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League of Legends Build Guide Author Team of Aces

Riven Powerbuild

Team of Aces Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Optional Items

Optional Items

- For added tenacity and magic resist. Choose this item if the team is AP heavy.

- Good source of Magic Resist and Tenacity.

- AD heavy team? Why not?

- Saves your life while taking theirs.

- If you plan on surviving longer and you've actually made it to late game I'd recommend a Warmog's. I wouldn't really recommend it early on due to the fact that it's extremely costly and you have a decent amount of health already from Frozen Mallet, plus the life steal from The Bloodthirster.

- Great for surviving longer with the health regen.
- Costly and time consuming to build.

- Always good if your team lacks another AD champion and also if the opposing team is quite tanky.

- Optional for helping do damage to tanks.
- Sacrifices attack damage.

- Early game this is a decent item for Magic Defense and Attack Damage, thought your 1800g could be spent on something like a BF Sword with + 45 attack, its passive bonus can come in handy.

- Magic Resist is always good.

- Infinity edge should be on every AD champion. With its high damage output, + critical strike chance, and it's passive, who would say no to this?

- High damage output which makes killing enemies easier.
- Costly and she doesn't benefit from the +crit.

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Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

- Great for farming.
- High damage. ( If you know how to properly use her. )
- Short cooldowns at level 18.
- Hard to chase down.

- Extremely Squishy.
- Tends to get targeted due to being squishy.
- You have to skill chain correctly in order to do damage.
- Skills take positioning.

Broken Wings
- Increased mobility when trying to escape.
- Great for quick attacking.
- New players tend to spam this skill without allowing an auto attack in between each Q.
- You have to position this skill.

Ki Burst
- Great AOE stun and burst damage.
- Cooldowns reduce with each level.
- Must be close to the enemy or minion.

- Offers a health shield.
- Great for escaping,dodging, or catching up to enemies.
- Use to dodge stuns and attacks from champions like Morgana, Lux, or Ezreal.

Blade of the Exile
- Gives bonus attack damage for 15 seconds.
- Great for using in team fights for killing blows.
- Must press R twice in order to use Windslash.
- Low Windslash damage early on.

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Runes setup

Rune Setup

9x - With the increased attack damage from Greater Seal of Strength, this helps out greatly with doing damage early and late game.

- Great for dealing damage and penetrating defense.

9x - Since Riven doesn't use mana, these runes greatly help out. With the ability to spam your skills, dealing damage quickly without having to worry about mana is always a plus.

- Reduced cooldowns, what's not to love.

9x Greater Seal of Resilience - Who wouldn't want to start off with extra flat defense.

- Increased defense.

2x Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Damage dealing made easier, who wouldn't want more armor penetration. Since you already have 9x Greater Mark of Desolation's you should focus on helping out your other flawed areas that Riven has like Attack Speed and Defense.

- Make your attack damage mean something with increased Armor Penetration.

1x Greater Quintessence of Vigor - Riven is SQUISHY. Having health regen helps you survive.

- Health regeneration. Who wouldn't want to live longer?


3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation - For starting with loads of Armor Penetration.

- Great Armor Penetration
- Makes Riven a little less well rounded with attack speed defense you can gain from the other Quintessence setup.