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Ryze the not so squishy tank

Last updated on February 27, 2012
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Ok so this is a test build.

basically focusing on CC / reducing enemy carry damage output.

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I feel that the extra flat resist defense are great for early game. the extra mana regen is fantastic early game and a beast at late game, the extra mana is also nice for the passive and early game benefit of ryze's low mana pool and ability to mana scale.

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focusing on standing there taking damage and dishing some out to the enemies there's nothing really going to in depth for, we all know minions early game suck!

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You are getting max CD reduction with this set plus masteries and ryze's Q ( i think you actually hit over the 40% cap lol ) the frozen heart is a HUGE armor boost, second only to thornmail, but you also get 500+ mana , CD redcution and nerf the enemies around you so why not, aswesome item, if not the best imo for mana using tanks like in the case ryze or leona or alister , chogath etc.

everything else magic resist because it does not scale like armor at higher levels also feel free to swap FoN for say a sunfire cape or Randuens omen if the other team has significantly more AD heavey hitters. Both SC and RO give great health boosts and armor

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Skill Sequence

pretty standard, cc > farm > damage dealt, reason why you level spell flux first instead of over load is because of the CD reduction. the extra lower defense from overload is nice but not really needed until mid to late game. feel free to swap leveling if you notice mid game the other team starts going for banshee veils or some other defense item quickly.

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Summoner Spells

Clairty for early game sustainability / late game utility for team mates

exhaust to put a hold on carries early game ( mostly AP's due to the lack of MR you have )

and late game its a Team fight tide turner.

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Pros / Cons

pros, very good tanking and cc ability,

cons, can be very bad unless you know ryze and what he can and can not do. ( like any champeen)

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Team Work

co-ordinate with your lane partner !!!!!!!!!

a well timed rune prison can get you some great kills, let them know when you are going to throw it out and on who! once achieved 10 kills ( for lane partner ) in the first 7 minutes of a game by doing this. I dont think the other team thought i was actually tanking :P.

spell flux is a nice poke / quick farm combined with your ult in a team fight gives you quite a bit of health back + if a support has will of the ancients, LOOK OUT !

your overload can be a nice little Boom ! to an enemy carry to make them think twice about engaging you also it helps reduce the CD of your prison to allow more use of this awesome CC, unless the other guy eats an orange and is K.

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yah my spelling sucks oh well, this was a build i just through together after a little thinking, hope you like it.