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Ryze Build 5v5 50% def 50% AP

Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Ryze Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Win Button

The purpose of this build is to essentially turn ryze into the tanky dps of mages. Early game, you are very squishy, just like any other ryze build, but as the game goes on however, you steadily increase in tank and damage output. The damage provided by the mana still makes you an awesome nuke machine, but you can also take hits and deal with enemy damage, unlike lots of dps casters. unlike many character builds, the catalyst ryze build scales very well all game. As you move into late game, you can find yourself with somewhere between 3-4k hp, and upwards of 4k mana. your damage output is massive, you have a large tank, and you have what is essentially an unlimited mana pool. farming minions is extremely easy as soon as you get 2 catalysts, and you can gain progress increasingly faster as you proceed further into your pwnage build.

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Early Game

You are very squishy early game, and as such, you need to make sure that you don't get ganked. If you get into a lvl 1 fight, then make sure to keep an eye on your hp bar so you can run/flash out to keep yourself from dying. if you have a chance at grabbing/kill stealing first blood, then take it. getting fed early game with this build, and proceeding from early items quickly onto stacking catalysts is the best way to ensure dominance over whoever you are laning against.

The first few levels are a great opportunity to attempt to gain a laning advantage over the enemy champion(s) in lane with you. Spam q on the enemy champs constantly, making sure to not get yourself in a bad situation. If you succeed at this, you can push your laning opponent to stay back and get very few minion kills, or recall, and lose precious early game laning time. many times, opponents are not used to being pounded by a constant barrage of damage at level 1, and will sometimes stay in the lane when they shouldn't, resulting in a possible early game lane kill, especially if you hit level 2 before this, and get your snare.

As soon as is possible, you need to get tear of the goddess. this item is vital early game, and will result in much better early laning phase damage and lane sustainability. as soon as you get the chance to blue pill and grab tear, do so.

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Mid Game/General Gameplay

You will quickly see ryze's tank and damage start to take off once you start stacking catalysts. It is very easy to have lane dominance, especially if you know how/when to harass your opponents. There is no need to take unnecessary risks, so make sure not to do something stupid and give the enemy team a free kill. If you can, make sure to get either in lane, or out of lane ganks to keep your team up in level, and feed you to late game awesomeness.

One thing that many noob ryze's tend to forget is how to use his passive best to your advantage. Most of the time, whenever a noob ryze wants to dps someone, he will pull his ultimate, then mash q-e as fast as he can while left clicking on the target, or will always hit w first when initiating. These are very stupid and wasteful mistakes that will lower your overall damage output, and decrease your utility. The best way to take advantage of ryze's passive is to always use q first, and use it between your other two spells after.

So you use your skills in this order = q > w > q > e > q

Essentially, you are using the one second cooldown reduction passive per activated skill to use 3 q shots in only a few seconds. this is the way to maximize your damage output, and is the most efficient method for taking down the cooldowns of your w, e, and r as fast as is possible. In some cases, it is more advantageous to hit your w first, like if your opponent is escaping your range, and is moving faster than you. If your target is safely in range of your spells, then make sure to start with q and alternate between your other spells and q to give max damage output.

Another problem that alot of people have is that they hit ryze's ulti at the wrong time. If you are used to playing the old ryze, where hitting r increased your damage output, then you really need to get out of the habit of hitting r whenever you are attacking a single champion. Your r is meant for tightly packed teamfights, as you can pretty much take an entire team to low hp very fast if they pack too close together, and is also meant for spellvamping, for sustainability in 1v1s, as well as team fights. It is NOT meant for use on a single target that is running away f

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Late/End Game

Toward the end of your build, you start to pretty much own anything that comes near you, and you can suck up damage in team fights very well for a caster. The high buffer hp combined with the spellvamp from your ulti makes you are very hard target, and your damage output will tear squishies to bits in only a few hits. The hp that you get allows you to solo most enemy mages very easily, as they cannot hope to have a combination of hp and damage output even close to equal of that of catalyst ryze. Catalyst ryze is one of the best counters to viegar, as not only have the buffer hp to survive his nuke cycle, but you have the sustained dps to pound him to a pulp, and have very little ap compared to most champs, resulting in significantly lower damage from viegar's ult.

Participate in as many team fights as you can, as you will only get better with kills, and you can keep the enemy returning to base often, or hiding in it. Make sure to take opportunities to solo farm. ryze can last hit like crazy, jungle very well, and if you get a lucky large enemy minion wave, you can pull your ulti to wipe them all up and get a big chunk of change added to wallet.

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Try It Out

If you have never done this or a similar build, i encourage you to do so. This build can perform well on both 5v5s and 3v3s, and is a great way to totally pwn the **** out of an enemy team, and have them crying op in the post game. He is a lot of fun and i hope this guide shows you the best way to play ryze in the most effective manner. If you found this guide helpful, i encourage you to vote up this build so more people can see it.