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Anivia Build Guide by Doglightning

Support [s10 Grandmaster] Never Die Anivia -- Birb Support

Support [s10 Grandmaster] Never Die Anivia -- Birb Support

Updated on October 7, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning Build Guide By Doglightning 66 6 123,164 Views 10 Comments
66 6 123,164 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning Anivia Build Guide By Doglightning Updated on October 7, 2021
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Runes: Comet Page

Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard Sums
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane Ranked #47 in
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Champion Build Guide

[s10 Grandmaster] Never Die Anivia -- Birb Support

By Doglightning
Welcome tomatoes! I am Doglightning an grandmaster Neeko Support main. I have been playing league since season 3 but s9 was my first season I really tried to progress as I was done with school. I hit Diamond for the first time playing Neeko support and managed to climb my way up to Master by the end of the split. My Goal has been to make off meta champs viable in high elo.

Why Anivia support?
One word that describes Anivia support is zone control. In a teamfight with your Glacial Storm and Crystallize you can cut off 2 paths from flankers and really provide safety for your adc. If a flanker uses gap close to get past your wall or Glacial Storm then they will not have mobility left to dodge your Flash Frost stun. Lining up free kills for your team. She also has decent catch potential with Crystallize and her passive Rebirth makes it so in lane if the enemy team all ins you they will lose as you come back to life.
Please check out my twitch it really helps support me in making content like this:

+ Amazing Zone Control
+ Decent Damage
+ Good Peel
+ Hard to kill (Revive)
+ Decent Pick potential
+ She's a birb :D

As said before Anivia's greatest strength as a support is her zone control. Use Glacial Storm and Crystallize to make picks or block off flankers. You have decent damage if you manage to land a Flash Frost into Frostbite and her peel is amazing. Enemies are gonna have a hard time running through Glacial Storm and eating a Flash Frost stun to the face.

- Bad vision control
- Hard combo to hit vs mobile adc in lane
- Immobile and slow
- Wall can screw teammates
- Has poor mana management

The biggest weakness I have found so far is that none of Anivias spells give vision of brushes. This means she doesn't have a way to face check bushes and needs teammates to escort her around the map. Her Flash Frost is very slow and easy to dodge. This isn't a problem when you use Crystallize and Glacial Storm to manipulate your enemies movements to land stuns but if the enemy adc has a dash like Lucian the lane can feel impossible. You have to be cautious because Crystallize can block off teammates and she is also very slow!

FLASH: This is an mandatory summoner spell on almost every champ in the game. Anivia is low range and immobile. Without flash you are a sitting duck... sorry sitting bird. (I think im funny)
IGNITE: Ignite reduces Heal by 50% and almost every adc runs Heal so this rune is very good if you ever want to get kills in lane. Also don't forget in teamfights to pop this on enemies that have high healing.
EXHAUST: Very good option if you are in a lane that you don't have kill potential. You can also pop the exhaust right before you pop into egg form to hopefully stop them from being able to kill you.


Arcane Comet has really great synergy with Anivias kite. Most the time in lane you are leading your trades with a Flash Frost which stuns the enemy and guarantees that the comet will hit. Once you hit 6 you get Glacial Storm and will be leading trades with that. Since Glacial Storm slows it again makes it really easy to make sure Arcane Comet hits your target. Only Frostbite isn't good with this rune but usually you don't lead your trades with this spell.

Another note is one of Anivias weaknesses is that she has no abilities that give vision of bushes and means she doesn't have a great way to face check to get vision down for her team. With Arcane Comet you can Flash Frost or Glacial Storm a brush from a safe distance. If you don't proc Arcane Comet then you know you are safe to walk up and ward the brush.

Anivia is a mana hungry champ and Manaflow Band helps solve this problem. Since Manaflow Band give a % of your missing mana back this means you want as big a mana pool as possible to make the most of the rune. That's why I combo this rune with Biscuit Delivery as the extra 150 base mana pool really makes a difference.

Transcendence is always good on champs with high base cooldowns. Since Crystallize has a high base cooldown its really good to get ability haste where ever we can!
Scorch is great for early lane presence. It just adds a bit of extra damage to your trades but is kinda useless later.

Waterwalking is my preferred rune as Anivia has terrible base movespeed and this just helps your early game roaming a lot.

Gathering Storm gives you the best late game scaling. If I'm the only ap on the team then this is something I would seriously consider to help me scale like a mid laner.
Zombie Ward is great for late game vision control and a extra 30 ap. If you think game is going late take this.

Perfect Timing is good if you want to just rush Zhonya's Hourglass first item. I would consider this into teams of assassins' or vs a Pyke lane.

Cosmic Insight reduces flash cd by 40 seconds which is super impactful imo.
Anivia is super slow. If you are thinking about going Sorcerer's Shoes then I would consider getting Relentless Hunter to make up for the terrible base movespeed.

Biscuit Delivery is a must if you are planning on playing for lane early. You will oom a few times until Manaflow Band is stacked and this will just make sure you don't.
Standard AP runes. Anivia is a mage and likes ap :D
Rebirth (Passive): Anivias passive Rebirth turns her into an egg when she dies. She then a few seconds later revives again as a new life. In the support role this is really useful because you can over extend for trades and if the enemy decides to all in you. They lose because your adc is attacking their adc and you come back to life once you die so it's usually not worth it for the enemy team to focus you in a 2v2.

Flash Frost (Q): Flash Frost is the main cc of Anivias kite. She hurls a large ice chunk at the enemy and if she activates it again it stunes the enemy. The more points you put into this spell the longer the stun duration will be. It is very slow but it hits hard when it lands.

Crystallize (W):
Crystallize is the bread and butter to Anivias kite. As I said the stun Flash Frost is very easy to dodge because it is slow. You want to manipulate the enemies movements with Crystallize to land stuns. You can also use Glacial Storm and wall the enemy off with Crystallize to trap them within it. Outside of comboing spells this wall grows in size with points and is really good for blocking out immobile carrys in teamfights.

Frostbite (E): Frostbite is an underwhelming spell for the support role. Basically you launch a icicle that does double dmg if the enemy is hit by Flash Frost or Glacial Storm don't spam this in lane or you will run out of mana. Only use it when you hit the enemy with Flash Frost or Glacial Storm.

Glacial Storm (R): Glacial Storm has a ton of utility as it's an AoE slow zone. It can be used as a zoning tool much like Crystallize or it can be used as a peeling tool if you place it on your adc as they get dove. I usually like to open with this spell. You place Glacial Storm and wall them off with Crystallize. Then you see which way they are walking and hit the Flash Frost stun. Meanwhile the whole time you are spamming double damage Frostbites at them.

General Ability Order

For skill order we are maxing Frostbite first. Since it does double damage when you hit stun
it actually out damages Frostbite with an all in combo and the cooldown reduction with the
stun duration increase is really good. Next we max Crystallize because the wall size goes up
with points and as a support blocking a length of a lane off is really game changing for a teamfight.
Finally we max Frostbite last as it just provides so damage which isn't our job as a support in
a teamfight.

Starting Items

  • Spellthief's Edge is really good since Anivia consumes mana and the mana regen is helpful. Only bad thing is she has a hard time stacking it and you will be getting wards late.
  • Relic Shield is very good and fits her palystyle perfectly allowing her to farm up to wards efficiently. Only thing I don't like is missing mana regen on a champion this mana dependant.


  • Anivia has the 2nd slowest move speed in the game and this is a must to be able to compete with roam timings. Also just in general while going back to base a lot for wards this is really helpful.
  • If you are the only ap carry then Sorcerer's Shoes really helps solidify your damage.

Mythic Items

  • Imperial Mandate is insane value when you forget about the damage passive. You get 40p and another 15 when you finish your support item which is usually about the same time. This means you are spending 2500g for 55ap compared to mage mythics which is 3400g for 80ap. On top of this Anivias ult can AoE apply this and reapply it on a low CD.
  • Since Liandry's Anguish applies a %hp burn it is really good as a stand alone item. I would recommend this into high HP teams.
  • Night Harvester gives you a ton of burst and move speed when you proc it on someone. If I'm snowballing I would consider this item.
  • This item has great synergy with Anivias kite. She is a control mage and this adds more control. Also being able to cc chain Flash Frost into Everfrost while the enemy is stuck inside Glacial Storm is really strong imo. Only problem is this item is hella expensive.

Situational Items

  • This item almost feels core as a 2nd item. This item doesn't cancel Glacial Storm so when someone dives, you can cast ult into Zhonya's Hourglass and watch them melt while you stay safe.
  • Honestly just great stats. AP, ability haste, hp and a passive that you get movespeed when you hit an enemy. What's not to like? If you get Mobility Boots then this can help you not feel so slow when in combat.
  • A good tank shred option that also makes you a tonky birb at the same time. Not bad at all but awkward build patch imo.
  • If you notice the enemy team stacking MR then this item is great for support. Its cheap with a great build path.
  • If you pick up an early dark seal and get it to 8 stacks. Then this is a decent option. Anivia is pretty hard to kill in teamfights and picks up a ton of assists. Just a great item on her.
  • Great for blocking skill shots or if the enemy has a top of AP champs that keep killing you.
  • really awkward item to build as support but really strong if you can complete. Only get this if snowballing hard.
  • If you need anti heal then this is the option you want.
Level 1 on Anivia you don't want to go to crazy as you don't have the damage yet to all in. You wanna just sit somewhere to pressure a stun to create space for your adc. Try to go for Flash Frost as the enemy adc is last hitting. This will make it much easier to hit. If you hit a Flash Frost just throw in 1 auto and back off. Once you hit 2 you can now all in. If you land a Flash Frost hit them with Frostbite and keep autoing them until they run out of range. If they try to attack you then they will lose since you have Rebirth and will revive. Once you hit 3 what I like to do is throw out Flash Frost then put a Crystallize behind them as they run to force them into the stun.

At level 6 you just dominate lane as you have too much damage and cc. I start with a Glacial Storm putting a Crystallize behind them. They then have to choose to walk left or right to get out of the slow zone. Once they pick a direction hit them with a Flash Frost and spam Frostbite on them.

Once you have Mobility Boots you can try to roam. Anivia has decent roams especially at 6 if the enemy laners are immobile. Putting down a Glacial Storm combo down can secure easy kills and snowball your midlane.
Mid game you want to transition into a support for your jungle. Get vision around mid so your adc is safe alone and run around getting picks with your jungle. You don't want to roam alone too much because you have not the best survivability especially if you went for Mobility Boots. Using your Crystallize to catch people for free picks is really important. Also make sure you are keeping track of dragon timers so you can get vision down 40 sec before is spawns and back to refill your wards you just placed.

In teamfights you want to play opposite of how you were playing in the mid game. In the mid game you are playing aggressive looking for picks. In teamfights you want to sit back and have a very wide view on the fight. What I mean by this is you want to be tracking all the enemies divers and flankers. Your job is to use your Crystallize wall and Glacial Storm to keep enemies out and away from your adc. You lest your top/mid/jungle make picks and just focus on keeping your backline alive. If your backline lives then you win the fight!
In the conclusion to anyone who made it this far. I thank you! Anivia suport isn't that hard to master but is very tricky at first. You have to get used to manipulating your enemies movements with your Crystallize to help land Flash Frost. Overall I would say this is a very playable champ in high elo as I have a positive wr in Diamond 2 and I know someone that OTP this in grandmaster. Hope you enjoy :D

I used JHOIJHOI guide Making a Guide to create this.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning
Doglightning Anivia Guide
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[s10 Grandmaster] Never Die Anivia -- Birb Support

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