usually result in you/your team acing the enemy team.

- Duo Lane Panth(I will be updating and adding more to the duo lane panth section soon)

As Duo lane Panth you pretty much have the same goals early/mid game and that is to be harassing the enemies in your lane asmuch as possible while also zoning them out and watching for/making other lane ganks soon as you turn level 6. Mid/late game your role will be pretty much exactly the same as the solo lane panth.

- Backdooring with Pantheon.
I admit i really hate people who backdoor but a lot of times it will secure a victory for you and your team.
I dont suggest trying to backdoor a 1.5k+ hp tower before having all of your core items even though if you die you can revive and ult back in and finish it, i just dont find it worth it to waste revive on cause if a teamfight starts you will be wanting to ult in and may need your revive to come back and ace the enemy.

Things to remember when backdooring is that you'll want to keep a eye on where the enemy is and if they are coming, if they are coming to you you have a couple choices.
Option 1. if you ran upto the tower instead of ulting in you can continue hitting the tower asmuch as possible before the enemy reaches you than going in a bush or ect and ulting to your team or base for safety, this allows you to take down or take a big chunk out of the tower allowing you to come back and finish it off easily if needed.

Option 2. Keep attacking the tower and blue pill before the enemy has time to reach you. This method even though easy as it sounds requires some knowledge of movement speed of the enemy and how long it will take them to reach you otherwise you will be swarmed by the whole enemy team just a few seconds before you were able to blue pill out successfully, it also helps to ward the jungle area around the tower your going to try and be backdooring to make your escape easier.

Option 3. Dieing to the tower and reviving back. I dont suggest doing this as it will take up both your ult and revive which might come in handy a few minutes later but they will be on cool down, BUT if its a inhib tower(tower guarding the inhibitor) than it can be worth it as once your ultimate is off cooldown you will be able to ult back in and take out the inhib also.

Also remember when backdooring it is critical to know where the enemy is so that you dont end up dieing and giving them gold and exp.
Also its always a good idea to buy a Red & Green Elixir before backkdooring as it will increase your chances of success.

Also this guide will work by not taking revive but most of the time revive will benefit you and your team a lot more than other summoner spells will.



I will be adding a Tank Pantheon and other Pantheon Guides soon.