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Riven S5 Plat Style

Last updated on May 12, 2015
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Hi Im a riven main, went from bronze -> plat in s5 alone solo Q with riven. This guide may help you guys out there how to play riven in ranked or yoloing in normal games for fun.

Riven is high mobility champion, in my opinion, she will do good against any match up if you know what to do, let it be a jax,garen,fiora,etc... IT DOESNT MATTER WE ROLL WITH THEM ALL but ofc some u can will win lane easily some just back and forth then it comes down to mid game where who roams better and with riven you should be able to run everywhere like SANIC.

For me riven is easy to play but hard to master, anyone who said riven is for noobs I would like you to use her and win lane against her counters =) if it is truly ur first time or 2nd time playing riven.

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New Black Cleaver - 20% CDR
Buy it first if the enemy has lots of tank and ur lane opponent also a tank ( Sion,garen,etc).

^ Black Cleaver build path first then go for brutalizer -> tiamat
Your boots should be a Merc.

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+ High DMG
+ You're a rabbit hop hop kill like Sanic
+ If fed - fast split push and hard to gank afterward
+ Can 1 burst squishy or peel for team
+ Fun to play hard to master

+ Squishy
+ If spam your skill wrongly -> you're ded
+ Once lose lane suffer alot
+ Hard CC = ded riven

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Trading combo/poky poky
Q -> W -> AA -> E out ( when you Q you must stand close to your opponent so when you Q you Q into them so you can W)

Full combo riven basic
Q -> aa -> Q -> aa -> W -> aa -> Q ->> aa -> E
In my opinion, your W and E should be on your decision when to W and when to E, I reconmend try not use E for gap closer unless 100% you win trade, wait for enemy use ability then E to suck in some dmg helps alot =)

Full burst combo against squishy ( Fast style)
spam Q -> Q then E -> R -> Q -> hydra -> W -> aa -> slash (R) rip squish.
^ spam Q -> Q -> Flash in -> E ^ same above.

when at early level,when your enemy is low like 1-2 health bar low, spam 2 Q -> flash in -> Q -> auto W FIRST BLOOD and you look cool ;)

As a riven dont be afraid to trade, just get in there fight learn combo etc learn match up =) at first you lost w/e but you learn and when you master her you can go in and rolllll <3

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Match Up

ALl the hard matcch up I have listed above. Other champion let it be wukong,lee sin whatever just all in engage at level 1 if you want to first blood, no champion can beat riven =) other than those above and you should dominate easily ;D

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That's all for my riven, feel free to leave cmt and your opinion I'll answer and fix this accordingly.

I repeat this guide is for new player want to learn riven basically since Im only plat I cant teach you how to be like a diamond, but with this get to gold wont be hard and to plat.


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