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roam ali/split push/nasus tank-carry

Last updated on September 8, 2011
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Nasus Build

Chapter 1

second solo top/mid carry+roam/solo bot comp. this one allows nasus to tank/carry combined with sivir ult. its a very powerful setup that ussually isnt viable because of sivirs bad laning. but mid vs a caster where she can get more out of her shield and ali roaming makes this sound really OP. sivir ult helps udyr, ali a lot too. lee sin could be picked over udyr because of his active early game, but i picked udyr because he's a good split push champ and a very good midgame tank, esp with sivir ult which means nasus can farm better and whole team will have easier midgame/be more difficult for lanes to be pushed etc.

summoners are general midgame strats again are unpredictable because lanes arent balanced. nasus can tele or ignite or exhaust, or ghsto... sivir ignite or tele or ignite or ghost... morg tele or ignite.

jungle rammus could work too since u already have a lot of anti-ap with morg/sivir, and there isn't a lot of damage midgame (rammus is the only tank but jarvan who brings good damage) and hes a good pusher with his ult.


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