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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Riven - My sword might be broken, so are your bones.

Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello Mobafire Community,

my Name is Zachael and this is my first Guide. I felt like i saw a lot of Rivens out there just doing it completely wrong. By no means am i trying to say this is the way to go, its just what i feel a very strong Riven.

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Rivens Passive is her bread and butter. You really want to get as many passive hits as possible, for one of the strongest level one harass in the game at the moment.

What you want to do is line up your Q so you use your Q, dash to the enemy and autohit, then they will run, you dash again with your Q, auto-hit... I think you get the point.

The range on your W is pretty small, do not overestimate it. Be 100% sure you can hit it, because this skill allows you to catch up when your dashes are on Cooldown.

You should use ur E to initiate. The shield plus the ability to dash to your enemy make it a great initiation to get your combo off. Be sure that, if you want to comit to a fight, you have your Ultimate on before you initiate. It actually has a pretty long duration and Wind Slash wont become available until quite some time after you pop your Ult. Wind-Slash when youre target is low and you want to finish him, and make sure he is still in range. This ability is easy to be outrunned and you do not want that to happen do you?

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So, about the Runes...

I suggest Armor Penetration in Reds, Armor in Yellows and Cooldown per Level in Blues. You could also take flat Cooldowns for Blues but the thought behind Cooldown per Level is that you reach 40% CDR by Level 12, together with Yomuus and Ionian Boots of Ludicity.

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For the Masteries, i suggest 21/6/3. I feel it gives u a great sustain, together with CDR and a lot of early Damage. However, if youre having Problems laning you could also go for a 9/21/0 or a 0/21/9 Masterie Build.

My playstyle is very aggresive, and since i mostly play Riven on a Solo Lane or with a strong CC on my lane, i had most success with full offensive Masteries.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner Spells i take Flash and Exhaust.

You can also go with Flash and Ignite or Flash and Ghost.

Just dont try to drop Flash. You have 4 different dashes, but the range is so low that flash will net you those much needed kills OR safe you from a gank.

I prefer exhaust over ignite for two reasons.

First, Rivens Ult has a very long casttime,
second is that if youre laning against someone else with a built in flash or a strong AD champion, you will benefit a lot more from exhaust.

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For the Items, i start with Boots and 3 Potions. I feel it is one of the strongest ways to start out on Riven, because it gives u that movement speed advantage on your lane and you can apply the damage from your passive and your Q faster and in a safer way.

I focus on Cooldown Reduction, which is why i rush the Ionian Boots of Ludicity. After that i go for my Avarice Blade to get some of that Gp5 Love going, try to get my Bloodthirster as early as possible and then either finish my Yomuus or buy a Giants Belt.

You can also start with a Long sword to get a very fast Brutalizer but i just feel safer with boots, in case of Ganks to my lane or mistakes on my side.

Please remember that an Item Build is entirely situational, and sometimes it might be smart to counter some damage you take in lane by getting a cloth armor or a null-magic mantle.

After the items listed above, i try to either get more Damage with a Blood Thirster OR focus on defensive Items in case i die to fast in teamfights.

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Farming is the single most important thing in League of Legends. Riven has great potential to clear minionwaves very very fast, so focus on last hitting and try not to push your lane too hard. There might just be a jungler waiting in the bush to jump at you!

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Some Last Words...

Remember that you are not a bruiser until you bought your Giants Belt. Riven is very squishy early on, so try to play it safe.

But she is also one of the funniest champs since Brand came out.

Feel free to ask or discuss this Build, i am open for any criticism.

I hope you enjoyed the read.
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