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Ryze - The Unstoppable Nuke

Last updated on June 8, 2010
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"This is the recommended way to play Ryze, very noob friendly"

He is one of the few mage carries in League of Legends. All he needs is a lot of AP and mana to dish out some serious damage. For you to be a successive carry early, mid and late game you will need to Practice these strategy's as well as maybe throw a little of your own in the mix. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask questions and add suggestions.

Credit: TheLoLDude, Alahric

Best Nuker in the game 1v1
Overload - Scales well with AP & mana.
Rune prison -Able to root your target.
Spell Flux - Provides massive damage and lowers spell resist.
Desperate Power - Low Cooldown, Requires no mana & AoE Nukes.

Easily killed if reckless.
Usually first Targeted in Team fights.
Useless if Silenced, stunned or disoriented.

What to do, what to aim for:
-Play Smart, avoid getting Ganked.
-Get as many Kills & Assists you can.
-Get a lot of AP, Mana and Golem buffs.
-Don't die, especially with Mejai's Soulstealer.

Early Game:
I usually start with Doran's Ring and 1 health pot, but it's all up to you. If you want to rush things like Tear of the Goddess you can consider buying a Sapphire Crystal and two health potions, however this will make it harder to farm up early game. When you pick a lane you will generally want to harass with Spell Flux by either making it hit your target 3 times or by making it go in-between the two champions and or creeps you're laning against. Remember, Spell flux jumps so dont be afraid to cast on creeps if the champion is close enough to be jumped to. When you master this you will have no prob pushing lanes and killing champions.

The Spell Combo:
1. Rune Prison - Run up and target them
2. Desperate Power - Before you cast Rune Prison
3. Spell Flux - Make sure it hits 3 times
4. Overload - not affected by your current mana.
5. Run away - Repeat if they didn't die.

PS: If you are within Rune Prisons range then start off with Desperate Power.

My usual approach against Pansy-champions (Squishy, Ranged, Casters) that often tower hug and harass with superior range, is to Flash in and then Nuke them. This technique is not generally meant to execute your enemy but simply harass them severely which either gives you the opportunity to kill them later or forces them to recall. This is fine as long as you can keep up your mana pool, if not I would get a golem to be able to spam up for this trick... I mean that literally.

Mid Game:
Now that you have your ultimate you will know that quantity over quality, but of course use it whenever you are spell combing your target. Desperate Power is generally meant to be used to amplify your spells with AoE damage and more AP which makes it easier for you to farm up. Mejai's Soulstealer is an item you will want to pick up fairly quickly to stack ap as quickly as possible with ganks/assists etc. Now with the team fights popping up you'll need a Golem Buff, very important.

Ancient Golem Buff:
- Cooldown reduction
- Unlimited supply of mana
- Maxes your Overload damage
- Enables you to abuse your passive

You need to be careful in team fights, as I mentioned, you will be targeted once you show your face in any team fight. So you should keep your distance and wait for your initiators to engage. Your job here is to AoE and focus down the focused target, you just take what you get but don't be afraid to take a chance trapping a DPS'er with Rune Prison. If things go sour then flash out quickly. If you died then you were probably a little too reckless and underestimated your opponents.

Abyssal Scepter: 70 Ap, as well as a fair amount of magic resist and
spell penetration, make it an amazing item to have in tight situations. Allows your champion to do decent damage even when Desperate power is on cooldown. Stacks well with Sorcerer's Shoes as well.

Late Game:
Now, when your Tear of Goddess caps I think it's about time to get Archangel's Staff, just keep an eye on your mana bar. The reason for this is to simply maximize your damage on Overload and AP received from Archangel's Unique passive, though it's not much of a deal. Since you will have gained a lot of mana here I think it's reasonable to max your overload here instead of early on, but don't forget to add a few levels into Rune Prison for your team. Don't forget that move-speed is important to reach your target when you're casting Rune Prison, if you are within range then start with Desperate Power and quickly cast Rune Prison. Otherwise they will run away, which is not good.

A few amazing items to have in my opinion are Frozen Heart and Glacial Shroud. The added armor helps with melee champions such as Jax or Tryndamere, Warwick etc. But, the main reason i added these items into my build is the overall mana gained. Which boosts my Overpower damage. And the amazing amount of cooldown Reduction. 45% cooldown reduction allows you to cast Desperate Power every 24 secs or so, as well as rune prison every 7-8 secs. Allowing for more Survivability from Rune Prison. And larger damage output in all.

At this point the game is usually over...

Doran's Ring at this point will seem a bit outdated, so I suggest replacing it with Zhonya's Ring. Now Ryze is what I'd call a hard carry, what does this mean? It generally means that if you have to right Items you will be unstoppable: E.g. if you have AP enough to down anyone that comes close to you, but don't get too cocky.