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Rumble, Trash Robot Killing Machine

Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Rumble is so severely underplayed despite his overpowering capabilities. If you play him right, you will be a force throughout mid and early game by virtue of having a strong early game, and having weakened your lane opponents through strong creep and XP deny. This is my first guide, so I'll be coming back to edit it and make it shiny and pretty. Feedback is appreciated!

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Masteries are pretty straight forward, thought some tweaking is acceptable. The 9 points in Offense are a must, as that 10% from Arcane Knowledge is crucial to your early and mid game damage.

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Getting too much CDR works against Rumble as it gives you the opening for quick overheats in sustained battles, so getting them here I think is best. 5% is about all you will need, as all of Rumble's abilities are on a short cooldown as well. I alternate between dodge seals and Greater Seal of Vitality, and it seems that the HP/5 seals help my early game better. The is probably what throws people off, and I will explain them later, but they play a crucial part in a punishing Rumble lane.

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Summoner Spells

Between icon = Scrap Shield and icon = Electro Harpoon, and icon = The Equalizer you have plenty of escapes if you need them. Flash is just the best of the bunch, allowing Rumble to flash either into fights after dropping ulti, or out of them. I highly recommend this.

Either of these are acceptable, it just depends on your team comp. Exhaust is better early game, but once you get icon = Rylai's Crystal Scepter you have essentially a spammable Exhaust. That is why I normally choose ignite.

The only other two spells worth having, but then I don't bother with them too much. With icon = Scrap Shield you are already boosting yourself for 2 seconds every 4, so speed really is not a problem with Rumble. But I can see situations where it would certainly be useful.

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Abilities of a Trash Robot

Your best ability, the ability you should always be spamming. This is half of what makes Rumble an unstoppable bully in lane. The only trick to this is getting the cone in the right spot while auto attacking (more about this in "The 'S' is for Stop")

The other half of your superpowered bully, Scrap Shield is both a speed boost and a shield. Given the short nature of it's cooldown, it's also an easy way to drain your opponents of mana by baiting them into shooting level 1 abilities at you (more about this in "A Game of Attrition") Get this at Level 2, and rank it behind Flame Spitter

The cherry on top, a double skill shot that does damage as well as slows. This allows Rumble his intense xp and cs deny game. Get one rank of this at level 3, then rank it last.

One of the most punishing ultimate abilities in the game, the only click-and-drag ult is good for punishing an opposing team that is grouped up, cutting off escapes, or sealing off an escape for yourself. Used well it can create mass panic allowing your team to either attack, counter attack, or escape. It's awesome guys.

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Pros / Cons


    Stupidly survivable
    Strong deny game is a ridiculously effective counter to end game champs who require creeps
    Is a trash robot
    Very strong early/mid game
    Doesn't have any good skins
    Peters off at end game
    Is a trash robot with no good skins

The "Peters off at end game" is kind of a big one, so this is why I got XP Runes. His end game is actually not very strong, and he quickly gets eclipsed by other champs who get a ton of farm. So then to maximize this, I have the XP runes. I arrive at mid game faster, bigger, and stronger than anyone else, which helps keep down the enemies end game.

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Someone Call Kenny Loggins

What would you say if I told you there was a champ who's abilities had no mana cost, and if you spammed his abilities often enough his auto attacks did (110 + .3 bonus ap) damage? Ridiculous right? But so many people will say that you need to stay in the Danger Zone (>50 Heat) and you shouldn't overheat too much. Let me tell you this, do not be afraid of Overheating. One of the best combos you can do after chipping at an opponents health with Flamespitter is overheat with the Flamespitter and start punching. Punch like crazy. This becomes startlingly effective once you get Rylai's and they becomes unable to escape the flame, nor the punches. On late level tanks it's a significant amount of damage, on low level tanks and squishies of all levels it is simply devastating. Do not be afraid to chase people with an Overheated Flamespitter. They will either run or take a lot of damage.

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The 'S' is for Stop

Did you know that hitting your 's' key stops your movement and attacks? Did you think this was useless? With Rumble's Flamespitter, it really is a very powerful tool to deny your opponents creeps. However, because of the close range of Flamespitter, you will often find yourself the untenable position of choosing to get close enough to hit with the Flamespitter, thus exposing yourself to an easy counter attack, or you are too far for the Flamespitter to reach. The solution is easy, walk up to just in front of a creep wave, spam q, and hit s to stop movement. A good Rumble needs to be able to toe the line between their creeps and yours levels 1-5, and the 's' key is a great and easy way to do that to limit your opponents counters. The other CRUCIAL thing this does is the minions will NOT attack you if you hit the enemy champion with Flamespitter, but they will if you auto attack them. Just standing in front of them with Flamespitter forces them to choose to attack you and drawing aggro on the creep wave, or retreating and not getting any creeps.

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A Game of Attrition


This is how to best play Rumble. Limit their creeps, limit their xp, make them angry. Make them smaller in every way. A hard task for many champs, but Rumble is uniquely equipped to accomplish this with ease. Here is a breakdown of what you should be doing levels 1-3.

Level 1: On your way to lane, spam Flamespitter. Get into the Danger Zone. Not enough Rumble's do this, but it's 30% bonus damage as long as you can keep it up. If you were to spam Q every time it was up, you gain a net of 5 Heat with these runes and masteries. I.e. You spam it once to get to 20 Heat, it drops down to 5 Heat when the CD comes off, you hit q again it goes up to 25, etc etc. Once you get into the Danger Zone, wait until your heat drops to 45 or 50 then hit Q again. You don't have any other abilities at this point, so there is little danger of even accidentally Overheating.

Once you are in the Danger Zone (Archer reference here), you are free to test out whatever scrub your opponent is. Flamespitter them from the bush if they get close enough (doing this does not reveal you hilariously enough.) But don't get too greedy, you still don't have a way to soak up damage quite yet. Last hit a few creeps, chase them around with the Flamethrower, see how scared they are of it, bide your time until level 2.

Level 2: Now things get interesting. Imagine you are playing an AP champ like Kass or Ryze. Does your or do much damage at Rank 1? No, it doesn't, does it? Not many attacks do a lot of damage at Rank 1. Use this to your advantage. Flamespitter over minions and if they toss an attack at you, simply Scrap Shield and run away and cool down for a second. They have now used up 40-60 mana on an ability that didn't hurt you at Level 2. They have two options here; continue to waste their mana on level 1 abilities that won't even hurt you, or try to farm minions underneath your Flamespitter. Neither one of those are appealing. Remember the goal here is not necessarily to kill them, simply to make them recall or stand under tower. If they need to recall quickly for more mana, you have won. How you use your Scrap Shield is the difference between a good Rumble and a Rumble that makes people rage.

Level 3: Let the hard deny begin in earnest. Next to The Equalizer, this ability has the longest range of any of your attacks. Use it to tag the enemy Champion every chance you get. A good strategy is to hide in bushes, last hitting creeps, and if they get close chase them with Flamespitter and hit them with both bolts. If they try to counter attack Scrap Shield away to the safety of your minions. This is mostly used once they have decided that trying to get to the minions is too much of a risk, and are now sitting comfortably away from them. Keep them away by harpooning them like Moby ****.

The beauty of this plan is that it can be executed in any of the 3 lanes, with a partner or by yourself, and if you read the play of the other champs well you can tell how desperate they become. You know you have made them mad when they constantly throw spells at you, despite you sucking them up with Scrap Shield. This is a surefire win for you if you just play patiently. If you do this right, what will end up happening is your opponents will back because they run out of mana or health, and then your 6% xp gain from starts to kick in. When they return, you should have 1-3 levels on them and a creep wave at their tower.


Cause stress, use shield to soak up level 1 attacks such as Null Sphere, Overload etc etc, get them to use their mana if they have it, and most importantly make them recall first. You want the difference between you and them to be as great in your favor as possible (why is in the chapter "Pros/Cons")

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Other Chapters

I'll write more when I get a chance. Comment to let me know if you have questions, concerns, like or hate my build, etc etc.