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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UNDS

Rock and Metal solid

UNDS Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Mordkaiser build

My first build here, so i hope you enjoy it and have so much fun has I get with this build ^^
Usually i do this build when I'm solo top, against other champ also solo, so you can deal a lot of damage and farm like a crazy =P
Normally it wouldn´t be necessary any help in lane, (ex: Last game I´ve played with Mordekaiser I was against a volibear, shaco(jungler) came to gank and I killed them both, of course isn't always like that your jungler it´s always welcome to help ;) anyway) you'll be good on your own.

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I've added zhonyas-hourglass that you can buy selling will of the ancient, because you already have life steal from hextech-gunblade, that gives you life steal and ability power (that´s very good =))
I´ve also added kages-lucky-pick 'cause is very useful early-game, gives you 5 gold every 10 seconds so this item pays it-self =P

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Skill Sequence

Level 1 –> Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 2 –> Mace of Spades - Q
Level 3 –> Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 4 –> Creeping Death - W
Level 5 –> Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 6 –> Children of the Grave - R
Level 7 –> Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 8 –> Mace of Spades - Q
Level 9 –> Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 10 –> Mace of Spades - Q
Level 11 –> Children of the Grave - R
Level 12 –> Mace of Spades - Q
Level 13 –> Mace of Spades - Q
Level 14 –> Creeping Death -W
Level 15 –> Creeping Death -W
Level 16 –> Children of the Grave - R
Level 17 –> Creeping Death -W
Level 18 –> Creeping Death -W

Even though Siphon costs the most life when AP starts growing, you will notice a much larger amount of damage than with the other skills.

Use Creeping Death before you run in and fight for extra armor and magic resist, but you’re going to want to hit and run, not stay in the fight until you die.

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Malphite Build

This is the way that I think is the best to get a nice, and "calm" solo top with malphite.

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You have to adapt your build to the enemy team composition. If you're facing an AP carry top, you may want to get your Force of Nature earlier. Likewise, if the enemy team lacks a strong AP carry, you may skip Force of Nature entirely and get more armor items.

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Level 1 –> Seismic Shard - Q
Level 2 –> Ground Slam - E
Level 3 –> Seismic Shard - Q
Level 4 –> Brutal Strikes - W
Level 5 –> Seismic Shard - Q
Level 6 –> Unstoppable force - R
Level 7 –> Seismic Shard - Q
Level 8 –> Ground Slam - E
Level 9 –> Brutal Strikes - W
Level 10 –> Ground Slam - E
Level 11 –> Unstoppable force - R
Level 12 –> Ground Slam - E
Level 13 –> Ground Slam - E
Level 14 –> Brutal Strikes - W
Level 15 –> Brutal Strikes - W
Level 16 –> Unstoppable force - R
Level 17 –> Brutal Strikes - W
Level 18 –> Brutal Strikes - W

Seismic shard is the perfect ability for chases and escapes, gives slow to your enemys and since he's targeted, it's impossible to dodge and difficult to recover from.

Ground Slam is great for farming it's a hard counter to AD champions, and great against melee DPS. Constantly using this ability in fights will help you in your lane and at team fights take a lot of damage (even more if Brutal Strikes is on) you'll hurt and your team mates clean them up.

Brutal Strikes it's the most easy way to pushing towers, but it can also be used at the start of fights for more damage and tankiness, use it whenever you enter a fight or push a tower. It's mana cost and cooldown are low.

Unstoppable force- Use this ability to initiate team fights, ganks and tower dives. Once you hit level 6, your zone will get a lot larger in lane because of this ability. If you keep your enemy low, you can completely starve them of farm and/or suddenly charge them and pick up the kill, even under the tower if you like. Having Flash off cooldown would be good when you do tower dive, so after you kill the enemy(s) you just run away like a boss =P.


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