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Riven Build Guide by Taijin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Taijin

Riven, The exile, #1 SoloTop

Taijin Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I played Riven on every lanes and in jungle. This is the most current build for solo top. It allows you to dominate your lane against every classic solo topers (Irelia, Garen, WW, Singed, ...)

(By the way, sorry if my english is bad, I hope you'll still enjoy the guide)

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I use flat physical damage for Quintessences and Mark because Riven got Ad ratio on every single skill (even the passiv) and thoose allows you to have a huge harass.
For yellow I use dodges runes. (Combine to the speed bonus for dodges) Play with minions on lane. With the speed bonus you can land your entire combo easily and then run out of trouble zone.
Finally magic resist on blue to increase your resistance against casters in mid game. You can go flat or per level runes, or a mix, depending on what you'll lane against.

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I use 21/9/0. This gives you a lot of burst damage and the speed bonus from dodges, allowing you to win your lane against almost every champ.

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You can starts with boots, or cloth armor, once again depending on you oponents in lane.
I usually take cloth armor against irelia, garen for example.
Boots grants you an easier last hit and a great power of harassment.
Then if you dominate your lane you can rush for an avarice blade + brutaliser. If you feel that you can use more resistance, take your merc treads or tabi ninja, wriggle, phage or just the life crystal.
Actually riven's early game skills deals a lot of damage and starting with defensiv items can be very worth it because you'll still be able to deal a real good burst.
From my own gaming experience with riven I'll add that I can feel like wriggle is a great item on her. I pretty much always buy it first. It gives you sustaining, armor and damage.

Once you have Mercs/Tabi (lucidity is a good option too but I usually use mercs since there's no others tenacity item usefull for her), Wriggle, your avarice blade and bruta or phage, you take a look at your team and your oponents one and think about what you need.

You can go for :

- Hexdinker : Real good on her, bonus damage + Shield + mr allows you a good mid game.

- Trinity force : Great match with your passiv, a lot of dmg

- Youmu's ghostblade : Can fill in your lack of armpen since you're playing with physical damage runes

- Frozen mallet + Atma : In a more tanky way. I don't really like warmogs on her but I think it can do the job too

- Force of nature : Obviously, fon >> veil since she got no mana and take a great advantage from mouvement speed

- Randuin's omen : Against ad team. The activ is really usefull

- The Bloodthirster : +100 AD :D (You can do it after selling your wriggles if you need to do damage)

Of course there's a lot of possible combination, and the set-up of your oponents should make you adapt the build. But keep in mind that she needs physical damage and mouvement speed in the first place (and obviously armor and magic resist).

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Skill Sequence

I max Q fist for the burst input. You can also max E or both Q and E at the same time, depending on what you think you need.
But I think Riven can win every lane by being offensiv, that's why I always max Q.
Play defensivly lvl 1, at lvl 2 you can start the harass since your W can stop every enemy burst.
Once you hit lvl 3 you can start your real job, harass a lot, take a look at the minions wave to use your dodges capacity. Use creeps to harass him, don't forget that when he hits you he takes minions aggro.

So Q First then E (gives you a real boost in mid game, a lot of survivability in team fights). R each time you can and then W last.

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Summoner Spells

Flash gives you many frags oportunity since you got a lot of control. Good way to engage, good way to run out even if you usually don't need that. This summoner spell is kind of inevitable for now.
And then you can go with exhaust or ignite, both are really good. Choose what you'll need against your lane or/and what your team need.
Teleport can be a good option but you can feel like you need something more to kill in lane :p

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The Game

I pretty much already said how to deal with early.

Lvl 6 you can easily gank on other lanes since you got great mobility and a lot of control and your ult is a range execute.

Late game you are a bruiser, in team fight you can rush on enemy carries. Even if you are really mobile, keep in mind that you're not insensible to CC and you are not a real tank. Use your abilities to run in and out from a team fight, dodge major control. You can easily burst an ennemy carry in the middle of his team mates and run out waiting for your cds.
Before the engage you can bait a lot of control and ults with your E + A Combo. Bait and Dodge and ashe Arrow or a Tibbers and you can engage like a boss.

Gimme a few feed back on this guide, sorry for my poor english :p
Hope you enjoyed it, I'll soon add a video to show you some tricks.