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Riven Build Guide by Trexxor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trexxor

Riven Dominion Beast

Trexxor Last updated on February 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alright after checking out a lot of the builds out for Riven, I noticed most were building tanky and CDR (Cooldown Reduction) early and I was not doing very well with any of the builds so I tried a few different builds out and this one happen to work the best for me. I know many people will probably not like the build, but I figured I would at least give you all another build to try and see what you think. I have a ton of fun playing Riven this way, and find that by doing more damage early allows you to help your team win those team fights early to hopefully control the Dominion map.

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As far as runes go, I go with these because they give Riven the most bang for the buck. Basically because this build has you purchasing attack damage items early, I choose to use more tanky runes. These will help with survivability early on while still giving you the Armor Pen from your Quintessence and Marks. For Quintessence go with Greater Quintessence of Desolation and for Marks Greater Mark of Desolation. The Seals will be Greater Seal of Armor and Glyphs are Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. There are obviously other choices you can go with but since most of your attack damage will come from abilities, I would stay away from attack speed and you obviously do not use Mana so you won't be needing any of that. Health Runes, Attack Damage can work as well but I just don't think they are as good of choices.

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With my masteries, I go with a 21/8/1 build. It's pretty self explanatory, but basically the 21 points in offense make sure you get the Sorcery, and anything else related to attack damage and critical strike. With my build, I get Ignite and find that the boost to damage while Ignite is on CD from Summoner's Wrath is great for early game to help get those important early game kills. The 8 points in defense are just put into more Armor and Magic Resist and health which again helps early game with survivability. You can choose to put 9 in Defense and put another point in Durability but I like the CD reduction for Flash and don't think the health increase is that significant. The last point is in Summoner's Insight which reduces your Flash cooldown by 15 seconds. I use Flash and cannot say how many times it either saved me from dying or has allowed me to get the kill from the champ running away needing just one more hit.

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Items and Summary

To start off the game, I get the Pickaxe, Boots of Speed, and Health Potion. The Pickaxe will be used to build a Infinity Blade early and this is the most damage for your money to start. I usually will take mid unless someone else calls it/really wants it, I really don't care but it's nice to have that extra time to put another point into Ki Burst when you get to top. If you and your team fought smart you should survive the initial top fight and usually have at least one kill. Many times you will come out with 2 kills right away as you have some pretty nice burst damage. I usually try to wait around and collect the health packs protecting top until I have enough for the B. F. Sword. I know a lot of people would say get your boots finished first, but I like to have that extra damage early and find that with my abilities, I can sacrifice the speed when I have that damage. After the B. F. Sword you should now be able to kill people pretty easily if you are smart about the fights. You're still squishy so you are relying on having your abilities off CD and using your burst and stuns to kill them before they can kill you. Once you have money you can go back and get your Ninja Tabi. These will just help you with survivability and I really think they are the best choice. You can get the CDR boots as well, I just prefer these. From here I go back up top and just help my team control that with the occasional help bot. I try to stay top as much as possible but obviously every game is different so just work with your team to help control 3. Another note, anytime you are able to get the buff, get it as it will help greatly with your fights and survivability until you get more tanky. Once you have enough for Infinity Blade, go back and get it and now you will start doing some work. You will find that most champs will run from you after you hit them with your burst of damage so thats when the Flash and Ignite will help greatly. Make sure to keep an eye on those CDs so that you have a Ki Burst to stun when they are low on health. After Infinity Blade I start building tanky. At this point you do enough damage to get kills but you are still too squishy to really dominate. This is where you have to look at the makeup of the opposing team. If they are heavily attack damage then I get Chain Vest first but if they are mostly Ability Power then I go with Negatron Cloak. I typically always buy both as most teams will have both Ability Power and Attack Damage and these will keep you from dying to burst damage. After I have one of each of those I then will make the decision to either go with Thornmail, or Sanguine Blade. If I find that they have a Master Yi, Twitch, Tryndamere or someone else with Attack Damage that seems to be doing work then I will go with Thornmail as it not only has a ton of armor but it will help you win those fights against them. After one of those items I usually get either the other or Giants Belt for more Tankyness. Once you have this the game should be pretty much over but the last item you will get would be Frozen Mallet. I know the Negatron Cloak wasn't used to make anything bigger but I just have yet to have a game last that long. I suppose if a game where to go that long I would probably use it to make Force of Nature as the movement speed increase would be nice and Health Regen is never a bad thing to have. Again I know this build is different from what is out there but I use it all the time and it works great for me where as the others I've tried have not.

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Skill Sequence

For Skill Sequence, I level Ki Burst first as the stun and burst damage you get from this is great to finish people off and keep them from getting away. Next I level Broken Wings but I know this is where most other builds chose to level Valor. I think either way is fine, but again I prefer to go for more damage early then tankyness later. If you fight properly you can still survive without putting a bunch of points into Valor early. Obviously anytime you can level your Ulti do so, and really I think anyway you choose to level these skills you'll be fine. I just really would suggest leveling Ki Burst 1st.

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Summoner Spells

As I explained already, I go with Ignite and Flash. Ignite works great for getting those kills when champs run, the point you put into your mastery for the extra Attack Damage while it's on CD is nice and it also works great if you have a stealth like Twitch or Evelynn to keep them from getting away. I've said it once but I'll say it again. Flash has saved me so many times and also allowed me to get kills I would not get without it. I think this is a must and works great with Riven's other escape abilities.

Other possibilities could be Ghost, Exhaust, but other than that I don't see any as being that great for Riven.

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Well I hope this guide helped give you another option with Riven. This was my first guide and I know it's not as pretty as some of the others but I felt that a different way of playing Riven was needed. I personally had no luck with the other builds I tried and was kinda upset with my decision to purchase Riven until I tried this build. It's a lot of fun when you get the hang of her and I hope you'll try out the build before you rip on it. Please leave comments, I would greatly appreciate any input as I know I'm not an expert. Good Luck and Have Fun!