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ryze power build

Last updated on April 16, 2013
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hello, i am a player on lol who isnt that skilled but i have an idea for an item build.
(lots of bad grammar here and laziness, please give credit if u do use this build and publish it elsewhere, assuming that the build is actually viable).

ign: 1BlueCoconut (no spam, but u can rage if u want if you do send me a message in game)

i think that might have been a bad idea ^

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i just get red magic pen (i would but i got no ip).

blue ap lvl scaling

yellow mana regen

2 AP quit and 1 movement speed (i dont have any ip)

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standard 21/0/9 on an ap carry, dont wanna make another page.

destroys another ryze if you do play against one.

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i start with a blue crystal and 2 hp pots.

the 1st time i go back i buy the tear boots and a ward

2nd time i get the ROA and if i have enough money i finish my boots

i then get another tear (first was for muramana, this one is for Archangel).

i get a rabadon or a iceborn gaunlet. rabadon for dmg and iceborn if u are doing ok/ enemys keep running from you and getting away.

end : rabadon, muramana, archangel (both fully upgraded), iceborn gauntlet, soc. boots, and Rod of ages.

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Skill Sequence

most important ----> least important.


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combo your skills by smashing your head on the keyboard.

Q W E R Q and if they arent dead auto attack ignite auto attack Q auto attack and Q W E auto attack Q (if they still arent dead then this build must really suck). (that auto attacking thing, just stop it when ever u got your snare up and then combo).

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Pros / Cons

con : squishy if cced (no ult spell vamp)

pro : awesome dmg

(too lazy to actually do this)

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when you are creeping on someone u wanan be quiet and then hit them in the face and force them to not move then continue to abuse them while forcing them to not move or slowing them. (idk what this actually is)

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Team Work

dont start the fight. unless one is out of position, then snare them and release all your spells (not ult). so pretty mush just snare E Q (e first only if maxed and i use E first because i can bounce and hit the others). then run, which i guess is still not really starting a fight.

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always harass wiht your Q and combo if u got enough mana regen (when you get your tear(s)). i seriously mean ALWAYS. dont use spells on creeps unless u got your tear and there is no enemy to harass. when i typed always before, i was lieing, only harass like that early game pre 6 then after 6 harass with your combo cuz it might be obvious when u will harass (close range), and after lvl 6 you might have alot of mana regen (with blue buff) and spamming your combo isnt a problem.

always ward one bush and kinda stick close to it, always have enough mana for a W incase of a gank.

stay at maximum auto attack range and depending who u are against (skill shot single target go on the minons and using the minions to attack you, stay away from them) poistion yourself and if u are away from the creeps, dont stop moving.

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i think this is it. thank you for reading and proceed to rage at this terrible build cuz i probably wont care too much. (dont think that makes sense <---- or all that ^^^^^)


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