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League of Legends Build Guide Author Belegdae

Ryze to the Top

Belegdae Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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*Note - This guide is simple, and straight forward. The techniques I describe are common knowledge, but if they are actually applied to in game scenario's.. they almost always work. Rate up if you like it, and down if you hate it. If its a useful guide, I am sure the good players rating's will triumph over the troll's hate rates.

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Pro's and Con's

-Relatively low Cool-Down on a powerful and useful ultimate
-Easy Kills
-Massive burst damage
-Has a Crowd-Control ability
-One of the best and easiest champions to gank with


-Death is almost a certainty (though it is avoidable if you play smart) - You are very, very squishy.
-Most always targeted first for ganks
-Usually used as an easy feed against any champions with a silence or stun

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Why's? (from Troll's) and Answers!

W?: Why is this guide so ridiculously long?
A!: Because its a guide... Its made to hopefully help improve other players experience with Ryze, and explaining how to master a champion can seldom be explained in just a few words.

W?: Why teleport?! Teleport is for noobs who can't keep their health and mana high enough to stay in the lane.
A!: I agree with that statement completely, but I find my self making money very quickly with ryze, and I find it useful to go back and forth between laneing and purchasing/gear constantly, and teleport makes this a possibility without missing out on much if not any xp or cash. (and later is useful for instantly getting somewhere distant for ganking opportunities)

W?: Why would I not start with Gear that provides speed for ganking noobs or ability power to deal l33t damage early?
A!: Because there is no point to catching up with an enemy champion if you are out of mana... and ability power is useless when you have no mana to use your abilities. The Meki Pendant is cheap enough to let you get a few potions, and most importantly it is apart of the recipe for Tear of the Goddess(also a recipe item for Archangels Staff) which allows you to increase your mana every single time you use an ability (so the sooner you get it, the better)

W?: Whats up with your' Rune choices?
A!: Ryze is all about getting kills early on to carry the team to easy victory. Ability Power and Penetration allows for early kills to be much more easily executed.

W?: Why do you even try to make a guide if you know it sucks?
A!: Because I don't allow QQ'ing troll's to affect my game-play or guide making decisions...

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Tips Guide

1: Mana depletion is always an issue with Ryze, so be reserved and save most abilities for harassing or getting last hits on minions. -TIP- At around level 6 you can easily destroy the Blue Buff minions with ease if you pop your Ultimate, so farm them often to ensure that you always have mana to gank with.

2: Early-Early game (level 1-6) should be used mainly to harass enemy champions down to half health or less for an easy gank when you hit level 6 and obtain your' ultimate. -TIP- Use Spell Flux from a distance to bounce off enemy minions straight to enemy champions that are near enough to take the chained hit. This keeps you alive and keeps your rival's health low.

3: Avoid getting ganked, even at the cost of sacrificing kills for yourself if need be. Your kills are worthless if your deaths are carrying the other team. Stay back, be safe, and wait for the right moment to finish off enemy champions. -TIP- Its tempting to use Rune Prison to try to gain the edge in a losing battle against a melee champion, but its much more useful if used to just escape clean. Surviving is much more important than trying to be a hero in ALL cases. Easy kills present themselves constantly for Ryze, so just wait for the right moments for the gank.

4: Kill Stealing is a ridiculous term to be used against ryze. You are a nuker. If you can nuke an enemy, then nuke them. I don't insist that you sit around saving all your abilities for last hits, but if you can honestly finish off a champion, then do it. Don't give them the chance to escape just because your team may troll you. -TIP- no one that matters should care what troll's say...

5: Save suicide bombing for Karthus... I am convinced that "Ryze" rhymes with "dies" for a reason. You may think that your ultimate will provide enough burst AoE damage on a group of enemy champions to get you some easy kills... but in most cases, they will just stun/silence/nuke you down to uselessness. Then you have fed the enemy gold and for the rest of the match have 1 kill with 1+ assists on your conscience. Don't lose sleep tonight; play safe.

6: Play passive. Let the enemy champion think he has the edge. Let him push close to your tower and save your nukes for when he gets cocky. Many champions underestimate Ryze and won't save enough health to avoid being nuked by his high damaging abilities. -TIP- Tower Hugging gets you just as much XP/Cash as not tower hugging... i'll take the massive tower damage assists over nothing any day.

7: If you are feeding... stop. Stop feeding. its that simple. If your methods have resulted in your first, second, and possibly even third death early on.. what makes you think that the fourth time might be a charm? If you are getting your butt handed to you, you owe it to your team to at least stop dying, even if it means you have to hide like a wuss behind your tower. Troll's may "RageQuitQQNoob" you for "not doing anything" but that shouldn't matter; though legitimate players who actually matter will have a legitimate reason for flaming you if your score is - 0/5+/0

8: And finally, just have fun. Its honestly just a game. Don't get to caught up in the logistics of your champion. He is relatively easy to use, and simple to master. Don't beat yourself up if you're learning - that's the troll's job... (And no one cares about them...)

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Knowing your limits is important.

Whether you are a veteran Ryze user or new to playing him completely, the most important thing to realize while playing this powerhouse champion is that you are SQUISHY, and perhaps one of the squishiest champions in the game. Although a well fed Ryze is almost unstoppable early to mid game, he is notorious for also being the fail feeder, giving the enemy team an unneeded edge. It is pointless to sacrifice yourself for early kills at the cost at carrying enemy champions.

Luckily, Ryze has an insanely useful skill that is excellent both for harassing the enemy teams' champions AND also staying far enough away to avoid taking needless damage to your already limited health pool; this move being Spell Flux. A well placed Spell Flux can be used not only to easily get last hit kills on a minion(or several), but is also great for harassing out-of-range champions. This should usually allow you to stay far enough away to help you avoid taking damage.