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Riven Build Guide by rabbitzo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rabbitzo

Riven the ***** of the Jungle.

rabbitzo Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Rabbit's first one.

yeah, thats right! i a build virgin. This wi'll be my first public build that imma show you guys and troughout this build will i show you my jungle route and and how i feel Riven should be played as a jungler. Please don't downrate before trying to build and reading trough it.

and guys this is not a build that you gotta follow to point so if this doesn fitt your gameplay please find another build. ;)

Oh and i will put in pictures, pictures, a video and maybe some more sections after. please if youre gonna downrate tell me what i have done wrong so i can improve.

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Rabbit Jump Jump Pros N Cons.


- Able to do a fast gank very good.
- Shes a girl.
- Does nice damage and are still tanky.
- 2 CC.
- 2 gap closers.
- a ulti that is good to finish off champions.
- Good kiter


- Not the fastest jungler.
- With this build you get no lifesteal.

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What is a Rabbit's Jobb in team fights?

Well thats simple. to cc and kill! I usually run past their team and go for their ad carry. killing it and keeping it away from the team with cc. Because of your tankyness you'll be able to take on the ad carry and whoever tried to protect her/him.

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Rabby Skill Sequence

I start of Q, W, E to get all my abillities as fast as possible, i max W first for the stunn and burst dmg, than E for tankyness and at last Q. Oh and of course i take ulti whenever i can.

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Strange Strange Mastery For Rabbit

10/1/19 I don't really follow the normal jungler mastery and this is not how you HAVE to go, but it's how i like to go. I take the 10 on offence for armor pen and some dmg. The one on defence are to get extra gold everytime you use smite, as this is what i take because you'll want as much gold as possible if you dont get fed. and the reason i go 19 is for the extra experience, longer buffs and 40 starting gold.

you want the extra experience because Riven should be offensive the whole game gank every time you can, counter jungle and because of this you might loose out on experience that you want to keep up. The 40 extra starting gold are awesome to get a health potion, after you've killed wolves and wraiths you're gonna be low and with the health potion are you able to take double golems than gank or just gank with full health.

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Rabby Rabby SS

Im a rabbit right? and every rabbit has to jump but Riven cant. Thats why you wan't Flash. that way it will look like you can jump. of course you might just want it to escape better :D
Than you HAVE to take smite, riven is a slow jungler and to speed it up you need smite.

If you dont want flash you can use exhaust, ignite or Ghost instead but i preffer flash even though the Nerf.

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Doran? WTF?! Isn the rabbit jungleing?

You might think it's a strange build for jungleing but i start of with Doran, for the extra dmg and health that you need to gank. after that i go for a early boot for speed and another doran.

You can get boots after that, i recammend mercery but if they got little cc and AP than go tabi or lucidiy for the cdr.

Than i rush a mallet for the slow, dmg and health. After you get the mallet its up to you if you want a fast Warmog or a atmas, i like to get the atmas for armor and dmg until warmog. but its up to you. IE for the massive dmg that you want late game and GA at the end.

Theres a ton of items that you can change, that you can use instead but this is how i usually go, it's up to you to see whatever you need after who you are fighting.

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What route does lil rab do?

I start with wraith pretty simple, Smite the big blue one because he does most dmg and you will die if you don't. Than Q, Q, Q to burst them down quickly and finish how with AA. You wanna run to wolves after this Ironic isn it? the rabbit kills the wolves.

target the big wolf and do this Q, aa, Q, AA, Q, aa, skill W and stun them and use Q whenver its up again. After wolves use your health potion and look for gank, if there arent any one to gank go to double golems kill them and look after gank oppertunity again, if there arent any than recall. After you recall than its all up to you who, what and where to kill.

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Runes for the best rabbits.

9x MR glyph, 9x armor seal for better sustainability and better jungeling. on Marks i like to do armor pen aswell on deso.

But take in mind this is not what you HAVE to use, just what i use and what i like.