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Ryze, Fear The Big Red Ball!

Last updated on September 26, 2011
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Hey Mobafire people,
I have been playing Ryze for some time now and have been extremely successful with him, i have had games exceeding 30 kills and have very rarely gone negative in my kill to death ratio, I believe if played correctly that Ryze can be one of the best Mids, early game, and end game champs.

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Pros / Cons


    Extreme damage
    Great harass
    Good early and late game
    Slow champion
    Mana issues very early game

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Due to the fact that AP is bad for Ryze and you want to stack as much mana as possible to do as much damage as possible, many of my runes go with getting as much mana as you can, all of the mana runes will help with your harassing early game and help you get that so important first blood. Ryze is one of the best harassers in the game at mid if played right. I got the swiftness quints to help with the lack of speed that Ryze has. Alternetivly you could get more mana regen runes to keep you in the lane longer, but that shouldnt be needed if you manage your mana correctly.

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I put 9 points into offense to give that little extra and to get to get spell pen. I put the rest of the points into Utility because Ryze doesnt have a lot of it, and because of the extra mana and CD reduction you get. (SO important!)

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The items that i picked are pretty much set in stone except for the beginning pots. If you know that you wont take much damage at the start, you could buy one mana pot and one health pot so you can stay in the lane longer and have a better chance of a kill. Otherwise the items picked are fantastic! The reason Ryze is such a bulky DPS is because his life and mana stack, the more mana you have the more damage he does (because his spells do extra damage based on max mana pool) So all you have to do is build defenseive items like banshess veil, etc.. and you get a defensive item that makes you do mass damage! HP + MP = Bulky DPS

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Skill Sequence

The first thing you want to get is overload! you want to max out your big red ball asap. You want to do this because of the amazing harass it can do and the very short CD it has. Next you want to max out your rune prision because it can also do mass damage later on in the game but also stun. Your spell flux is important to put a point into because it brings down the magic resist of anything it hits, but as far as farming minions with it early game its not all the helpful because if the small amount of damage that it actually does. But it is important for when you are going in for the kill.

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Summoner Spells

Most people would probably disagree with getting exhaust instead of something like ghost, but imo it is so important! The reason i have it is because once you go through your rotation of spells there is a down time where you are waiting on CD's, this is when you exhaust them so they cannot get away then get back into your spell rotation for the kill, also it can be very helpful for escaping if you find yourself get into trouble. The other spell i have is flash.. because you should use flash on almost any champ. Alternativly you could use ghost because ryze is so slow, it helps to catch running away enemies etc..

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Early Game (Most important! READ)

The early game doesnt necessarly make or break you, i have given up first blood many times to just come back and rape face, but! If you are able to get kills early on it will help you amazingly later on, if you are able to go 2-0 in the first few minutes of the game, or even get first blood. It is game over. As soon as you buy your items get to mid lane. From here you want to harass slowly with your Q (Overload) you can easily get your opponent to half life with this in less than a minute, but do not over use this due to your mana, just annoy them and make them use their health pot. I know it is hard but try to last hit minions with your auto attack. Once you hit level 2 you get your rune prision and you can harrass a little more. At level 4 you should be putting your second skill into overload and this is when you get first blood. Let them extend a little too far, at this point they should be around half heath. As soon as they over extend flash in, Use your overload (Q), Then your spell flux (E) to bring down magic resist, then your rune prision to stun them, at this point your Overload WILL be off CD, so use that again. If they are not dead at this point then you can use your exhaust until you can cast overload again, but they should be dead. Boom, first blood.

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Mid/Late game

By mid game your mana pool should be large enough to nearly constantly be using your abilities to farm minions, use your big red ball to last shot and spell flux to bring them down. Mid game go help your teammates in other lanes to get gankes etc.. (hes not called the rogue mage for nothing) Then by late game you should be raping peoples faces and everyone will fear you, seriously, and the great thing is, even if you get focused, your so bulky at this point you wont go down easy and can usually excape. I often times have more HP than the tank.

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Casting sequence

Everytime ryze uses one of his abilites, all the CDs on his abilities go down by one second, so if you cast Q then W, your Q ability already has 1 second less to CD than before, this is why you open with overload and not your stun, (unless they are going to get away) Your basic casting sequence should look like this
R (ult if you can)
(Exhaust if they are still alive)
Then rinse and repeat.

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Farming and Team Fights

Farming minions late game is easy, Ult then spell flux, yes i said ult on minions, The CD on your ult is so short that you can do this, plus remember that everytime you use and ability the CD goes down by 1 second, so your ult CD is incredibly short, shorter than most champs.
When it comes to team fights its also simple. Ult (because it makes all of your spells do AoE damage) then pick the squshiest one of the bunch and blow their faces off. It will probably kill them and the AoE will hurt the hell out of every other champ around them, it will get you kills and give your team a massive advantage in the fight. (Also i ult even if im fighting just one champ, because of the extra damage it brings)

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In the end you should be able to carry your team to a victory, i rarely lose as ryze and almost never go negative in kills. Please vote and comment, Let me know if you think anything different of my guide or if i left something out. Let me know if you have any questions or things i should add, thanks for reading and remember, fear the big red ball!