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Riven Build Guide by LoLLarN

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoLLarN

Riven, the pure Noxian way(SoloTop)

LoLLarN Last updated on January 12, 2012
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I've seen tons of builds on Riven, you can go her as pure damage with some attackspeed or just go with alot of health and Atma's Impaler to give you some AD. I think it is better to have tons of health and still be able to do damage. This is just my own way of building.

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So much flat Attack damage as possible for your Valor, it makes you rather strong in early game! I think myself that Riven turns out to be a bit too weak in early game, this is just the boost in lvl 2 when you get Valor. You get a shield that scales on Ad, it will be harder to get your health down when you've that shield up. Otherwise I would say.. armor pren for Riven.


A mix of health for Atma's Impaler, also some magicresist and armor. More magic resist as it is harder to get in-game. Some speed? Nothing wrong with it, also some armor pren+attackspeed. Nothing wrong with some attackspeed on Riven to let off some of your Runic Blade stacks! You can only have three so make sure to use one when you reach three, then go for another spell.

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Summoner spells/Items

Summoner spells

I go for Flash and Ghost, I see them the most fitting as you get movement speed and Flash.... JUMP OVER THE WALLS! Your Valor and Broken Wings won't help you with that.. that's sad but they do help you out to get away/get closer to the enemy faster than most other champions. If there is no Exhausts in the team, then grab one. Exhaust won't be a need as you'll get Frozen Mallet and you also have your Ki Burst to keep them from runnig away.


You see my build for a game with 50% ad and 50% ap up in the beginning, the build order is also showed there.

Against heavy AD

1th buy: Doran's Blade.
2th buy: Doran's Blade.
3th buy: Doran's Blade.
4th buy: Boots of Speed.
5th buy: Phage.
6th buy: Ninja Tabi or Berserker's Greaves. Attackspeed champions means Ninja Tabi.
7th buy: Frozen Mallet.
8th buy: Sunfire Cape.
9th buy: sell a Doran's Blade and grab Atma's Impaler.
10th buy: sell another Doran's Blade and grab a Warmog's Armor.
11th buy: sell the last Doran's Bladeand grab a The Bloodthirster.

The point of this build is that you get armor while getting hp, crit and damage! Atma's Impaler is therefore one of the best item's in game as it gives you some damage for your health!

Against heavy AP

1th buy: Doran's Blade.
2th buy: Doran's Blade.
3th buy: Doran's Blade....... I think I should add a joke.. but I can not be arsed.
4th buy: Boots of Speed.
5th buy: Phage, slow them down...! I only want you kill them!
6th buy: Mercury's Treads or Berserker's Greaves. If they've stuns, slows and such then go for Mercury's Treads otherwise you can go for some attackspeed with Berserker's Greaves!
7th buy: Hexdrinker another shield...! Only against magic! Also some attack damage, always good for your Valor.
8th buy: Frozen Mallet.
9th buy: sell a Doran's Blade for a Banshee's Veil... it gives you mana.. but who cares? It's the awesome bubble of doom we want!
10th buy: sell another Doran's Blade for a Warmog's Armor, some health.. sadly it won't become attack damage but well, sometimes I change Warmog's Armor to a The Black Cleaver or Infinity Edge.
11th buy: sell your last Doran's Blade for a The Bloodthirster.

This build makes you rather tanky but still able to do alot of damage, the problem is that you shouldn't use Atma's Impaler against a team that doesn't have any AD... it is just a waste to use armor against AP.

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On lane

Riven isn't that good in early game but as you have attack damage runes makes you rather tanky early with your Valor. You always go for Broken Wings in lvl 1, to get your three Runic Blade stacks. As you engage against an enemy, let's say singed]; then use your [[valor first so you won't lose any health to his poison gas, the shield slowly fades away while you use your Broken Wings to get down some of his health, also remember to use your Runic Blade!

Don't ever become too cocky, it won't help you at all.

Go back when you're low and buy another Doran's Blade or perhaps two if you can afford it! Get back on your lane quickly with Broken Wings and Valor.

One last tip: When the jungler of yours tries to gank, then be ready. Also try to not get ganked yourself, use Broken Wings, Ki Burst, Valor, Flash and Ghost. Or Exhaust on one of them if you didn't pick Ghost.

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Why do I name the guide that..?

Because of her past of course! As she wants Noxus to become like she saw on it before she got betrayed by her own. The "(SoloTop)" is just there to make it easier to see what it is for, the same with my jungle guide as Riven.

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Good luck!

I wish you good luck in getting fed and powning others! Remember that they're not noobs for playing against a good player, you're just a bit better! You can also grab a Cloth Armor+5 Health Potions if you know that you'll have someone who can keep poking at your health bar. I still don't see it as a good start as you'll need that health from the Doran's Blade. -IF- you buy a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions then go for Wriggle's Lantern to farm with and you actually get a free ward!