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Riven - run for your life (TOP) quick&easy guide

Last updated on November 28, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Fast & Simple

Riven is the most awesome champion you will ever play, i promise you.
Due to your passive the Basic attack will do most damage mid game. (+100~)

MOST DAMAGE SEQUENCE: R -> E OR Q in -> hit -> W+hit -> Q+hit -> Q+hit -> [Q+hit] or [E for shield during your combos or to chase your enemy] -> R SLASH [Ignite/Flash to enemy]

Poke: E or Q or both in -> W+hit -> Q+hit -> Q+hit -> [Q] or [E] out

explanatory statement

AD RUNES: If you win early game you get your items and you are unbeatable
Armor per level: you dont need that much armor early game, trust me, you need them for enemy carry later
Magic resist: You need it for the early poke by, for example Jayce, Yorick etc

Skill sequence: Q Does most damage. Long time i maxed W, its nice for poke but Q is unbelievable damage. E Stacks well with attack damage. R gives you 20% AD, passive gives you tons of AD for basic atacks. You can 2-3 Hit your enemys if you re fed.

Items: Most important thing is you get brutalizer and a Bloodthirster! Boots can wait, you have a high mobolity! After that you can choose to take another BT or go for Armor penetration, or YUMUS ghostblade even (i like the active, good for pentas). Endgame should be Guardians Angel and if you get high magic damage, get the MAW.

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Pros / Cons


+Holy**** Damage (AOE+STUN)
+AOE Ulti clears battlefield if enemys have lwo hp
+Only a few champions to fear if played right. Olaf, Irelia, Jax, Darius (still beatable! all of them!)
+hard to gank and to dive her
+much more you will see


-takes some time to learn..
+Bloodthirster is YOUR item, so if someone stuns you, you dont get into melee range and cant steal their lifes and you probably die if you fight multiple enemys.
-manage your cooldowns!

-By Syron91 (EUw)