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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vaalis

Rumble: Total lane Domination!

Vaalis Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Rumble is a unique champion who specializes in very aggresive lane control. He is unique in the fact that his abilities run off of heat generation, which is easily managed and can allow you to continue to use abilities and harrass, especially early and mid game. Obviously he is a new champion, and will probably be subject to balancing soon enough, however in the meantime, lets enjoy the face pwnage.

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-Viable solo lane
-Agressive early/mid game
-Nearly spammable abilities
-Decent escape mechanics
-Ult has incredible range
-Awesome in game animations

-Not as effective late game.
-Dmg shield dissipates too quickly.
-Slight learning curve (over aggression can lead to feeding)

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The rune selection is pretty straight forward, however can be adjusted to suite your own taste. I selected MP runes for obvious reasons. The HP regen runes are for staying power in lane, especially if he is gonna solo top lane. I also selected the CDR runes to allow his Q ability to stay up perminatly earlier in the game, which is great for both farming and harrasing/chasing. Finally, flat health quintessence runes to the early game.

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The reason why I go 9/21/0 is simply because of the way I play Rumble. He is a very aggressive champion, and the added Defense makes him much more resistant to ganks and counter harrassing. Also, because he relys highly on his Flamespitter (Q) ability, he is more melee range than anything else, and facing a ranged champ, such as ashe or caitlyn, would be much more punishing if I were specd 21/9/0.

Another aspect to this build is simply the fact that Rumble has great carrying abilities early/mid game. The survivability allows him to stay in fights, sometimes with almost no health, and still pull out kills. Your early/mid game is what shuts the other team down, making the late game that much easier for your teammates, if it even goes to late game.

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Now, this is where everyone looks at a build and says, "WTF was he thinking". Trust me, it works. is a prioity simply because it makes up for you late game dmg output. Having this item early game, ensures the kill.
The are self explanitory, however if you find yourself in a CC heavy team, I would opt for .
Rylie's Crystal Scepter adds much needed health, as well as some great chasing advantages. Must have item.
I then grab for its outstanding health regen, as well as the MR and speed boost.
, the icing on the cake. Works amazing with Rumble, simply because he nearly spams his abilities, and when you overheat, the damage hurts that much more.
I rarely get to the , but its more damgage and some awesome LS/SV. Great for slowing if you are overheated as well.

Other viable last items would be the , or the . Use your judgement and know your enemy.

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Summoner spells

I pick up the Heal and Teleport spells, however Rumble works well with the following:
- Exhaust: great for 2v1 fights or chasing
- Ignite: shuts down heals and ensures the kill
- Flash: Great for escape/chasing
- Ghost: If you really want to piss them off (like i said, rumble already has decent escape abilities)

Now the reason why I choose Heal and Teleport is because I often solo top lane. The heal helps out especially early game, allowing me to stay and ensure the other side either dies, or has to back.
Teleport allows me to get items fast and return to my lane, allowing me to keep the flame in their face. Also, if i need to switch lanes quickly, teleport is great for that as well.

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The way of the Rumble.

Early Game:
It doesnt matter if i am soloing the lane or laning with the partner, I always wait by the tower until my minions are in the equation. Two reasons: First, they provide a barrier between you and the other team, giving me an advantage because has some nice range. Secondly because I dont have my shield yet, making me vulnerable to a gank. This is the one time Rumble can be harrased in my opionion. Besides, first blood isnt as important as taking that tower, and if your dumbass dies off the bat, well, you suck.
You will immediatly harrass once the minions are in the equation. Flamspitter should be balancing your Dangerzone, which is where you want to stay, dont be afraid to practice the rate you spam flamespitter to stay in the DZ while you wait for you minions, this is the key to Rumble.
Now, by lvl 6 you should have been owning their face, or keeping them by their damn turret like they are leashed to it. Yes, even if its 1v2, but also know your playstyle, dont be too aggressive, but dont be a panzy either, Rumble is an aggressive champ early/mid.
When attacking enemy turrets you should spam you abilities to Overheat, granting added dps to the turrets. Also, when Chasing enemys, its ok to Overheat, just try to use (Q) to make you overheat that way you are both melee and burning his ***. On a side note, Flamespitter is a great chasing ability, as it does not cause to you stop and cast, so you can run full speed while casting.

Mid Game:

By now if you havent took their tower, you weren't doing your job. Go help mid and push there, keeping an eye on your lane to make sure they dont push your tower. You can float between lanes and gank/push as needed. By now you should definitly have your Rylie's Crystal Scepter, giving you some much needed health. Mid game is where you become an initiator. You are not a tank! You will get your *** whooped if you try to tank. You are a great initiator though, allowing your team to focus their carrys. positioning can decide the outcome of teamfights. I lay down in the path they have to take to engauge our team, or the path they have to take to escape, depending ont he situation. You will get a lot of kills from runners with proper Ult positioning, which takes practice. Also, you can extend the range of your Ult because of its targeting mechanics. Set the inital target at the edge of your radius, and extend outward. This comes in handy when your chasing or trying to run back to your turret to protect it.

Late Game:
This is where Rumble becomes more average, compared to his lane pressence early/mid. Assist in team fights, you can still initiate, but do not get CC'd, as they will probably be focusing you because you've been Ramming them early/mid. Late game you are still an excellent farmer, so get that gold because you are more item dependent late game. Push towers! If you effectivly shut down their team early/mid, your team should have no problem securing the win.

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Well, with practice you should be dominating the lanes in no time. Rumble is a very fun champ to play, sometimes you'll pull off some stuff and wonder how you lived through it, kind of like Singed. Enjoy my 2 Cents, this is my very first, albiet half ***ed guide (tired of typing, I want to play!)