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Build Guide by Nalo Kjrn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nalo Kjrn

Riftgunner Ezreal

Nalo Kjrn Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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If I've done my math correct, his normal attack speed of 1.599 at Lv.18 becomes 3.27795 with full build. His Crit chance becomes 77% and deals 250% damage at Lv.18. When you take that and multiply it by his damage of 319.75 (Without stacks), he suddenly churns out 799.375 on more than 3/4ths of his strikes. If he gets three critical hits in a row when he has full rising force, he can kill pretty much ANY squishy DPS or caster by dealing 2398.125 damage. Sure, armor gets in the way, but not by much. Flat armor penetration of 15.03 comes in handy. The Trinity Force's ability triggers whenever you cast a spell, so either open up a team fight with your essence flux or your trueshot to harass, giving your next attack 150% extra base damage. A single critical attack from that deals 1199.0625 damage. So, open with your ult to nab full stacks of your passive, blink to a side, hit them with an essence flux, then start milling out the damage, like every good riftgunner should. Snared foes, slowed foes, stunned...They're all cannon fodder. With a spammed mystic shot to build passive stacks, any 1v1 fight against well...DPS or tanks suddenly turns out in your favor. Each auto attack returns 47.9625hp back to you (With 0 stacks on Bloodthirster).

In the laning phase, I suggest going either with another long range champ, or someone that can dish out early game damage, both with some for of slow, snare, or stun. Kogmaw, Teemo, Pantheon, Xin Zhao, Blitzcrank, and Malphite are all great choices for damage output and their ability to slow and continue a fight. Judicially switch between last hitting minions and harassing enemy champions. Do not waste your mana. I'd pick up a mana potion if you're confident you can get a kill or two early on. Mystic shot can harass enemy champions behind the tower without getting hit, but make sure you can avoid the tower. Early game Ezreal has next to no health or armor. Never use your blink to kill minions or harass. The table could always turn. Use it if to flee or chase, the damage output isn't high enough to justify wasting a lot of mana.

In the ganking phase, you can always be your team's gank runner. With boots of swiftness and phantom dancer down, and possibly a Bloodthirster or Infinity edge, you should have enough damage output to brutally murder anyone in a lane, then run over fleeing champions with the ult. Your team should try to pick up the global gold from the dragon as much as possible. While you're running ganks, now would be a good time to pop into their jungle and ravage their buffs and creeps. The red buff drastically amplifies your damage output with the phantom dancer. The blue buff increases your survivability with it's mana regeneration and cool-down to fuel your blink. By stealing their jungle creeps, you can effectively shut down their defensive leveling. By mid-game, you should be able to solo towers just before team fights. Use your blink + flash, or just your outrageous movement speed to backdoor and keep pressure on the other team.

When it comes to team fights, you need to either harass from the back with essence flux and mystic shot, or play to the side, blinking in and out of cover and nailing them with mystic shots. Another viable strategy is once your team has initiated, ult them,then blink into the middle and churn out damage to every champion that looks at you funny, targeting heavy DPS carries and crowd control casters like Ryze, Veigar, Morgana, Teemo, and Cassiopeia. Once you've royally pissed them off, blink out, flash out, whatever you need to stay alive, and continue peppering them with your near 0 cooldown mystic shot. It does a chunk of damage. Don't ignore it or your essence flux, which can keep the 5 stacked passive up by just targeting allies. You will often be out of mana, so keep the blue buffs as long as you can. If need be, swap out the mastery trees to a support caster going 9-0-21 instead, taking as much mana regeneration as you can. Play Ezreal like a mix between Tristana and Yi. Stay to the back, but chase and harass once the fight has started. Backdoor. A lot of people ignore an Ezreal, but push a lane in clear to their base, and they'll all try to hunt you. They'll never catch you though, but it gives your other four teammates ample time to go back to heal/shop, get the baron buff, or simply push the other lane in.

If you're constantly dieing or not being much of a carry, you can swap out the Bloodthirster for a Hextech Gunblade. It has the same damage increase as a zero stack Bloodthirster, but it also amplifies your ability power by a rediculous amount, and add spell vamp and slighty more lifesteal than the Bloodthirster. But again, a full stack Bloodthister in my opinion is MUCH better, because the 'kills' it references include minions kills. That means less than four waves of last-hitting minions and you have an item that has +100 damage and +25% lifesteal, the Zhona's Ring of farmers and DPS carries. Another item that may be considered is Shurelya's Reverie or Soul Shroud in place of Nashor's Tooth. It has less cooldown reduction but both give HP and slightly more mana regeneration. The Reverie also has an active that can drastically change the outcome of chases, either allowing all of your team to operate as if they had ghost active for 2 seconds, or giving you that extra sprint to gun down a fleeing foe.