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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HonMaster

Rumble AP - Mega Sustainability!

HonMaster Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First build so go ahead and leave hater comments, this build works amazingly for me so if you have problems give me feedback on how your game goes.

With this build in early to mid game as long as you have Will of the Ancients you can be able to 2v1 and even 3v1 enemies, (3v1 is extremely hard you are almost guaranteed to die(especially if they have a tank in it with some magic defense))

You may have trouble laning against other non-mana heroes such as Vladimir or another rumble if he is more skilled than you. I've never lost to another rumble in the time I've played him but if you can TRY to solo top/mid. Your ult is amazing for killing and people usually are stupid and walk along the path, if you are harassing and having trouble finishing a hero that is playing passive then your ult is great for finishing anyone with 20-25% hp.

Why I chose Boots of Swiftness, The movement speed is great for when you need to chase someone down and ult them, or just spamming Scrap Shield to get away, very good movement speed.

Why I chose Nashor's Tooth, is because the attack speed is very much needed when you are stacking ability power.

Why I chose Hextech Gunblade, is because you with the Gunblade and Will of the Ancients, that's 50% spell vamp, and some extra attack damage and lifesteal will help with last hitting mobs in the forest or on lane.

When laning you would probably always play aggressive lane or the enemy can take over. Show 'em whose boss on the lane, and the top dog of DPS.

If you lose and have a bad team, don't blame this build, it comes through with flying colors for me :D!! Try again and maybe you will have better luck with teammates.

Please note: You CAN take mejai's soulstealer over Nashor's tooth if you are absolutely doing great, But make sure to get mejai's after Will of the Ancients. (Will of the Ancients is probably your most best item for this build)

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The ability power per level is great for late game. That is why I go with those runes over just flat ability power.
The cooldown reduction will let you be able to just spam abilities such as Flamethrower and Scrap Shield.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is an amazing spell if you have Cripple mastered in your masteries. You can chase or get away from people, this is crucial to 1v2ing enemies because you want to exhaust their most damage output such as (Shaco, Tryndamere, Nocturne, etc.) Make sure you ult in a good position because that spell vamp really saves you in the fight, your ult + flamethrower is so much heal!

Ghost is for the main purpose it has, Getting away, or Chasing one *** down! It's very good to have and can save you from slows. But Scrap Shield and Electro Harpoon would probably save you by themselves but don't take any chances! You don't want to die!

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Pros / Cons


Easy enemy champion finisher at level 6.
Great lane control when played correctly.
Amazingly hard to kill with spell vamp.
Not team reliant.


If you aren't that great at this game this can be very hard for you.
Pretty squishy lategame.
If not aggressive then you will get mowed down (usually.)
Mid game cooldown reliant.

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You can easily farm with Junkyard Titan, Flamethrower and Electro Harpoon.
You have no mana so feel free to cast as many spells as you want, even if it misses it doesn't matter, you have NO mana!

When there is a huge push on your lane and even if there is enemy heroes there, your ult can stop them in there footsteps! And depending on how far you are you can chase them down, Your ult will get you TONS of money from creeps for it can kill a full lane of creeps in a matter of seconds. Try your best to last hit creeps because usually (when I play) you should have second most or highest creep kills .

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Skill Sequence

I usually go Harpoon > Harpoon > Flamethrower > Shield > Flamethrower > (Junkyard Titan) And if they aren't dead by then and you just break out of Junkyard Titan than ulting will finish him off from 20-25% hp.

If you can before a fight, try harassing the enemy as much as you can for it WILL come in handy once you get engaged in a 1v1 or a team fight.

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Editor's Notes

I hope you enjoy and own some baddies because this works almost every time for me!

First build, criticize freely for I will only make better builds if you criticize.
Please comment ! :)