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Riven Build Guide by QuentinGroat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QuentinGroat

Riven, The Exiled Lane bully

QuentinGroat Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Riven, Although having a weak presence in lane till level 6, has the potential to be very very scary in team fights. Her main point in engages would be her ultimate which provides a 0.6-1.8 ratio on her Wind slash, which is very very effective in team fights.

I do not have a proper replay for Riven yet but i would link back to the video once im done with it.

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My runes are simple for laning with a strong off tank like Jarvan. Unless if the opponents have spells relied Champions like rumble, garen i might suggest u try changing your runes to Flat armor or even Magic Resist in some special cases. But my rune set up would be able to meet with any encounters of 5v5 and walk out alive with 3 or more kills.

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My masteries are basic 21/9/0. Many Rivens i have seen have made the mistake in taking the 3 points in their Mana defence masteries and that has resulted in them not being able to have the bonus dodge to close the gaps between the ad champs which ultimately costs them the engage.

In most my games the percentage of dodging an attack from their champs would be 2 in every 10 attacks which would result in you being able to close the gap with your bonus movement.

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Summoner spells

I would go for Exhaust and Flash
exhaust to make sure that you can kill when being ganked and Flash to let you overextend top lane and still survive an encounter.

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Riven scales very well with attack damage, so focus on attack damage items.

Trinity force is a very powerful item for Riven because of her low cooldowns. Also, the speed bonus combined with valor and Broken wings allows you to chase down almost any target champion. Also, Blade of the exile and Runic blade damage scales with Trinity force, giving massive damage burst on a single auto-attack proc.

Team fight strategies:

Use Valor and Broken wings to position yourself in the middle of the enemy team, then use ki shout to stun everyone. Try to get in range of the squishiest or easiest target for the 3rd Broken wings attack to knock them back into your team for a quick kill.

But although Trinity force would be strong on her, I emphasize my build on hp and Atma combo would be because in high elo games, people would not hesitate to kill you which will result to turning to your teamates for the finish. So i would advise you buy trinity as the last item for a very strong finish

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.Gap closer
.Engage disruptor
.Quick farmer
.Lane bully
.Has very good damage
.High ad ratio
.Strong engage presence

.Highly dependant on ulti
.Has no proper cc
.Unflexible during ganks

Although many people may debate on how strong Riven is i would be able to prove that she is a very strong champion which Pros would win the Cons by a clear mile.

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For creeping if you are laning with 2 people try hugging your tower till a gank comes in, or you can be offensive at the start of level 4 which would result in you being able to snowball your creep kills.

If you are laning against a solo, Try being a little offensive as he would ask for the Jungler's help which would direct attention from the other lanes resulting in very high snowball rates from your owning lanes.

2v2 laning is highly unadvisable with Riven as she wouldnt be able to synergize strongly with other heroes till she reaches level 6 which would be a weak point as duo laning would be splitting exp and gold resulting in underfarming.

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Riven is advised to gank as regularly once she reaches level 6 as her high mobility rate allows her to enter and exit engages very fast. Ganking also ensures bonus gold which contributes to outfarming your opponent.

Riven's main point in team engages is to bruise the opponent as hard as possible and finally using Wind slash once you start to get low. But many successful Riven's I have seen so far would passively move around the engages and spamming without backing so that they can eat up all the CC's for their team.

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My usual starting Items would be Boots 3 pots as shes has a fair amount of Hp for the start, but for some people who likes playing safe a Doran's shield or Dorans blade would be a fair choice too.

For my first 10 minutes i would complete my Ninja tabi and a Wriggles Lantern and would get another 3 pots for the extra time in farming on my lane or to gank other lanes. Once you have Wriggles do not hesitate to be offensive as you can lifesteal back what you lost when your opponent returns home.

Mid game
Mid game items would be a Frozen mallet which would enable you to withstand ganks and to slow the opponent for the wipeout gank that your jungler or duo laner might be able to help you with and you should proceed to Atma and warmog

Late Game
Usually a Riven with Mallet and Atma would have ended the game but if your opponents are dragging the game Finish up your Warmog for the extra kick in damage and if possible sell your Wriggle for a Trinity force for the finisher. But this is a warning to all Riven players. Once you have full items please buy Elixirs and end the game Or your opponents can turn the game around and end you guys.