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Riven Build Guide by checix69

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League of Legends Build Guide Author checix69

Riven, more broken than you could ever imagine.

checix69 Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my Riven guide. At first I would like to say a few things about my Riven ‘career’. I’ve played sth about 150 ranked games with her, and this guide is a quintessence of gained experience. Now I think it’s time to show you the pure ownage.

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In my opinion this runes set is universal and perfect for Riven as solo laner. Magic resist, armor, armor penetration and some start damage is all that you need.

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Why I like Riven?
Mostly because of her mobility. Seriously she could be ap caster. Or mayby not. But nevertheless she is great for 3on3, 5on5, jungle, bot lane and top lane. You can build her as offtank, full tank or full dps. So why i go 21-9-0? Because in this build i'm showing you how to build Riven as damage dealer.
A lot of people play Riven as offtank, which is perfectly fine if you don’t have any tank-mover in team. In that case you rush warmog and frozen mallet. But if you have some good tank in team you should go stricte AD. Full AD. No, I mean it. Pure ownage, damage dealer, bad ***:P (* call it how you want). That’s why I go with such offensive masteries. The only change I make is switching between armor and magic resistance, depending on who I’m laning against.

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First of all, the hot topic: Trinity force. NO.NO.NO. A lot of people recommend this item for Riven.30 ability power? 250 mana? Yea that’s right Riven needs a lot of mana. This item is too expensive to buy it only for it passives.

As start item I usually take boots and 3 pots, but when i'm laning against champs with good early game and good harras I take armor and 5 pots. As my summoner spell I go very offensive: Ignite and Exhaust. Explanation is quite easy, I want to dominate my lane very fast. Furthermore Riven doesn’t need teleport – so popular spell on top, because with start boots and her x3 Q and E she can come back to her lane very fast. Why I don’t use flash then? She has one of the best escapes in the game so it is really hard to gank her. And why pots? Quite obvious, if you get harassed to strong they will keep you on lane. Pots are very important part of Riven’s early game, especially after the nerf in which her health regen was lowered. In early game I farm as much as I can and with my first come back I buy x2 doran blades, pots and ward. They gave you some AD, health and lifesteal, perfect solution for early game. Next move is very situational. If my opponent is a good one and he keep on harassing me and I simply see that for the moment he is owning lane I try to stay as long on the lane as I can get bruttalizer. This item will help a bit to survive this hard early game. If laning is pretty easy and I can farm as long as I want I skip this item and go straight to BF sword. My next item would Bloodthirsterthe core item for this champion. After finishing BT I finish my boots. Best option are these with cd reduction or with magic reststance. Next in mid game I farm farm farm. My next item will be another BT. Then I buy Guardian Angel, and Warmog + Atma. This is called making some survi. To be honest game never go so far, usually my build looks like : boots,x2 BT, guardian angel. But full build looks like:boots,x2 BT, guardian angel, warmog and atma. I know that sounds insane, but it works. And to be honets in ~150 games I made this full build like 10 times max. As I said it usually ends with boots, x2 BT and guardian. This set makes you hard to kill and you deal tones of damage. If u accidentally got killed, by guardian angel you won’t lose your stacks on BT.

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Skill Sequence.

Should i really explain? Ult is easy way to make a pure ownage. W makes cool dmg and is great harras item, Q make less dmg but is a perfect way to charge your passive and it is also great as escape system compared with E. This skill sequence is how usually I buidl my Riven, but sometimes when im laning against some good harrasers I switch Q with W, maxing shield first.

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Summoner Spells.

As i said before, I play Riven very agressive because i want to kill my oponnent whenever he goes in 1vs1 fight with me. Furthermoe I don't need such spells like Teleport or Flash because Riven has great escape system.

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Harassing is mostly E+W, and Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA.( its important to put auto attack between every Q to keep your passive charged, this is the best way to deal maximum dmg)
Full combo is always easy:

R-E-W-Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA-R (rampapapam man down)

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Skills explanation.

Passive: Well in my opinion one of the best passives for Ad. By using each ability you gain charge which cause dealing extra dmg. In early game this is not as powerful as in late game, but believe me, later this will be the reason why it’s almost impossible to kill Riven 1vs1.
Q: 3 jumps, each dealing dmg. Technically dealt dmg is lower than this dealt from basic attack but it is perfect way to get your 3 charges on passive. Another plus is short knock which helps a lot, it allows you to stun opponent and hit him.
W: AoE stun+dmg, very cool ability, compared with E makes it very useful. It is very good for harassing, for stoping running enemies or those who are chasing us.
E: Dash which give us shield, 1.0 ad ratio. This is also the reason why this build looks like that. Having a lot of dmg is win-win(tones of dmg, soooooo big shield). Unfortunately you can't dash through the walls, but you can escape from anivia’s wall or jarvan’s ulti.
R: To be honest, from my experience I have noticed that when your op4 notice your ulti is ON they just start running:D This is great AD buff(20% AD- another reason to have as many BT as possible<3), it give you bigger range on AA and your abilities.
Second part of ult is Wind Slash, which I love sooooo much<3 It is a shockwave which deals TONES OF DMG, depending on how much hp opponent have. It is great finisher, believe me.

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Worst laners, tactic.

Mordekaiser - just don’t stay next to minions to do not get harassed, wait till 3-4 lvl to have full combo, and try to attack when his shield is down.
Irelia - your main advantage fighting against her is that she has mana. If you keep on harassing her she will do the same, making her mana disappear so quickly. If she don’t have mana she is easy target. Not saying that she will have to go B for some pots:D
Gankplank - wrrr laning against this dude in early game is really annoying. If he focus on harassing you with Q in first few lvls you will lick turret. After reaching lvl 6 you jump on mother*ucker and BAM GP IS DEAD. Laning against nidalee is quite same.
Talon - easy one.
Cho Gath - just avoid his rupture.
Olaf – the only thing that hurts here is true dmg. But when you decide to fight – ignite, exhaust, full combo, see you olaf in few minutes( after you will be live again)
Tryndamere - you must take advantage that his early game sux. Keep on harassing him from 1st minute, don’t let his fury bar to be full EVER. He isn’t so hard to counter, with your wind slash, dash and stun he is quite easy to kill.
Yorick - this badass is on of the worst laners. He heals himself, harras 24/7. Lick turret, farm, get some good items, then attack.
Nasus - in my opinion one of the best solo top champions. That’s why it makes him such hard to kill. The only way is keep on stunning him and harassing while he want to stack his Q. In other way you will be dead soon.
Wukong - your combo is something that wukong doesn't like at all.
Garen - this dude is almost unkillable 1vs1. But with smart playing he also doesn’t deal so much dmg. Focus on farming.