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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Roamer Teemo on duty

Last updated on October 25, 2011
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This is an addition to Dominion Roamer Teemo (a funny and effective build). Therefor I see no reason to make it so official (and also, it's my first build, so learning the basics...). This build is not based on my own gaming, but watching friends playing Teemo in roamer style - keep in mind though that Roamer Teemo is not the same as a capturer. Also if you are teammate with a roamer Teemo, then use the possibilities and advantage this can give your team. Roamer Teemo doesn't fight, but often atracts so much attention that just running away can keep 2-3 enemies busy running after him. If you have a good roamer, you'll notice his absence! Everytime he is dead, you will loose towers strangely fast.

If you see a roamer, then recognize it. I have observed a lot of 'noob' talk (btw stop typing, start playing), because people don't know a roamer, when they see one.

The only roamer is Teemo. His shrooms make him able to be two places at once. That combined with his escape ability and general speed bonus does mean that he is the only real roaming possibility.

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Though the dodge chance is small, it can get some importance. But there is a lot of other possibilities for masteries, but combined with nimbleness, you can get a little lucky and outrun your enemies, or perhaps just keep them busy a while longer. Increasing the duration of relics means the speed shrine will last longer. Cooldown is also important so you can activate your abilities more often.

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Well, admitted, I'm a bit systematical, but that should be okay. Again, building some dodge chance, cooldown and speed is the most important. Not a lot of Dominion games are long, therefor the emphasis on cooldowns fast instead of on levelling up. You could do without the attack speed... but... the system requires it. Or something...

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Heal, so you can run faster and stay alive longer. Still thinking about speed and keeping your enemies busy. Flash is also good, but Ghost will not discourage an enemy champion from chasing you - keeping that champion away from a more important fight.

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Skill Sequence

Everytime you can update Move Quick you should do so. Så click on that twice. Blinding Dart is used as an escape possibility, so click on that once. The next level up take Toxic Shot. On level 6 Noxious Trap of course, which trumphs Move Quick, but otherwise Move Quick is the deal. So yes, I will have to do some more reading to make a better looking skill tree...

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Boots of Mobility at first. Then Priscilla's Blessing, 2x Phantom Dancer, Frozen Heart and finally another Phantom Dancer. Speed, mana and cooldowns. Some armor, just for making a chase last a bit longer.

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Team Work


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It´s pretty straight forward: RUN. And capture. Dodge, get chased. Blind when possibly. Putting shrooms all over the place. And all-right, you can help a teammate with a blinding dart.


Some shrooms are better than others. Putting shrooms in the speed shrine is helpful, also putting shrooms in that black/blind line, which extend from the enemy base is also good. Keeping shrooms between you and your enemies is a vital defensive strategy - even when capturing a turret. After the capture put protective shrooms around the turret at a distance. Shrooms near health packs always funny, which also goes for shrooms at the entrance to the enemy base; those are seldom helpful... but fun! Last type of shrooms is minion shrooms - simply put shrooms in the middle of the outer ring. These will kill of minions, keeping your team in minion superiority. But do not forget bush and generel random shrooming.

Placement of Teemo

Don't stand next to bush (just keep away from blind spots when capturing) where you can get surprised. Don't run through the mid - you'll be seen. Keep a shroom and the turret between you and your enemy if possible during a capture. If you think your enemy is near, RUN. And you can happely run in a circle and begin the capture again. Oh' and Evelynn is a ... - If she's on Teemo watch, it can get really tricky really fast! Nocturne isn't the best Teemo guard out there. Uh' and remember that sometimes the best strategy is to stand still.

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Well - a first build. And as said in the original Roamer Teemo (look it up, it is good and well written) - it is effective. But most of all it seems like a laugh running around, dragging 2-3 enemies around with you, while your team captures the turrets. Good times. You'll still die a lot.

"Be prepared" - and never forget: "Everybody hates Teemo, except the people playing Teemo"