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Riven: My DPS Killer

Last updated on April 11, 2012
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This is my first guide so I would appreciate it if you take it with a grain of salt. I am open to feedback but not a fan of hate mail. If you don't like it then oh well; just don't be an *** about it. Thanks!

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I have seen several high ranked builds for Riven but having played her almost exclusively for the past few weeks I build very differently. While I am still learning the game and not quite level 30 yet I tend to do very well in any map with this build. I mostly play twisted treeline but fair well in the 5v5 team fights and great sustainability in dominion. I know the overall health, armor, & magic resistances are lower than other builds but just try it and see.

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Pros / Cons

*Great fighter either 1v1 or group
*High lifecsteal, DPS, & Critical Hits
*Can jungle/lane/group fight/crowd control

*lower resistances than other builds
*Feel free to add your feedback here...everyone is a critic.

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Skill Sequence

Most other builds will build up Valor first. While this is good for having the extra shield and closing a small gap they leave Broken Wings for last which is a huge damage output in this build. I build Valor & Broken Wings alternately throwing in a Ki Burst at sometimes. Although the sequence listed is not exactly what I follow each time, sometimes I save Ki Burst completely last just getting the initial ability at lvl 2. If you are patient enough with this build you can rush in with Valor, hit twice while they realize they are being attacked and prepare an ability, stun with Ki Burst, hit a few times, then trash with Broken Wings since it has 3 attacks. By building up broken wings and damage by the time you are around lvl 10 this combo hits anyone for roughly +/-500 damage. It hurts more on squishy mages and by interrupting their spells/combos with Ki Burst it is an easy way to take them out.

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I have also seen several builds that take a point in Lethality but then have 0% critical chance. There is no reason to take a point adding 10% crit damage if you are never going to critically hit. Also some of the runes added critical damage on these with 0% critical chance. I don't understand this logic. These masteries compliment the item build adding the extra lifesteal for a max of 33% when completed.

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The driving force behind creating the build for you all to see was in a game a few nights ago. Playing against Xin Zhao he saw my build and decided to make this comment "lifesteal on riven, lol lame build". I late made him eat his words and he would turn to run when I joined a team fight from that point on. This build allows you to rule the field and I will try to justify my items here.

Wriggles Latern:
This lets you destroy jungle creeps/Dragon/Baron/minion waves with ease. Using Broken Wings on a full minion wave with this item usually means they are all gone by the end of the 3 strikes. This means no defense for enemy champs to hide behind and lots of gold to build faster. If you want to Jungle the groups of 3 and 4 are easily removed in the same fashion making it easy to get Lizard buff as well.

Vampiric Scepter:
This allows you to go toe to toe in early laning and not have to recall after every fight. You can kill minions to heal or disappear into the jungle to kill the easy creeps for a life boost.

Phantom Dancer:
Do I really need to justify??? Ok pairing life steal with Phantom Dancer means quick attack and longer sustainability. Also the 60% critical chance means this: (dmg*60%)*33%=more life per hit.

Optional Black Cleaver:
This lowers the AD Defense of champs and stacks 3 times for a total of -45 defense, pair that with the runes and masteries for -50+ defense. Mages without armor = dead, tanks with 110~160 armor = weakened for your attacks & team. Also anyone who builds high armor will have low attack, your armor pen + high dmg + life steal means you win everytime. Riven is all AD so no worries on magic resistance.

Optional Infinity Blade:
You could swap the Infinity Blade for the Black Cleaver to increase crit chance to 85% and damge to almost 300. In this case take the lethality point in the mastery (300dmg*260%)*33%LS = uber. I don't typically take this item since it is significantly more expensive and the attack speed is more vital for utilizing Riven's passive ability quicker so I don't build this until late int he game.

Optional Maw of Malmortius:
Now since this build doesn't have a lot of AP defense you can take this item instead of black cleaver or Infinity Blade. It will up your damage about the same as Black Cleaver but provide another 36 magic resist plus a magic shield that takes up to 400 damage. This is a great option if the other team has high AP Burst champ(s).

Optional Resistance:
This build could also swap out the extra attack for some kind of defense. If you are getting killed by Tryndermere or they have a burster like Fizz then building armor here might be a better fit, you still retain the lifesteal/attack speed combo so if you feel too squishy for the team fights take Force of Nature or Frozen Mallet respectively.

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This build also makes Riven a great pusher. If you have it up and the team fight is focused in another lane you can usually quickly push a turrent before anyone notices you are there. Don't get me wrong you should prioritize team fights as you can control them but if you are in a position to quickly push do it.

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Overall I have been able to stand in any team fight and do very well using this build. It is different than the tanky fighter others build her as so I thought I would put it out there. Please feel free to leave me feedback or updates you want me to add to it.