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Riven Middle Guide d8^]

Last updated on June 8, 2016
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Riven Mid Guide

Don't try this at home.

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Attack damage Marks x 9

Magic Resit / Armour Yellows x 9

Cooldown reduction Glyphs x 9 (0.83% per = 7.5%)

Attack damage Quint x 2

CDR Quint x 1

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Standard Masteries

Savagery can be swapped with Wanderer.

Assassin is dps increase so its better than Biscuits and Runic Affinity.

Intelligence is better than precision since the extra 5% at level 1 and at level 18 is a larger dps increase than the penetration gained from Precision at all stages in the game.

Thunderlords 99% of the time is best since it is highest dps increase in all trees apart from Fervor of battle but since it requires stacking it is only better over a prolonged fight therefore the instant damage from Thunderlords is better since Fervor is too situational.

Stormraider's Surge is a viable choice if against a slow spam comp.

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Since we are running 10% from runes we need to get 30% more CDR as quickly as possible. the fastest way to get this is rushing Caulfield's Warhammer > Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Black Cleaver. Once you have complete Black cleaver and CDR Boots.
You typically go straight into Ravenous Hydra. But if the enemy team has a high amount of AP damage or an AP burst champ you should always go hexdrinker then into Hydra.

So the first three items should generally be

Black Cleaver > CDR Boots > Hydra. Then for the last 3 items you go into Bloodthirster / Merc Scim (whichever you need more at the time, the qss or Lifesteal.
You will get both but prioritize whichever is required more at the time) then for the last item you usually will get a Guardian Angel or else Last whisper > Lord Doms or Mortal Reminder(whichever is required) If there is more than proper tank go into Lord Doms.
If there is a healer like soraka / nami / big lifesteal / spell vamp champ go Mortal Reminder.
If there is only 1 Tank and No healer go Guardian Angel.
If you went Hexdrinker you don't need to get either of these items unless they are critically required e.g. They have a high amount of healing / 2+ Tanks / Large burst damage that is one shoting you.

So standard build = Black Cleaver > CDR Boots > Hydra > BT > Merc Scim > GA / Last whisper

Against AP comp = Black Cleaver > CDR Boots > Hexdrinker > Hydra > BT > Merc Scim > GA / Last Whisper if required. You should sell / not buy Merc Scim or else BT if Merc Scim is needed.

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Skill Sequence

99% of the time you want to max R > Q > E > W
Sometimes you may want to max E or atleast put 3 point in it to survive lane phase if against a bad matchup or are behind to not feed.

You always want to max Q first since it allows you to push faster, and provide more kill pressure. Then you always want to max E since it puts it on a much shorter cooldown and makes the shield quite big. W shouldnt ever be maxed before E and never before Q, mainly because the stun duration stays the same and only gets a small damage increase, it is only useful to level over E for increase waveclear or damage in an all-in. Level your Ult whenever possible.

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Passive - Runic Blade - This is one of the better passives in the game as it a straight up DPS increase which is always good and the way it works means it always has a large uptime since it is used with your auto attacks.
Q - Broken Wings is your primary damage ability combined with you auto attacks, whenever you Q the animation starts and you gain a passive stack, after you q you want to immediately auto attack before you do your next q, but once you auto attack and the damage is dealt you want to then q again and do the same thing, then again for the final Q which knocks up.

W - Ki Burst is your short stun on a decently low cooldown which deals damage and stuns for 0.75 seconds, you usually want to lead in with Q and then use W to stun and finish your Q combo and then E out.

E - Valor is your shield which repositions you and can be used to cancel certain animations which is a big part of Riven, one of the most common animation cancels apart from the Q > Auto attack animation cancel is the E > R animation cancel which prevents your Ult from stopping your character for 0.5~ seconds. Because of your E having a short animation that moves your character it allows you to cancel other animations that keep your character stationary like R and W, if you use E then W or R its animation will not complete properly which will not lock Riven in place like it normally would.

R - Blade of the Exile is riven's Ultimate ability and very powerful, like the way her passive increases her autos by a percentage, her ultimate increases her AD by a flat percentage which is quite strong compared to other ults, since her ult is a buff that also has another ability, which is Wind slash, although Wind slash has been nerfed to have its missile speed slowed, if you are close enough its hard for people to walk out of it. Although the majority of the time the person you are Wind Slashing will be CC'd. Wind Slash does more damage to its target(s) the lower they are, so it acts an execute in a sense.

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Riven is a very mobile, resourceless, auto attack heavy champ that requires quick reactions because her primary abilities having very short cooldowns.

She is also one of the few champs in the game that is capable of easily passing over walls around the map, this can be done with the 3rd part of her Q - Broken Wings. It works by standing right in front of the wall and facing it directly(more or less) then using the 3rd Q to leap over. There are a lot of walls that Riven can jump over, the most notable ones being the ones in the Dragon and Baron Pit.

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Pros High Mobility High Burst Decent Sustained damage in mid game Lane Bully Two forms of Crowd Control

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Weak against Tank champs early
Has quite a few bad matchups
Requires a lot of practice
You will be criticized heavily 99% of the time

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Team Work

Riven's Team fight isn't very good so a lot of time you want to skirmish and duel people or else Split push.
If you have to team fight a lot of time you should either engage or wait for someone else to then Flash onto the enemy back line and try to kill the AD Carry or AP Carry or both if possible.

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Unique Skills

Anyone that plays Riven needs to try and master Animation Cancel or her abilities as best as they can, this means you need fast reactions. Also playing her into anything you can is recommend since a lot of matchups share similarities for her because you need to practice dodging skill shots and knowing when to go in against certain champs, since Riven has potential to 100 - 0 any squishy champ.

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Farming is very simple on Riven since she is an Auto Attack heavy AD champion, as well as her Q being excellent for pushing the waves fast. Anyone that plays Riven should be able to easily farm on her after a few games.

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Good Matchups

Good Matchups

Anivia(after level 6 this becomes a bit more even but as long as you can dodge Q you win)
Aurelion Sol(just stand in his ring, try to dodge his Q)
Brand(dodge his Q and try to dodge W and you can win)
Gangplank (this one is kinda even but more favorable for you)
Karthus(dodge his Q spam and you win)
Kassadin(Just kill him)
Katarina(hold your stun for her Ult)
Rumble(this one is fairly even, but riven has the advantage after level 3)
Swain(if you dodge his W you win the trade)
Taliyah(dodge her knock up and don't all in her when her E is up)
Vel'koz(if you can dodge everything he does you can snowball on him easily)
Zilean(dodge his bombs and gg)

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Bad Matchups

Akali(she just does more damage than you)
Annie(stun bot)
Azir(has better trading potential than you, only slightly in his favor though)
Cassiopeia(she hard counters you with her W and her wave clear is better than yours)
Cho'gath(silence gg)
Darius(just does more damage early than you)
Dr Mundo(his E is unfair)
Fizz(you can't dodge his E that well so its in his favor)
Garen(refer to Cho'gath)
Gnar(who even plays this anymore???)
Irelia(this is 51/49% in Irelia's favor, probably only skill matchup for Riven)
Jax(ehhhh 55/45%)
Jayce(his kit counters yours)
Kennen(may as well be Annie in furry form)
Lulu(poly is zzz but if you bait it out you can prob kill her)
Malphite(dunno why he is in the game tbf)
Maokai(big op tree)
Olaf(big scary man screaming at you)
Rammus( :^D )
Twisted Fate(refer to annie/kennen)
Vlad(heals to much)
Yasuo(if he good he will punch you and take your lunch money)