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Ryze Build Guide by chowlomein

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chowlomein

Ryze (The new mana carry)

chowlomein Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This guide is to help those who LOVE Ryze and main him (like me). Ryze is super easy to play but hard to master. For those who just started playing Ryze, let me briefly summarize him. He's a tanky AP (debatable term) carry who dishes out consistent damage. The most unique thing about him is his passive, which allows him to spam skills basically non-stop. Please read this whole guide before voting. I have my reason for each and every aspect of this guide

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Armor Pen - Self explanatory
Mana regen per level - These runes help Ryze out alot in the laning phase the whole game. They let him regen fairly quicky, pretty simple too. You can, however, switch for armor or mr.
Cooldown Reductions flat and per level - Frozen Heart gives you 20% cdr. With your runes, you get around 8% at lvl 18. This lets you spam your skills pretty fast.
Quins - "Why not 3 movement speed?" 2 is 3%. With masteries it's 6%. The movement speed is just the catch up or to run, the third one seems pointless. However, you do not HAVE to get the Mana per level.

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Skill Sequence

W>Q>R>Q>E>Q>W>Q (This seems complicated, but once you master it it's really easy. This sequence is for maximum damage. If you want to burst in a short period of time, you do R>Q>E>Q>W>Q, and if they use ghost or flash, use Q>W>Q>E>Q. The rune prison is one of your most annoying skills, it's not a skill shot like lux's or morgana's, it's just plain ol clicking. If you're fed and you know the oppponent is squishy, you can just R>Q>W>E>Q. To practice, use it on minions late game. You have enough Mana to spam consistently and not have to recall back

If you don't want to read the explanation, here's just the sequence with a title:

Early game: Q>E>W>Q
Mid game (After elixer, blue buff, or glacial shroud): Q>R>Q>W>Q>E>Q (Nuke)
Late game Maximum damage: Q>E>Q>W>Q>R>>Q>E>Q>W>Q (Probably have to flash after the R)
Harass: Q>E>Q

Q. Why E before W? Don't you want to trap them first?
A. It's situational. If you're way in range (by flashing in or flanking) and you KNOW you can get your W off after 3 skills (which you should be able to because of your movement quints and masteries) then why not e first? It lowers the MR of the hit opponent

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This is for the people whos played ryze 100+ games. I'm gonna tell you the little details you need to really use Ryze in his full potential.

First of all, Spell Flux won't do damage unless you have something to bounce it off (Preferably ONE minion or yourself). Yes, Spell Flux bounces off yourself and it doesnt damage you or reduce your MR. If you're the only one close enough for the spell flux then it will hit the guy 3 times instead of one. Make sure you know the range at which the spell flux will bounce it maximize damage.

Second of all, take advantage of your passive. It's one of the most AWESOME passives in this game, and it shouldn't go to waste. If it's late game or you have blue buff, then spam your skills (wisely). Practice your Q>E>Q>W>Q on minion waves, and use R to heal.

Thirdly, I see A LOT of ryze start their spell sequence with E. No. you're thinking "Oh if i get the MR down early, I'll do more damage!" False. Your passive lets you use a Q before E and you'll still have the CD for Q right after. Instead of E>Q>W>Q>R>Blah Blah, you'll have Q>E>Q>W>Q>R>Blah Blah. Make sure you always start with overload. The only exception is when you're in a team fight and someone's running, you can drop ur rune prison first.

Lastly, Ryze gets stronger exponentially, so you NEED minion kills. Master your last hits. You're VERY item dependent. The more items you get, the more mana you get. The more mana you get, the more damage AND lane durability you have. It's a chain effect. Domino effect. Chain reaction.