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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Riven - Bloodthirster is the sword

Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

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Riven is a super strong fighter with pretty heavy AOE CC and is extremely strong with low cooldown. Before you think oh its another random noob who stacks blood thirsters with no survivability, please take a chance to read this guide where I will explain why Riven is the champ to take to that top lane.

(I tried to go for something other than the warmogs atma that works on any and every champion in the game)

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But you have no armour pen runes? With Rivens unreal 1 ratio 0.75 second stun and 1 ratio 2.5 second shield. who needs armour pen? Taking as much AD as possible is the best path for Riven taking some extremely strong early game runes. Armour talks for its self, flat mage resist is very helpfull to avoid those early damage caster abilities. Yes that is flat AD reds and flat AD quints.With this starter AD +3 AD from masteries and + 10 from a doran blade, you'll do insane damage at level 1 and I usually end up with first blood at level 2 no matter who I am facing.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend exhaust and ghost for Riven. The exhaust could be swapped out for ignite but exhaust is useful, start, mid and end game. With Rivens abilities I think ghost is the perfect ability to hunt down a fleeing foe or you could use it to tear toward your tower and avoid that pesky rammus' super speed. Exhaust helps you secure a kill if used as a chain CC, You can wind up your Q, pop your stun for extra damage and when they try and turn around you can use your 3rd Q to knock them back, hit exhaust and they will most likely flash and this is where your E comes in, with what i describe as negative movement, the enemy champ is a sitting duck with lowered defensive stats if you took the point in the mastery page.

Why not flash?
If a enemy champ reaches you you should be able to W and E away from them followed by spamming Q's, I know you might think but I can flash over walls or flash after kills, but if you flash over a wall the enemy could jsut flash after you, but if you had ghost up, with ghost Q, E, not even a balling rammus could catch you.

I do think teleport is a viable choice and would most likely swap if for exhaust. TP would be useful if you have a weak bottom lane that would be pushed to their turret, youll TP in the brush behind the enemy, pop your ult, come flying out of the brush nothing like a stealthy ninja shouting HA, HAA, HAAAAAA (this is your Q Q Q by the way)then popping your CC and massive damage output W, youll most likely take up a double kill. If you hit a tristana in the middle of her rocket jump with your Q, it will knock her down and she will not cover the whole distance.
The only other reason I would take teleport is if the enemy top champion was some ranged caster taking teleport too because they'll have your turret down in no time otherwise. Cho taking tp is no problem, he will need it the amount of times you'll either kill him or make him base.

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Thats a lot of gold to spend..
With Riven, I don't find getting gold a problem, picking up these early damage items is a massive boost to your damage output and believe it or not, your escape and survivability allowing you to strade extreme damage whilst recieving none with your 1 ratio E.
If your not clearing these kills Riven is still a excellent farmer throughout the whole game, if you find yourself behind on farm (because you were busy roaming and kicking ***) you'll have no problem over extending and clearing farm because of your amazing escape tools.
Obtaining that big damage is very important because youll faceroll from then on, I've recommended a mage resist item but obviously take up a chain armour or something. Mage resist is a little more important than armour because if they come too close you'll cc the **** out of them and kick their ***, but if you have cooldown reduction, Riven has amazing kiting abilities vs melee champions, you'll hit them with everything and they wont even have a chance to trade. (Skill sequence will explain how) I am pretty sure than using your W, Q and R gives lifesteal so if you have a full BT or even 2! Everytime your abilties are up youll be near full health again.
As I don't think mixing + armour pen and % armour pen is viable, not having taken the armour pen runes is not a problem late game because youll just pick up a last wisper that gives 40% armour pen. For some reason, this combined with your 10% armour pen mastieries gives you a total of 46%...? I dont know why.

It gives pretty decent stats and comes with a hidden passive called: Don't focus me because I jsut come back to life anyway. This is pretty awesome because it jsut lets you ace the enemy team with your extreme damage output. If they do take you down, walk over you and carry on with your team, keep mashing that W key and when you come back they will regret having focused you, you'll have stunned the whole team and gained nearly all of your lifepoints back.

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Very brief on the masteries. 21-9-0.
I tka ethe crit in the offence tree because theres nothing more satisfying that a lucky crit doing double damage.
Having 21 in the offence tree... wow.
Rivens ult does SO much damage if they are <25% HP, this combined with executioner, 6% extra damage on enemies with <40% health? yeah, thats a kill.

I prefer taking the extra armour and bying mage resist, and take the extra health per level with +30 starting health to give me a bigger advantage with the +100 hp doran blade starter.

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Skill Sequence

Taking Q at level 1 because I'm impatient and want to get to my lane faster.
Q is the most viable level 1 skill to save you from that annoying level 2 lee sin gank or to catch the enemy champion with some added CC with that oh so amazing level 2 lee sin gank ;)
Also, as lnog as you don't AA, your Q ability will not draw creep agro for hitting the enemy champion, but I do suggest hitting them at least after the full combo because of the extra damage your passive adds.
(Note: Any other time in the game, you should always AA between casts of your Q to gain the most damage output possible)
W at level 2 and max this bad boy first. The CC duration doesn't increase, but the damge.. OH yes. the damage does increase and the cooldown decreases!
I maax W and then E taking R at the usual 6, 11, 16.
Your Q is there to scare your oponent or to escape, not to deal damage, you sho8uld make the most of your W and E ratios. Riven if the perfect chamion to lay out damage and I say 'trade'.
If you Q, Q at your oponent, lay out your W (at this point they will be thinking of attacking you back) now fnish your Q chain (during them being knocked back they will either be wanting to attack you or run away) as soon as you've done this, E away from them and because of the amazing shield ratio if they do decide to 'trade' with you, you'll end up blocking most, if not, all of the damage they tried to stick of you.
How do I combo?
Because you can use Rivens ult twice (Part 1, AD boost and added range. Part 2, a decent ranged nuke to KO that fleeing champion) You want to pop your ult before you use a ability seeing as the damage boost adds to the ratios of all of your other abilities.
For a fight you'll E into the enemy and follow straight up with your W (with these being at the highest level, they give you a massive damage boost and a huge shield bonus with very low cooldowns) You can start your Q combo but be sure to AA between every cast to gain the most damage from your passive, once youve done this your W will most likely be off cooldown already so you should pop that and it will most likely be time to KO with the second part of your ult. If they are still jsut a little too high for you to finish them with only your ult, keep an eye on your timer, your ult lasts 15 seconds so if youll still have time to pop more abilties during that time make the most of it and even if you wont kill them, be sure to use your ult before the timer runs out to make use of the damage anyway.
It's no Garen ult, but you can still kill them from pretty decent HP.

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Pros / Cons

High early damage output
High late game output
Low AOE CC cooldowns
1 ratio shield
1 ratio stun
very mobile champion
Hard to be kited
female thats good

Has to get close and personal
no built in sustain
all AD abilities
everyone builds warmogs atmas top.
Only ranged abilty is her ult
no viewable cleavage