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Rock in the Jungle

Last updated on October 24, 2012
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The combination of Greater Mark of Resilience and Greater Seal of Resilience provides a lighter jungle, requiring at most one or two Health Potion before the first gank. Greater Glyph of Shieldind is the standard MR rune for any tanker. Greater Quintessence of Swiftness provides besides a faster jungle as well as a more effective gank.

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As indicated runes provide a good resistance in the jungle, start with Boots of Speed ​​and three Health Potions, because you will not receive much damage during the route, and the gank becomes more effective, as the combination of the masteries and runes of quintessence will give you a great bonus of movement speed. Once you have enough gold to buy the Heart of Gold return to base to get it, because this item is important to complete the build, after all, Malphite is a tank, not a killer. With these two items you can remain a long time in the jungle with effective ganks, enabling gather gold enough to buy oracle, Ninja Tabi and start Sunfire Cape.
After the Sunfire Cape, buy the Negatron Cloak to supply the lack of magic resistance before buying a Thornmail. The combination of Sunfire Cape and Thornmail is a great nuisance to the AD carry opponent, who will be your focus on team fights.
At this level your armor is already high enough, you need a bit of damage and HP, after the opponent is also getting stronger too. From the Negatron Cloak buy the Abyssal Scepter because its aurea benefits the entire team, and soon after buy Banshee's Veil, for having, plus HP and MR, an extra protection to start a team fight.
Now, to finish the build, buy Randuin's Omen from the Hearth of Gold, because the combination of Malphite's ultimate and the "Active" of this item decides a team fight!