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League of Legends Build Guide Author Peard

Ryze Overloaded2

Peard Last updated on June 25, 2010
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I started playing a week with Ryze as a free champion, and as it goes, fell madly in love with the easy to learn, high DPS out put enlongated Smurf.

The Build I use for Ryze doesn't rely on Ability Power runes, or items. I base him on Mana Pool, and with Archmage's Staff, alow that to make up for the ability power(which it does WAY MORE than you might think).

I start with Spell Flux as my beginning ability due to early game ganks and its 5 bounce burst that lowers magic resistance. This really comes in hand when storming a bush on TT or SR for the first game gank as it will bounce between enemies doing 70 dammage each hit(possible of 350 dammage at level one) or 210 dammage to a single target bouncing between you and your opponent. Around level 3, I see no more use towards spell flux and you can easily save it to max when you have to(because at this point, mana and ability power will be so high youll want to max your 4 second Nuke that in combanition with your ult will allow you to possibly take out an entire team in the combo cast(Ult, Prision(on weakest for sure kill), Send in flux(for big dammage in combo with ult and to lower magic resistance) and then end with a huge burst of dammage with Overload. I've taken out hole teams on 3v3 with this combo going Myself verses all 3 in a failed gank.

Laning with ryze is no big deal with such a large mana starting pool, seeing as you get Flux you can just continue to use it farming creeps to no end. Laning mid game is slightly more difficult, seeing as if you've been playing correctly they know you're the max DPS out put on your team and they focus on you. You can easily(almost garunteed) take on 1v2 at about level 12 depending on cash flow. And for sure wipe out any one, even MOST (not all) tanks 1v1. And the best part,

ENDGAME -- At this point you have taken into consideration that you are the dominate force of all LoL, and are ready to surge and destroy. Your mana pool has become so swelled with energy that your overload may hit well close to 600, before the ultimate and be castable every 4 seconds. With boots and your ability to chase, prison, flux and burst for the kill, you may well be the game winner. Something to keep in mind too is, Ignite may not be a huge burst of dammage but if you're slowed and they have a chance to heal, the 200 DoT might get you the kill as a last resort. Plus on your Mast. you gain the 10 Ability power while its cooling down so it wont hurt to it least get rid of it.

+Ungodly Dammage output(burst will be around 2k at level 18)
+Ability to chase down, and use teleport to gank and help teamates
+Enough health that if a sticky situation comes around you have some wiggle room to get out of harms way

-You, if played correctly will be singeled out due to your large burst dammage by the other team in most ganks, so it's smart to watch where everyone is and avoid traveling with out a friend.
-Jello will have more solidity than you if you're hit with a silence. As ryze in deffense(running) and offense is very ability orientated you will need to team up with a partner to avoid being silenced then blown up.(if you feel this may become an issiue Teleport can be dropped for a Cleanse.

The only change I'd CONSIDER(lightly even) for a change of summoner spells would be swapping teleport for cleanse, or ghost/exaust if you're just so good you want the boost or slow to help chase down those close kills, or make a speed-ier getaway.

Random IMO stuffs:
Best Partner is Blitz or Sion. Respectfuly for their Pull, Powerfist combo, or their Stun, Shield combo to take Base of dammage.
I always get Mana crystal(saphire) first, then go into tears, then work from their up.

If you want a more consentrated DAmmage output early, you can swap overload for the first flux, but IMO thats not very smart as flux willhave a higher POTENTIAL(yes, not always true) to hit for more. When Overload is a Garunteed 130 at lvl 1 on a single target. (Ignite, Overload, Exaust, Overload First blood?)

Have fun with the most OP caster in game atm IMO. As this is my first Guide, I would appreciate kind and constructive critism as to what might make future ones better.



I do like the critism, and KIND of undertand it. While you tell me to stack ability power for spell flux I did some digging in the fourms and knoweledge base, and items like Archmages staff, and The Tome that gains Ability power, actauly when combined for ability power, his dammage is reduced. With my MANA build his burst, is exactly 2,222 dammage in a 2 second cast. I dropped boots for the added ability power as you all suggested, and while it doesnt drop mana it builds alot to AP and increases Spell flux. I checked out other rzye guides, that built of Ability Power, and When crunching some numbers, the mana build, as opposed to AP items that DON'T stack with ADDED bonuses(I.E. Archmage's, Tome, etc.)and my guide now(fixed runes, masteries, and kinda items) has a higher Burst Dammage now than before, with 2,432 in a 2 second cast. Thank you for the Abilit power tip but with ryze I still believe Mana+a little AP is neseccasry over High AP+lack of mana. I do agree Spell Flux In combanation with your ult is the best, BUT Overloads cooldown alowas it to be cast twice in the Time it would take to cast flux once and HOPE it would hit 5 times of opponents, or 3 time bouncning off of your self. PLEASE REREAD AND RERATE I hope this will be more acceptable =) thank you for your first looks, I hope you'll like the improved guide better.

I picke Up lich instead of more cooldown reduction since its capped, and I got it for AP and Mana, plus +7 movement speed will help when skipping boots.