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Riven Build Guide by Turtlenumber13

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Turtlenumber13

Riven through the river

Turtlenumber13 Last updated on September 20, 2011
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These runes are what I use. I find armor pen important to Riven. Attack speed is not as important. I see a lot of Riven guides with armor seals, that is fine. I like CDR per level glyphs because Riven is CD dependent, some people like magic resist.. thats probably fine. See what works with your play style.

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Summoner spells

Its up to you what works best for your play style. I find that flash is nice for initiation with valor combo. Its a pretty good leap at an enemy from a bush. Exhaust is not one of my favorite summoner spells, but it makes since with Riven, you dont want people running away, and AD wont be so bad 1v1.

I would possibly consider Teleport, Ghost, or Ignite.

dont take smite, rally, revive, clarity. not needed on Riven. heal will just make you look like a new player, and clairvoyance should be used by a support. your not a support roll.

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I stayed pretty basic. 21-0-9
you want armor pen masteries, Crit chance, Crit amount, haste. all in offence. in support I normally take 3 in Perseverance, and one in Good Hands. Awareness for increased XP, not much more to say about that. then the last point you can get some gold per 5, or 1 point in Utility master so red and baron buffs last longer (also good for 3v3 with other buffs).

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broken wings is based off AD. so you scale well with gear. in fact all your abilities as Riven have AD ratios. you dont have mana, so you can spam abilities. just figure out when the best time to leap in and out of a fight with Valor.
Ki Bust is a short stun, use it for an interrupt when you can. its also a nice bit of damage.

Ultimate time. time really is everything on this one. its a 15 second buff, and one use cone ranged attack to get a runner. you might not want to initiate with your ult, because then you cant get the most out of the useful cone attack. the cone does more damage to low HP champions (unless I am reading it wrong).

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WHY did you get Executioners Calling!!!1!
well if I end up going back and only have like 450-600 gold I like to buy something cheap, and crit+lifesteal is good. (the use is also heal reduction like ignite on 20 second cd) if your are steam rolling buy Madreds or bloodthirster or Starks.

Infinity edge = good for any character that auto attacks. makes your crits worth more. I consider it a core Item to this build. I try to work on it as fast as I can. I get the cloak of agility after that BF sword, instead of the pick axe because crit is nicer then just stacking AD items mid game.

Phage. after some AD and crit its nice to have some slow. the hp is nice too. some people like to build trinity force. so you could use this +sheen instead of getting frozen mallet. I realize sheen is just being used for the passive. you dont have mana or AP on any skills. people like how sheen and trinity force work well with Rivens passive. its just a really expensive item after infinity edge, so I haven't had many games that I could build it before a surrender.

Black Cleaver - why is it on the list? its a filler AD and speed item. I figure people that want phantom dancer will just get trinity force. this can be swapped for trinity with the frozen mallet. leaving a spot for blood thirster or Madreds. Or if you need to get tank item before end game get Sunfury Cape, or Randuin's Omen.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - this item is just awesome for a few reasons. 20% armor pen, 15% CDR, 15% more Critical chance. if you got executioners calling and Infinity edge you will be at 55% crit. I'm not going to spit out a bunch of math, but you will see enough damage with Riven.

Boots, Mercury threads are good if they have CC. berserk grieves are fine if you just want some haste. swiftness are good if you have to run to another lane for ganks.
not much else to explain. buy AD items.

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Wrap up notes

Riven is fun to play. She jumps around and has pretty nice mobility. Her damage is decent (getting buffed in the patch 9-20-20111)
you can use your E to get out of range of some enemy attacks. or get out of AOE that is dropped on you. the shield it provides can protect you from a few ticks of stuff like Morgana's Tormented Soil.

Stay behind your tank. They are there to keep your team alive and initiate fights. If you leap in first with this build you will get owned. This is not a tank or off-tank build. even if you have buffs, you dont want to give the buffs to the other team. play it safe.

Wards. the reason I put Greed in utility. it pays for you to get a few wards for your lane or dragon/baron. if you realize you need to ward because your support isn't get the gold per 5 item from YouMuu's Ghostblade. it will pay for a few wards if you hang on to it for a while before finishing Ghostblade. I would normally not expect my AD teammates to buy wards, but for solo que I find my self buying wards

This guide is built on a Solo Que in mind style. I know its really squishy. its for when I want to get a few kills and feel like I carried the team. I made this guide when I was looking for a guide and only found tanky/Jungle guides for Riven. seems like all the first week guides were off-tanky. like Irelia cloned guides.