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Rumble "Out of Nowhere" I Just Learned How to Play

Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Rumble is Not for Noobs!

Hi everyone if you are reading this build you are interested in learning to play Rumble, I am going to tell you, one key thing... IF YOU THINK THE MAIN POINT OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IS CHAMPION KILLS UNINSTALL NOW, and do not continue to read this build. Rumble is a character which lacks early game but if you can farm even the slightest you'll be happy and be able to carry mid and late game. Follow this build and if you have skill you'll be very happy with the amount of damage it does. Rumble, contrary to what many believe, is not a tank. He is an AP top with 100% Spammability, his moves are reliable to burst down even the best carries. Flame Spitter when tied with his passive and Ult make him one of the deadliest characters in the game but we will discuss that later. All you need to know now is if you haven't played Rumble before do not engage early, you'll be fine late early game if you're good.

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Not Rune Reliant:

For many champs runes are how they farm. I gave Rumble the runes above mostly for late game survive-ability and increased early game damage for farming. I like to use this as my AP runes for even my AP mids, Luckily these runes work best on Rumble since he doesn't run on Mana. So this will give you spammability and sustain.

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I fill out the offensive AP page because... well I thought it was pretty obvious, increased AP for Flamespitter. The more damage flamespitter does the more you farm and the more gold you get, and then you will easily kill enemy champions. An experienced Rumble player like myself has killed many a jungler coming to gank and the laning opponent I'm up against, but if something goes wrong I chose to use the Come Back Early masteries, with increased Movement Speed and Reduced Time Spent Dead. That is the reason behind my masteries, if you think armor is better then you are playing Rumble too aggressively early game, and you should stop playing Rumble.

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Junkyard Titan (Passive): Rumble is one of the best champions in the game, and his passive is the reason why, his passive if he reaches 60 heat increases his base damage, and the power of each of his abilities. Make sure to count your spells though because if you reach 100 heat you will silence your self, you'll increase damage even more though so if you land flamespitter last, you just did a massive amount of damage.

THE FLAMESPITTER (Q): Okay, if you have never played Rumble before, know this. This is the essence of Rumble, this is how you are going to carry games. Rumble's Flame Spitter may have been nerfed by Morello in the Early August Patch 2012, but to experienced Rumble players like myself, a few friends, and even Dyrus we have a meme for this "Yeah, Rumble is SOOOOO 'Nerfed.'" In fact the day after the patch Dyrus was writing notes on each champion he played top that day, Rumble was the first he tried and on his notes it said "Rumble- This Yordle just wants to watch the world burn." To give emphasis to my point. Flamespitter is the most important skill and since you can spam Rumble's other skills while it's active this makes Rumble extremely dangerous in Team fights or in solo fights.

Scrap Shield (W): The Get-Away or Solo engage tool, if the enemy is last hit use this to tower dive it gives you increased movement speed and a small shield to defend yourself, Rumble is already a fast champ and with the Shield's movement speed with a Mercury Threads and the movement Quints you can have close to 475+ MS. Never stop spamming this, since Rumble doesn't run on mana just use it as a sustain to get your heat up and protect yourself from minions.

Electro-Harpoon (E): The Poke, you start with this! As soon as you get flamespitter you are safe. Throw a few Harpoons underneath the flame sitter and you just took nearly half the enemies health away and since all of Rumble's moves are extremely low CD you get it up faster now just tower dive the enemy top running away with Scrap and Flamespitta, and throw an ult down on their get-away path, and spam them with more Harpoons, throw an ignite on him and if he wasn't already dead... Flash in for another FlameSpitter-Harpoon combo.

The Equalizer (R): Not to be confused with the pick axe in TF2, This is the highly explosive DOT Ult of Rumble's. Mainly used so enemies can't get away or a team fight engage. It's basically a second ignite which is always great to have. If only it lowered the healing of enemy champs... Still it builds heat, use it when you deem necessary.

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Summoner's Wraft

The summoner spells I recommended were ignite and flash, Ignite to increase your damage and slow their healing, flash is to be used as an engage with Scrap or an escape with Scrap. Remember these facts and to keep spamming abilities and you'll always secure a kill late early game on.

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Farm King

To farm: Just Get Flamespitter and Hextech. Congrats you just used the champion that is known for farming ability. Just remember to last hit with your auto attack or a harpoon.

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Items to Carry

Start Boots with 3 Health Pots, farm early do not engage! By first back finish your Mercs or if you can't do that buy parts of the hextech revolver. By second Back Finish off what ever you hadn't built prior and then buy WotA, the fuel of Flamespitta (who thought burning magic books would give you infinite fire). Rylai's is next if against a high damaging AD Top like Riven give your harpoons and even flamespitter some slow while giving you extra health. If against another AP Top go with Abyssal Scepter next so you have that extra MR and they get their MR reduced. After that its to increase Flamespitter Damage even more with a RDC, and finally a Lich Bane because you want to do more damage with your auto attack and that's how to do so. That's the reason behind the items.

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Okay so in the end follow this guide, if you don't carry, and it's not because mid and bot feed, sometimes it really is their fault... If it isn't their fault and you just suck at Rumble, practice on Bots or don't play him. Now good luck because this guild explains it all to the people who have skill as Rumble. If you don't have skill then you should have stopped reading at the introduction. Go play a champ that suits you such as Teemo, you useless player you, or just do the game a favor and uninstall.I ain't here to be nice, I'm here to tell you how to play. If you win your game, then you'll understand why even Dyrus fears Rumble.