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League of Legends Build Guide Author FighterRanger

Ryze Revamped!

FighterRanger Last updated on February 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first published guide on mobafire, and it's really just a quick theory I crafted about the new Ryze. I tried it in a bot game and am going to try it in human games, but Riot's servers are down. If I feel it's really good, I'll go more in-depth with it, if not, then I'll just get rid of it.

Anyway, this is a really neat idea on how to play the newly revamped Ryze!

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I don't have cooldown reduction glyphs, but if you can snag 6% from glyphs (probably pretty easy to do) you'd make 40% cdr. Apart from that, I'd recommend your standard magic penetration marks, hp quints, mana regen/level or flat mana regen/level seals, and w/e the **** you want for glyphs, probably magic resist/level for a bit of defense.

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Standard caster masteries. Get 21 in Utility, 9 in offense, hitting the important ones for casters. NOTE: Ryze DESPERATELY needs to blue buff to function for this build, so be certain to get TWO POINTS in Utility Mastery).

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Skill Sequence

You're gonna be using your Overload a lot. Don't be afraid to spam it after you have your Tear of the Goddess and blue buff. Level your ult first (duh!), your Overload next, then Spell Flux because of the bounce, and then finally Rune Prison.

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Summoner Spells

I'd recommend Teleport and Flash because you'll probably need Flash to help your ganks and to get out of sticky situations in teamfights, and Teleport because before Ryze gets the golem buff he runs out of mana INCREDIBLY fast. It helps you to go back, grab some items and refill your hp and mana, and run right back to lane, which I love. I also feel it's more useful late game than Clarity. But Clarity wouldn't be bad either or if you think you can conserve mana enough feel free to get something else to help you out.

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Since two of Ryze's skills scale off mana, I love getting a mana crystal first. It gives your Overload +20 dmg, which an Amplifying Tome WILL NOT MATCH. Also gives you more mana for spells (yay!). Port back sometime after you have enough money for a Tear of the Goddess and start building up that passive! Grab yourself some boots and a Hextech Revolver whenever you can, and after your Revolver you're good to start jungling. Finish your boots (I like Boots of Swiftness since Ryze is more suited to kiting now, but Merc's Treads are still good too), and next get yourself Deathfire Grasp, and after your Overload is maxed you should be at 40% cdr (if you got those sexy cdr glyphs). Get yourself Rylai's when you get enough money for a PERMANENT 35% slow on any enemy (the cd on your Overload lasts longer than the passive slow-woot!) and to make you less squishy. Finish up your Will of the Ancients when you can and then grab a lich bane for a FANTASTIC auto-attack that WILL be going off every 2 seconds. Lastly, feel free to upgrade your Tear of the Goddess into an Archangel's Staff, but this should probably be done last 'cuz we don't care about ap that much in this build...although it kinda happens.

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What to do...and why

Honestly, if you could get your team to help you at the blue buff you could start off with Smite and be a full-time jungler. However, you are MOST DEFINITELY NOT an effective jungler all by yourself. I would recommend laning until you hit both level 6 and have grabbed yourself a Tear of the Goddess and Hextech Revolver. When you've done that, if you're smart you will really not lose health in the jungle at all. When you start jungling, you'll find that Ryze is an INCREDIBLY fast jungler, even without Smite, as long as you do your combo right. So start jungling and ganking as long as your lane partner doesn't mind soloing this late in the battle. After that teamfights start to become pretty standard, but keep in mind that you are a CARRY, and you should be jungling and lane creep farming as much as possible to get your items out. Act like a standard carry mage in teamfights, try and surprise your enemies but make sure to keep behind your tanks and other heavier characters.


*Getting blue buff with this build actually goes 25% above and beyond your cdr cap. If you're sure you can have this buff every teamfight, feel free to tell Deathfire Grasp to suck it and buy something else (but its active is nice, so I'd keep it anyway just for that). I like to have the Grasp just in case I die and for some rason no buff is available, and an unexpected teamfight happens. CDR is VERY important on Ryze.

*SPELL ORDER: Take full advantage of Ryze's passive. When you do this, you can unleash MASSIVE spell combos. Your main combo should go Q-E-Q-W-Q OR Q-W-Q-E-Q (preferably the first one since your E reduces opponents' magic resist, but if you need to snare first do the second.). This is the order you should be casting spells in in both the jungle and teamfights. This is because each spell cast reduces cooldowns by 1 second, so your Q should have a 2-sec cd, cast it then E, wait 1 sec, cast Q again and immediately W, wait 1 sec and cast Q again.]

*ADVANCED SPELL ORDER (most aggressive way to output damage during teamfights): When Ryze unleashes his spell combo in the first order, it takes about 2 seconds before it's ready to be cast again (but it'll have to be done in the same order). SO, if you use your Ultimate in the meantime, you can reduce that wait time by another second. Essentially, you can take 10 seconds and cast the following combo: Q-E-Q-W-Q-R-Q-E-Q-W-Q. Do you see what just happened? You just cast ELEVEN SPELLS THAT DEAL DAMAGE IN LESS THAN TEN SECONDS (and they're not stupid little ones like Karhtus' land mine or Evelynn's Hate Spike). It's mind-blowing.

*TIPS ON WHAT TO DO: I know a lot of people will complain if their lane partner suddenly leaves at level 6 to run off into the jungle and gank and stuff, but if they agree to it, and your team doesn't have a jungler it's fantastic. If your team DOES have a jungler, I would recommend you trying to coax them into letting you have your or the enemy team's blue buff as early as possible just to get the mana regen. When Ryze unleashes his spell combos like I've laid out, he runs through mana faster than I do tissues (yes, I use an unholy amount of tissues...something's seriously wrong with my nose...but you don't care about that). Anyway, try and get blue buff, and if you do, then don't be afraid to use your spell combo on minion waves. You'll push creep waves EXTREMELY fast, especially if you ult them. So, try and jungle, but also know that your spells have short cds and you wanna up your mana pool as fast as possible, so be aggressive in pushing creep waves.

*YOUR ULT: Many people think Ryze's ult now sucks. It doesn't. In fact I think it's what makes Ryze kinda overpowered. The extra 15% spell vamp combined with 20% from Will of the Ancients is unbelievably deceptive on Ryze. It helps him regen his health like a crazy person after Ryze has been injured and can actually restore >50% of his health back to him in teamfights if you get in trouble, once you unleash one of your ulted spell combos. He's seriously better at regaining health than Fiddlesticks using drain (if built and played right). And the best part is, Ignite can't stop it! (since it doesn't reduce spellvamp) Plus you still get 50% AOE spell damage, which is SO incredible. I shouldn't even need to tell you why. Maybe I will when I figure this guide out more.

Um...yeah. Once again this guide is still in theory process, but I figured people'd love to have a Ryze guide up right away reflecting the new changes, so I'll talk more in-depth about what to do once I actually figure what I should be doing. Lol.

*Last note: Also, if you could get your Sheen earlier on in the build than I've detailed it might also be helpful (since even early game you'll proc it nearly every time it's off cd in a fight.

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Cheat Sheet

So...what you should be doing.

Get items in the listed order.
Start jungling after level 6.
ALWAYS have blue buff if you can! (if you can, replace Deathfire Grasp with something else if you want)
Follow the Spell Order. It's the most efficient way to unleash damage.
Be wise about when to ult...try to activate it between spell combos in order to take full advantage of your passive, but be smart-if you're getting focused and about to die, JUST USE IT!
Have fun!

Btw...this build is still "in the works," so please offer feedback for what you think is good about it and what sucks about it, and help me to make it better!