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Ryze power build

Last updated on April 16, 2013
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Just gonna say it all at once

Hello! I'm going to try and be very brief and something else I forgot. (Lots of grammar issues)

Ign is 1BlueCoconut in case u wish to rage at me.

Alright, for masteries I use the normal 21/0/9 on an ap caster cuz I don't wanna have to deal with more pages. Lots of early damage and poke. (Destroy the other ryze if you go against another one).

For summoner spells I use ignite and flash because I flash for a kill or escape and ignite for killing someone. (Duh?)

For runes I use red magic pen, yellow mana regen, blue ap scaling. Two quit for ap and one for movement speed.

For items, (final build) I get a muramana, Arch angel, rabadon, ice born gauntlet, soc. boots, and a rod of ages.

I get a blue crystal and two pots first, and on the way back the first time I buy boots and the tear. Later I buy a rod of ages and if I have enough gold, finish my boots. Then I get a muramana and before it upgrades I buy another tear and then upgrade that for an Seraphis embrace (from the archangels I upgraded before from the tear). I then buy a rabadon if I need damage or an ice born gauntlet if I am doing ok. I think that is it for the build.

Also on your first time back buy some wards.

When laning always poke with your q and if u can, use a qweq combo on them. Always have enough mana for a w. play kinda safe and go to the maximum range of your auto attack and always move around. Based on what champion the other person is playing, move in your minions or out of them and if the person is running at you, combo then run away.

During a team fight act like a glass cannon cuz you are kinda like one with this build. (Ult gives spell vamp tho and you do ALOT of damage).

I think that is it, and because I am an Annon I will probably not edit this or read your comments. Hope u enjoy being focused and killed a lot.


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