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Elise Build Guide by Tormentula

Jungle (S11 11.17) Elise Jungle - In-Depth 4M Mastery OTP Guide

Jungle (S11 11.17) Elise Jungle - In-Depth 4M Mastery OTP Guide

Updated on October 23, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tormentula Build Guide By Tormentula 30 2 48,198 Views 6 Comments
30 2 48,198 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tormentula Elise Build Guide By Tormentula Updated on October 23, 2021
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Runes: Standard Assassin

1 2
Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

(S11 11.17) Elise Jungle - In-Depth 4M Mastery OTP Guide

By Tormentula
About the Author
I am Tormentula, the current owner of the Elise Mains discord server, moderator of r/EliseMains subreddit, and the Rank 1 Elise OTP in NA with 3.9 million mastery points on the champ. I've been playing since late season 5, and peaked Grandmaster 150 LP in season 9, getting Grandmaster again in season 10 and I've already hit Masters in S11. I've been maining Elise since I've joined, and am very experienced with her throughout several metas. I occasionally stream on Twitch, so be sure to pop in and ask me anything in on my Twitch Channel, in the Elise Mains discord server, or my Twitch Discord Server.

Intro to Elise

Elise is a very aggressive early game jungler that deals mostly ability power damage, and has two forms. Unlike most champions, Elise has access to her ultimate ability at level 1, Spider Form, which allows her to toggle between two different forms. In human form she's ranged and plays like a mage, while in spider form she's melee and plays like a fighter. She primarily builds and combos to burst and one shot her prey, similar to an assassin. Since Elise has access to her ultimate ability level 1, she's one of the best level 3 junglers in the game with access to all her tools for ganking, dueling, and even tower diving early. Playing Elise is very bloody as she's constantly looking to pressure lanes or harass the enemy jungler. Learning how to play tempo is key to learning how to play Elise, as she likes to snowball and close games before they drag on for too long, when she eventually starts struggling a bit.
+ First jungle clear is very fast and healthy
+ Can do tons of work early game
+ Excels at making picks and bursting them
+ Has a ranged CC ability for utility and picks
+ Ganks are some of the strongest in the game
+ The best level 3 tower dives in the entire game
+ Can beat most junglers in the 1v1

With access to her ultimate Spider Form at level 1, Elise has her entire kit unlocked by level 3, something most champions need level 6 for. This makes her one of the strongest level 3 junglers in the whole game since she has tools other junglers don't have access to yet. Cocoon makes her ganks and duels really powerful since its hard CC, locking opponents down for you or your laner to kill. With strong early burst damage, and the ability to dodge and cancel attacks, as well as stall for her own cooldowns with Rappel, most junglers cannot fight Elise pre-level 6. She has the best early tower dives in the entire game, she can stun and kill someone under their turret, and then use Rappel to drop tower aggro.
- Falls off really hard late game
- Only utility is a skillshot stun
- Very difficult to remain useful when behind
- Atrocious farm speed as the game progresses
- Very tempo reliant
- Hard to master
- Struggles to deal with Magic Resist stacking
- Can't do anything with abilities on cooldown
- Struggles in passive team compositions

The most infamous flaw about Elise is that she falls off very hard making her very feast or famine. To compensate for her having such a strong early game, Elise's scalings are really bad making it hard to continue carrying and bursting targets late with a few items. Teamfights are rough for her since she's single target damage, and can't multikill easily due to her abilities going on cooldown. Not having a true ultimate is a double edged sword as when other champions hit level 6, they get stronger abilities than Elise evening out her power with them by around mid and late game. Cocoon is her most useful tool for making picks later on, however if you miss it or the enemy plays front to back properly, it can be hard to catch your priority targets with her limited target access.
Elise has a massive kit that can feel overwhelming for new players to control. Like Nidalee, Elise is a duel form champion and you have to master both forms to be effective with her. Let's go over what some of her abilities do, hover over the ability icons to read what they say in game, but I'll give you the description on how they should be used.

Elise, The Spider Queen's Kit

Spider Queen (Passive): There is two parts to Elise's passive, the first one is everytime Elise uses an ability in Human Form, she stores a little spiderling that spawns when in Spider Form, you can stack quite a few of them, but there is a cap which increases as you level up Spider Form. These spiders do Ability Power damage and do NOT apply onhit effects, but do apply spell effects such as Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Anguish. Whenever you lose your spiders, just switch back to Human form, spam spells, and get them back to tank jungle camps or deal bonus damage. Do note your abilities must actually hit something inorder to spawn spiderlings, casting them randomly won't do anything. The second part is when you're in Spider Form, your auto attacks do bonus magic damage and heal you for a flat amount. This bonus damage and healing is also added to her Venomous Bite due to it applying onhit effects. This significantly boost her clear speed and DPS when in spider form, synergizing well with her Skittering Frenzy as the spiderlings also gain the bonus attack speed.

Neurotoxin (Human Q): Elise's Human Q is a Ranged attack that deals more damage the healthier the enemy is. This is a combo starting move as, like I said, it does more damage the healthier they are, so the sooner you get it off, the more it'll do. A lot of times laners will flash when you use Neurotoxin thinking its your Cocoon, some skins like Blood Moon Elise and Death Blossom Elise make the abilities look almost identical to those unfamiliar with Elise.

Volatile Spiderling (Human W): Elise's human form W Volatile Spiderling is a very powerful tool, the fact it homes in on the enemy target chasing them makes it hard to miss or run away from. It can run under towers and deal tons of damage, and because its AoE, it can hit multiple enemies providing lots of poke and waveclear as well as hitting all jungle monsters. Another powerful aspect about Volatile Spiderling is it gets vision around it, so you can use it to check bushes and corners instead of facechecking. Additionally, if you Venomous Bite in spider form quick enough, the Volatile Spiderling will jump directly at the target just like her other Spiderlings. Not very useful since it will hit after your missing health damage, but its a neat trick if you want to use Volatile Spiderling to check corners for vision before starting a camp without wasting the damage.

Cocoon (Human E): Cocoon is what helps her excel in ganks, duels, and overall remain useful. She can stun enemies caught out and quickly burst them down, or use it to stun and help an ally survive and win a close fight. One of the most important lessons to learn for Elise is to be patient for when you throw out Cocoon. A max Range Cocoon will rarely hit if the enemy is looking at their monitor, but if you walk up closer or make them panic and burn flash early, it becomes way easier to land. A lot of champions cannot fight Elise because they have to dash into her, making her Cocoon point blank and allowing her to distance herself from them again or kill them during the stun timer. Holding Cocoon is deadlier than landing it. If you throw it out too early and miss it, enemies can turn on you so be cautious. Picture yourself as a Blitzcrank, if you waste hook you're giving the enemy a window to do whatever they want, so don't 'fish' with Cocoon. A good time to use Cocoon is when somebody jumps into you, waste their dash, waste their Flash, is already slowed/CC'd by an ally or crest of cinders , is pinched against a wall and can't really sidestep it, or don't have vision on you and are facechecking.

Spider Form (Ultimate R): You become a spooky scary spider that has melee based attacks, gap closers, DPS, and little spiderlings following you around. Your Neurotoxin, Volatile Spiderling, and Cocoon all get swapped with different abilities, and recasting Spider Form will toggle you back to human form. Spider Form is treated like an executioner with Venomous Bite's missing health damage, and an agility boost to get around the map. You gain bonus movement speed while in Spider Form, so while walking around in your jungle, be in this form to run from one camp to the other quicker. Switch to Human form whenever you're starting a combo or running into enemy territory, you won't be able to Cocoon in this form if you get caught. You get this ultimate level 1 and it has four ranks instead of the standard 3 most ultimates have. None of your Abilities in Spider Form give you more spiderlings, and none of those abilities cost any mana. Auto attacks while in this form on anything that isn't towers or inhibutors will heal you for a small amount and your auto attacks deal bonus Ability Power damage to everything.

Venomous Bite (Spider Q): This is Elise's main damaging ability in Spider Form. It does the total opposite of Neurotoxin, instead of dealing more damage on how healthy the target is, Venomous Bite does more damage the less health the target has. This should be used last in your combo to deal the most damage out of it. Use it when the target is low for maximum benefit. Venomous Bite also applies onhit effects, which means it gets the bonus damage from her passive, and also adds damage from items such as Lich Bane and Nashor's Tooth. It does count as a dash and thus cannot be used when Rooted, or Grounded by Cassiopeia and Singed, and it does get blocked by Jax's E and Shen's W.

Skittering Frenzy (Spider W): Gives you, and your spiderlings bonus attack speed. This is a very powerful ability when you have all your spiders, the amount of damage you'll deal is insane and it makes Elise super good at taking objectives and melting towers fast. She even heals from her basic attacks, meaning you can out sustain fights. Skittering Frenzy also works as an auto attack reset.

Rappel (Spider E): Rappel is what makes Elise the strongest tower diver in the entire game. You and your spiderlings become untargetable for 2 seconds, and you can cast it again on a nearby enemy unit, plant, or neutral jungle camp (including enemy wards) to drop to them. Anything in Rappel's radius is revealed while you're ascended, so you can use it to check for jungle camps. It can be used as a chase tool, bait tool, stall tool, escape tool, or a backline assassination tool. Rappel can literally cancel and waste so many ultimates and abilities.. some examples are Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole, Syndra's Unleashed Power, Zed's Death Mark (before mark), Vi's Assault and Battery, and even dodge abilities like an Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage or Malphite's Unstoppable Force. Use it to get out of sticky situations or prevent kills from getting away. If you target somebody directly with the ability on the first cast, you'll get a bonus damage and heal amp to your Spider Queen onhit damage and healing. You will not get this bonus if you ascend, and then pick a target to drop to. Something important to note is its very easy for you to missclick a target and accidentally drop immediately, to prevent that you can self-cast Rappel so you go up and stay up regardless of who your mouse is on.

Level Up Order


Neurotoxin/ Venomous Bite are your most spammed abilities with lower cooldowns, so you want to max those first. Starting Volatile Spiderling/ Skittering Frenzy allows a faster first camp clear with the attack speed, maxing it second gives you and your spiderlings bonus attack speed for stronger duels and much higher burst on your Volatile Spiderling. Cocoon is maxed last because the stun is just long enough to kill anybody and you shouldn't be fishing Cocoon off cooldown anyway. Rappel, maxed or not, will likely only be used once in a teamfight. Put points in your ultimate Spider Form whenever you can at level 6, 11, and 16 to increase your spider count and onhit damage.

These are the runes Elise typically wants to take. There is some flexibility in rune choices but for the standard, this is what you should go.
Dark Harvest: This is her best keystone right now, which may sound strange considering Electrocute and Press the Attack are far more common, but I'll explain why I think Dark Harvest eclipses both these runes with the current state of the game. For starters, it improves 2v2s, teamfights, etc for her, yielding more reward with additional stacks and increasing her damage potential. The two big niches right now is that the keystone doesn't require levels to scale, and it doesn't proc while a target is shielded. This is huge because shields absorb so much damage from Electrocute that the keystone is slowly starting to fall out of favor on some assassins over Conqueror. Elise just doesn't farm fast at all, first three camps maybe, but after that her XP management is super bad, part of why Electrocute is stronger is due to it gaining 8.82 damage per level while Dark Harvest is only 2.35.. but if you're going to be stuck at levels for longer periods of time spam ganking and invading, it'll even out a lot better. You'll still burst squishies, and you'll still get something off bruisers and tanks, additionally you'll only proc Dark Harvest on low enemies, so its great for finishing them off. You can proc Dark Harvest with Hextech Rocketbelt too, making it nice for kill stea- I mean secures.

Sudden Impact: Whenever you use mobility, or exit stealth, you will temporarily gain bonus flat magic penetration and lethality. If you plan on building Hextech Rocketbelt, Sudden Impact is the rune to go. The bonus flat magic penetration you get when using Hextech Rocketbelt's active dash is really nice to stack on top of the flat pen given by the mythic itself. I wouldn't go Sudden Impact ever without Hextech Rocketbelt though, Cheap Shot is generally better. The reason Sudden Impact is fine with the Hextech Rocketbelt is due to the dash you get, Elise typically can't reliably proc it otherwise, making Cheap Shot superior in most builds since she can either proc it with Cocoon or just auto and proc it off the slow effect from Crest of Cinders .

Eyeball Collection: You gain bonus adaptive force (AP or AD) for each takedown (kill or assist) you get. At 10 takedowns, you fully stack it and gain an additional flat amount. Its free AP for Elise, and with how aggressive she plays, she can stack Eyeball Collection really fast for additional damage. The other alternative is Zombie Ward, which also gives free stats, but when you kill wards, so it can be a little bit slower than Eyeball Collection in some situations. The big thing is the vision control Zombie Ward provides on top of the free stats, but in low elo it can be difficult to get a feel for Zombie Ward since most of the time the enemy isn't warding properly anyway for you to stack it efficiently. I recommend Zombie Ward for high elo (Diamond 2+) as well as clash games, and Eyeball Collection for lower elo and casual games.

Relentless Hunter: Elise likes to run around the map, and this rune helps with that. Every takedown gives 8 more out of combat movement speed, stacking up to 5 times, and you get a bonus 5 movement speed just for taking the rune. Having this rune and boots lets Elise run up to enemies quicker for an easier Cocoon, lets her arrive to fights on time, and overall helps her run around lane to lane quicker. Ravenous Hunter is an alternative some players like a lot, but in my opinion its overkill. Unless you're playing bruiser Elise or some DPS oriented build, I think Ravenous Hunter isn't necessary as you'll be one shotting the enemies you pick late game anyway before they hurt you, and Elise's jungle clear is already significantly healthy to not really need Ravenous Hunter. Both early and late game you'll usually be full health after killing camps so I just see it as over healing. Any grevious wounds the enemy team builds will cut into the value of it as well.

Triumph: Triumph is just overall a good rune for Elise. It heals her whenever an enemy she assisted in, or killed dies after a short delay, which can mean surviving ignite, tower shots, or even teamfights in general since you still heal off it in Zhonya's Hourglass and Rappel. The bonus gold is pretty small, but its a small boost, 15 Kill Participation is basically free Boots, 4 Kill Participation is a Control Ward. I especially prefer it over the other typical secondary options when going Dark Harvest as my keystone, the extra healing helps you handle larger skirmishers and get more stacks off.

Coup De Grace: Amp damage when the enemy is low on health with an ability that already benefits off of low health targets? Yes. If you drop somebody to below 40% HP, especially with Press the Attack, you basically have a 16% damage amp combined on Venomous Bite. If they're not below 40%, try autoing them with Skittering Frenzy to bring them low first before Venomous Bite, unless you can just flat out one shot them.

Rune Shards: Axe, Diamond, and Shield are the shards you should take almost always. The attack speed from Axe is more valuable for clear speed than 9 AP, and scaling ability haste isn't useful early. The 9 AP from Diamond in the second row is more valuable than more resistances, overall gives you more damage for early game. The 6 armor from Shield helps you tank jungle camps significantly better, and is good in general since physical damage is more common than magic damage. However, if you're playing vs. a very heavy AP team comp such as Kayle Nidalee Sylas Kai'Sa Alistar or Maokai Evelynn Lux Kog'Maw Yuumi, taking Circle would be really smart as Elise can clear fine without armor, and the 8 magic resist will help her deal with those threats even better.

PTA Build

Press the Attack is also a viable page, its used mainly when you cannot realistically one shot anything with Dark Harvest or Electrocute. Your itemization doesn't change with your runes, but your combos and how you approach fights may be slightly different.
Press The Attack: One thing a lot of players tend to forget is that Elise is a ranged champion, that means she can kite, orb walk, and get attacks in before melee champions walk up to her. Press the Attack is actually really good if you can kite bulky melee champions, get the stacks, then use your abilities when they come point blank to you, and you get a crazy good 8% amp to all your damage. That being said, you usually take this when its necessary, Electrocute is better for killing squishy targets, like your ADCs, glass cannon Mages, and Enchanters, while PTA is better to take if your trying to deal with Tanks, Bruisers, weak melees that have to walk up to you or are beefy enough to tank Electrocute. You just have to keep in mind you need to play fights a bit slower when you take PTA, you want to try and get the 3 stacks before your Venomous Bite, rather than proc it with Venomous Bite since it applies a stack too. Starting a fight with an Auto Attack, Auto Attack in Spider Form, and Auto reset with Skittering Frenzy will proc Press the Attack before your Venomous Bite so the base damage applies before your % missing health calculation, giving you even more bonus damage to amplify. The more autos you can get off in human form, the more simplified your combo can be.

Triumph: Triumph is just overall a good rune for Elise. It heals her whenever an enemy she assisted in, or killed dies after a short delay, which can mean surviving ignite, tower shots, or even teamfights in general since you still heal off it in Zhonya's Hourglass and Rappel. The bonus gold is pretty small, but its a small boost, 15 Kill Participation is basically free Boots, 4 Kill Participation is a Control Ward.

Legend: Alacrity: You actually have two options here; Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity. Legend: Tenacity is actually the better one, but the problem is its more situational since tenacity doesn't work against knockups, or displacements, which most champions do have as their CC, Zac for instance is all displacements and knockups. If you're against a comp like Shen, Rammus, Lux, Ashe, Lulu, then Tenacity is 100% the way to go. Legend: Alacrity is when the tenacity isn't as effective, its not bad as it does help with dueling especially with Press the Attack and some clear speed especially early game making it way more consistent than taking Legend: Tenacity all the time, but if its a Legend: Tenacity game, you'll get way more value with that than Legend: Alacrity.

Coup De Grace: Amp damage when the enemy is low on health with an ability that already benefits off of low health targets? Yes. If you drop somebody to below 40% HP, especially with Press the Attack, you basically have a 16% damage amp combined on Venomous Bite. If they're not below 40%, try autoing them with Skittering Frenzy to bring them low first before Venomous Bite, unless you can just flat out one shot them.

Cheap Shot: You deal some true damage if you attack an enemy champion affected by a slow or hard crowd control, this includes Crest of Cinders and Cocoon, its far more valuable than Sudden Impact early game and when you're going Press the Attack its typically due to you going against compositions with a lot of bruisers so Hextech Rocketbelt typically isn't the best option since it'll tickle them and they'll body block all the bolts. Pen stacking with Sudden Impact is just harder to justify in this case.

Relentless Hunter: Just like the Dark Harvest page, Elise doesn't change in her wanting to run around the map looking for picks and ganking lanes. Relentless Hunter is still too good on her to pass up, which is mainly why we option for Domination as the secondary tree for this page over Sorcery. Ravenous Hunter looks more appealing here than it did in the Dark Harvest or Electrocute page due to the more dueling potential vs. Bruisers and Tanks, but its still not that vital to take. I'd consider more if I was going Conqueror over the domination keystones but that fell out of the meta over Press the Attack for quite awhile.

The shards stay the same.

Elise will often be seen going more AP burst style builds as she wants to make picks, and kill her target before they can fight back. She'll buy a little bit of survivability, and counter build other champions depending on if they stack magic resistance for her or have tons of healing in their kit.

Starting Items

In order to jungle, you have to buy one of two jungle starting items, Hailblade or Emberknife. The only difference between the two is the type of Smite they upgrade into. After smiting 5 times, it upgrades into Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite depending on which starter you went. Refillable Potion should be purchased to stay healthy after ganks, dragons, invades, and overall using it in combat will help you out sustain fights. Stealth Ward automatically goes in your inventory, but you can also swap it for Oracle Lens.

Hailblade: Hailblade is generally the better choice due to Chilling Smite. The slow and movement speed it gives helps out a lot with chasing and running away from threats. The other main reason is the true damage from Chilling Smite is instant, so you can squeeze it inbetween you combos to get more bonus percent missing health damage on Venomous Bite.

Emberknife: Emberknife more situational due to Challenging Smite. While Chilling Smite is instant damage, Challenging Smite starts a burn over time when you attack an enemy champion after smiting them. This makes it less effective in burst combos, and more effective as a DPS item for extended duels. Additionally it debuffs the enemy and makes them do less damage to you, so if you predict an enemy is going to get fed such as Nidalee or Rengar, Challenging Smite might help you survive them. If you're doing a more bruiser style Elise with runes like Conqueror, this is the preferred smite to go for the damage reduction during the duel.

Refillable Potion: You get 2 charges of Refillable Potion that refill every time you go to base. You can sell it later for inventory space, but while you have it, it makes sure you stay healthy either when doing early dragons, or after combat so you don't have to recall immediately after. Typically Elise has a healthy clear, but if she's too low from fighting or gets disturbed, its nice to have the option to heal up so she can continue farming or making plays. Never bother with Health Potion, while they're stronger and you get 3 of them, you can't refill them and once you use them you can't sell them for some gold back.

Warding Totem: Whether or not you buy this, it will automatically pop in your warding slot. Wards help out a lot with spotting enemies invading you, assist laners in spotting the enemy jungler, or spot where the enemy jungler is if you get them deep enough.

Oracle Lens: Using Oracle Lens sweeps the area around you as you move, revealing wards and traps. Its really important to sweep before ganks to see if the enemy knows you're there. Either buy this for free on your first recall, or at 0:50 place your Stealth Ward at one of your jungle entrances (preferably opposite of the camp you're starting), then recall and buy Oracle Lens, it'll be off cooldown to gank by the time you're done clearing, and it can kill any wards the enemy placed on your buff if they tried to invade you. When doing objectives or looking for picks, be sure to sweep the area of vision and clear anything you find so the enemy is walking to replace those wards blindfolded.

Early Game Items

Before you finish your first item, you'll need to pick up these on your first few recalls. Elise spikes pretty good with Hextech Alternator and Sorcerer's Shoes.

Hextech Alternator: This has 40 AP, and does bonus damage on the first attack you deal. Its actually really strong for an early item component on Elise, and builds into two great mythics, Hextech Rocketbelt and Night Harvester.

Sorcerer's Shoes: I recommend on your first recall getting both Hextech Alternator and Boots, then unless you have enough gold to recall and buy your mythic item, upgrading your boots next. Sorcerer's Shoes gives 18 flat magic penetration, which is over half the base magic resist of most champions. This is really strong for Elise since she doesn't scale well, but she has high base damage early game, so ignoring magic resist is very good on her.

Dark Seal: If you have the extra gold on a recall, such as when you upgrade Sorcerer's Shoes, picking up a Dark Seal is pretty good. Its highly gold efficient and for every assist or kill you get, you gain stacks which grant free bonus AP. You can either upgrade it to Mejai's Soulstealer if you have it at max stacks and are confident in stomping the game, or you can sell it for some gold back and inventory space. You will lose stacks for dying so you don't want to take bad fights.

Control Ward: Everytime you recall, if you have at least 75 gold, buy a Control Ward. Not only are they permanant vision until an enemy clears it, but they also reveal wards and camouflage such as Twitch's Ambush and Evelynn's Demon Shade. Having Control Ward placed in areas of importance such as river pixel brush, dragon pit, or using them to check for wards when Oracle Lens is down will provide you with tons of information. You can only have 1 placed on the map at a time, but you can carry 2 in your inventory. Making a habit of buying these on every champion on as many of your recalls as possible will make you a better league player.

Core Items

Elise's strongest point with items would be at Hextech Rocketbelt or Night Harvester, and Sorcerer's Shoes. This is when she does the most burst damage for making picks and is starting to push her leads into post laning phase. Elise post laning phase will want to either be looking for more defensive options to avoid throwing her lead on greedier plays, or going all out on increasing her burst potential for when she does make picks so she can guarantee kills and create space for her team or for objectives. Zhonya's Hourglass is an amazing core item on Elise as the stasis is huge for giving the team rotation time in those greedier plays, as well as survivability so she doesn't give shutdown gold from her early game terror. Alternatively, going strong snowballing items such as Void Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, or even Lich Bane will help her delete targets she catches. Mejai's Soulstealer is a greedy item, but its pretty cheap for a legendary item, gives so much reward when playing correctly, and counts for the mythic bonus so if you have Hextech Rocketbelt you'll be pretty scary for squishies.
Hextech RocketBelt
+ Gives flat Magic Penetration in the base stats
+ Mythic bonus is flat Magic Penetration
+ Provides you with a dash for gap closing
+ The dash can double up as an escape or dodging tool
+ The bolts trigger Dark Harvest
+ The dash triggers Sudden Impact for even more flat penetration
+ The bolts can snipe away spell shields such as Banshee's Veil, Edge of Night, and Void Shift
- The bolts can be body blocked by beefier units or even minions
- Has a long cooldown per use
- The active itself has a learning curve and can be misused

Right now in my opinion, Hextech Rocketbelt is generally the better mythic on her, mainly due to the flat magic penetration it gives alongside the many uses the dash has. The dash from the active helps her gapclose, kite bruisers, and dodge skillshots. Dark Harvest also triggers from the bolts that come from the dash, which can get you some satisfying far away kills or secure a stack at the very least. The flat pen is a big deal on Elise because her scalings in general are not the best, but ignoring the enemy's magic resist is huge.
Night Harvester
+ Cooldown only affects one enemy champion per mark proc, making it ideal for bursting multiple targets
+ Procing it on the wrong champion won't deny you procing it on the priority target
+ Turns Volatile Spiderling into a tactical AoE nuke
+ Flows well in her combos
+ Works well with any of her builds
- Pretty binary and straight forward while other mythics may offer more outplay potential
- Stats are ok but not as good as Hextech Rocketbelt due to no flat magic penetration
- Mythic bonus being Ability Haste is pretty meh on Elise

Night Harvester isn't necessarily bad, its much better against tanky and bruiser team compositions since you can proc it on all of them per fight compared to Hextech Rocketbelt which only hits what's in front of it. I do believe its alternative is just stronger in general at the moment in most scenarios. Take Night Harvester if you're going Cheap Shot or expecting a slower game where you won't really snowball with Hextech Rocketbelt but siege with the team since a homing Volatile Spiderling with Night Harvester is very difficult to stick around and defend towers against. I also don't think you should go Mejai's Soulstealer unless you're confident in stomping since the extra ability haste from the mythic bonus can't even compare to the flat magic penetration you'd gain going Hextech Rocketbelt.

Mejai's Soulstealer: If you have a 10 stacked Dark Seal and are stomping the game, you can upgrade it to a Mejai's Soulstealer instead of selling it. At 10 stacks you get a movement speed boost for getting around the map faster. This item is only 1600 gold, upgrades from Dark Seal for 1250 gold, counts as a legendary item for mythic passives, and when fully stacked gives 125 AP, plus 10% movement speed at 10 stacks. Its super gold efficient, but be warned if you die you will lose a lot of stacks, and if you lose all of them the item is a gold sink. Think of this as a 'win more' item. I typically get this early when going Hextech Rocketbelt because its the cheapest and fastest source of additional flat magic penetration post Sorcerer's Shoes due to the mythic passive bonus.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Zhonya's Hourglass is a common 2nd buy, its cheap and the armor it gives with the health from the mythic items gives you a little bit of tankiness so you're not entirely squishy. The active is really good on her, as the stasis, combined with her untargetability with Rappel, makes her stall a lot of time to survive and overall become hard to kill when she dives into fights. This can be very important for stalling cooldowns, and surviving plays rather than dying for them. You can also use the stasis in spider form and let spiderlings kill your opponent or do some extra damage.

Mid Game Items

At this point Elise is going to be adapting to her opponent's itemization. If enemies are stacking magic resist for her, Void Staff is super important in order to still hurt them. Otherwise if nobody is stacking magic resist, Rabadon's Deathcap is an expensive, but highly rewarding pick up to continue one shotting targets you pick off. If you didn't get survivability yet, now may also be a good time, such as Zhonya's Hourglass to survive teamfights better or Banshee's Veil so you don't randomly get caught by Rocket Grab, Powerball, or Javelin Toss. If the enemy is healing a lot and your team is hesitating to purchase grevious wounds of their own, now might be a good time to get Oblivion Orb before a teamfight that your opponent barely survives in due to healing occurs and turns the game.

Void Staff: While buying defensive options is better first, if you're really snowballing and the enemy is stacking tons of magic resist, you might not have time to wait and want to buy this sooner. Void Staff gives percent magic penetration, which means its better vs. enemies actively buying Magic Resist. It only reduces bonus magic resist, not base magic resist, so its not worth it if the enemy team is all squishy, but its very strong for bruisers and tanks that may at least be building Mercury's Treads. If the enemy team isn't stacking magic resist, I recommend going the defensive options first, and maybe late game going Rabadon's Deathcap over Void Staff if they still don't have magic resist. This is a really huge power spike for Elise as it beats her biggest counter; magic resist.

Banshee's Veil: The alternative to Zhonya's Hourglass is Banshee's Veil, which is also a defensive item but has a spell shield instead of an active stasis, and gives magic resist instead of armor. Banshee's Veil is a lot more situational since the spell shield is actually countered by a lot of things, even random echoes from Luden's Tempest and Chilling Smite can remove the shield. What's great though is building this vs. Blitzcrank, Morgana, Thresh, Nautilus, Annie, and more, because then you don't have to worry about getting randomly hooked or Flash stunned instantly. While Zhonya's Hourglass is better in most situations, Banshee's Veil is nice counterplay to a lot of champions that are reliant on landing a single important ability on you, and you being able to cancel it will save you in the long run. It helps you avoid getting caught so you can keep tempo going, and avoid getting caught in the blast of big ultimates like Seraphine even though you're in the back line so you can at least counter their diving carry with your Cocoon during your teammate's CC duration. If you optioned for Zhonya's Hourglass early over Banshee's Veil, then Banshee's Veil is a good 5th or 6th item usually.

Late Game Items

For the last item slots, you're pretty much covering what else you're missing. If you don't have Morellonomicon, now is your last change to get it. If you don't have Banshee's Veil or Zhonya's Hourglass, they're pretty good buys, especially Banshee's Veil to absorb an ability in a teamfight or to avoid being the person who got picked off before Baron Nashor . If you don't have Void Staff, you definitely want it to deal with the enemy tanks, bruisers, and MR so you have some kind of offensive existence in fights. If you have that stuff already or really don't need Banshee's Veil or Void Staff because they have 0 MR items (doubt), two alternatives spring to mind in Rabadon's Deathcap and Demonic Embrace as 6th items.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This is a really expensive item because it gives a lot of AP. Not only is the base AP high on this item, but it also gives a bonus percentage of your total AP. This significantly boost the damage of all your scalings, especially on Volatile Spiderling, and Night Harvester. If you want to obliterate whoever you catch later, this item will help with that. More often than not its best to have Void Staff first to deal with magic resist stacking, but if the enemy team is all squishy and literally built no Magic Resist items, its the best alternative to Void Staff. I still only recommend Rabadon's Deathcap as a 6th item purchase because it is very expensive and takes awhile to complete, delaying something else probably more important.

Demonic Embrace: This is a good final item to go not just for additional health, but also to deal with tanks. Late game tanks will have a lot of health, so you get more value from the percent max health burn this item deals to them, while getting some ok resistances on top of that. If Rabadon's Deathcap is for squishies, then Demonic Embrace is for tanks and surviving better in fights. You're almost always going to want to pair Demonic Embrace with Void Staff since tanks and bruisers will have Magic Resist, Demonic Embrace alone won't substitute Void Staff.

Elixir of Sorcery: Once the build is complete, you should always buy an elixir. Elixir of Sorcery is your best option as it's even more additional AP, and it does bonus damage on the first attack to an enemy. It also does additional true damage to towers to make sieging quicker. It doesn't take up an item slot when you purchase it at full build, instead it just activates. Make sure to buy it whenever you're full build, and also replace it when its low.

Situational / Honorable Mentions

Morellonomicon: If the enemy team has a lot of healing, such as Yuumi, Olaf, Viego, Red Kayn, etc, grevious wounds are very important for the reduced healing effect. Otherwise its not worth getting if you can just kill the target before they have a chance to heal or kill them through the healing. If your team is getting grevious wounds such as Executioner's Calling, or Chemtech Putrifier, then it is probably more valuable to get more burst or survivability such as Zhonya's Hourglass and Void Staff. Elise being mainly single target means she's not spreading grevious wounds consistently in fights so she shouldn't be the only one buying wounds. If you do have to get it, pick up Oblivion Orb early and sit on it to upgrade later so you don't delay better powerspikes for Morellonomicon. If you're not just straight up one shotting people in Cocoon's stun window, either you're doing something wrong, picking the wrong targets, or building weaker damage options like Nashor's Tooth and Riftmaker giving opponents the opportunity to heal.

Lich Bane: At the start of season 11, Lich Bane was really good, but after repeated nerfs and some meta shifts, it fell out of favor of going more defensive options like Zhonya's Hourglass or other damage items such as Void Staff which also helps her beat Magic Resist stacking. The item is not bad on Elise, just right now its rough playing for tempo and if you die once or the opponent suddenly wins a 1v1 or dragon fight because they got Mercury's Treads you might be in huge trouble. Another problem is Elise doesn't stack as much AP as true AP assassins may do, so the scaling on Lich Bane won't be as significant on her as other champs. We're also in a meta with a lot more shields and beefier champions that Elise can't 100-0 even with Lich Bane, and the value of this item is that you do one shot the target, otherwise that target can 100-0 you back since you're too squishy, have all your abilities on CD, or heal off all your burst damage. Maybe one day it'll get buffed and be more viable on her but at the moment it seems fun in low elo when enemies don't counter build Elise and becomes a gold sink when you go higher and you're better off with Void Staff 2nd item even. The main appeal of this item was that Venomous Bite actually applies it, but it's better to apply Lich Bane before using Venomous Bite with an auto attack since Venomous Bite's bonus missing health damage calculation happens before the onhit damage is factored in.

Nashor's Tooth: This is probably the most controversal item to talk about on Elise, because Nashor's Tooth on paper looks like its made for her, but in reality it does very little to nothing. Elise typically is viewed as having a horrid jungle clear mid game, and the onhit+attack speed of Nashor's Tooth seems to improve it... but unforunately even with the item her clear mid-late game still cannot keep up with other junglers. It improves Elise's DPS in Spider Form when paired with her Spider Queen, but Elise is a burst champion that gets out sustained without Morellonomicon, gets one shot without resist, and gets out stat checked by most duelist that can survive her initial combos. Another problem is the attack speed doesn't add as many attacks as one would think, it's +1 auto attack during Skittering Frenzy after purchasing Nashor's Tooth, which isn't really significant when your target should be already dead. Trying to salvage Elise's DPS and jungle clear by spending gold on Nashor's Tooth is like buying a saddle for a horse that's dead, there isn't really a point in doing it and its better to play for the champion's strengths in her burst damage to make picks, and survivability so fights aren't 4v5 the moment she gets focused. If you want an onhit item just to proc it with Venomous Bite, Lich Bane is a lot more justifyable for Elise's playstyle, but even that has fallen out of the meta quite a bit. If you wanted to play jungle Elise like jungle Gwen, then play jungle Gwen, its just not what jungle Elise is built for.

Riftmaker: On paper this item sounds pretty good for a bruiser build, but in practice it doesn't achieve it well on Elise sadly. The biggest perk of this item is the omnivamp, which means Elise will get a ton of healing while fighting, the problem is this perk can directly be countered with anti-healing. If an enemy has Executioner's Calling or Oblivion Orb, even if its not intended for you specifically, the item immediately becomes devalued by the grevious wounds. Suddenly the bruiser battle spider build just quits working because she doesn't have the burst damage to kill targets like she would with Night Harvester, and her sustain is still a bit too weak even with the item to stay alive in fights once anti-heal is brought into the game. The damage amp looks nice in theory but it's likely you'll get the max amp after you use your whole combo, unless you play fights super slow which in late game isn't always an option.
Jungle Pathing

One thing important to remember when it comes to jungling is that you never should 'one trick' routes. Typically every game you'll be wanting to do a different jungle path, based on your goals. Having a gameplan during loading screen will help you figure out which pathing you want to take early on. Elise typically prefers to do jungle clears that get her level 3 fast, so she can start pressuring the opponent with ganks or invades. Here's some common routes for Elise.

Standard Route

Red Buff - > Blue Buff - > Gromp or Blue Buff - > Gromp - > Red Buff is the most reliable pathing Elise can take to hit level 3 quickly and start pressuring the map. The buff you choose to leash at is dependant on where you're pathing to. If you want to play topside while on blue team, you're going to start red and path upwards. If you want to play botside while on blue team, you start blue buff and path downwards. After your level 3 clear, you look for gank opportunities in the side lane or mid lane, as well as invades to fight the enemy jungler.

The fastest clear for Elise at the moment is Red Buff - > Raptors - > Gromp. This clear has several advantages over the standard one, for starters it gives more options when you finish it. After Gromp you'll hit level 3 and be near full resources due to the massive heal and mana gain, making Blue Buff not even needed. You can gank or invade after Gromp just like Elise normally would, or you can adjust it traveling back to the other side of the map by doing Blue Buff - > Wolves - > gank/invade/opposite scuttle. Another major perk of this clear is you're resetting two of the smaller camps. Buff camps take 5 minutes to respawn, while smaller camps take 2 minutes and 15 seconds, this means your Raptors and Gromp will both respawn a higher level granting higher XP faster than your Blue Buff would. It also means powerfarmers won't be able to yoink your Raptors if they started Red Buff as well and full cleared while you're opposite side of the map. Graves, Kayn, Lillia, etc. won't be able to take the camps from you either leaving 1 left so it can't reset, or them being down by the time you reset back on that side of the map. This is simply her best pathing right now, the only downside is that there isn't really a Blue Buff start alternative should you need to start Blue Buff to path to your wincon, as the main perk is Gromp giving you the resources to not require the extra mana regeneration, and Krugs just suck for Elise. Main thing to note is when you do Raptors, focus the mini ones first, not the big one, they all do similar damage but the mini ones die sooner, you'll lose less health this way. You can also adjust and instead of doing Gromp, go Krugs and gank that side lane level 3. Say for example bot lane leashed you Red Buff, then fights level 1 and burns a Flash, you can take advantage of that and do Krugs after Raptors then gank that flashless target for free.

Alternative Routes

Sometimes you may need to adjust your pathing because of the enemy jungler's start or because lanes are not gankable by the time you'd be level 3. Here's a couple alternative routes.

Red - > Wolves - > Blue - > Gromp or Blue - > Gromp - > Wolves - > Red is viable if your team's minion wave is pushing, but it isn't pushing fast enough to crash into the enemy tower for a tower dive. Rather than you waiting for the wave or wasting time, you can do wolves to at least keep some income going first.

Red - > Blue - > Gromp - > Wolves - > Raptors - > Scuttle is viable if you're trying to double rift scuttler the enemy jungler, and the enemy jungler started the same buff as you (you and him both started red). This means even though you started bot side, you're pathing back to bot side to meet the enemy jungler at crab, fight them, take crab, and then gank through mid to get the other crab from them. This puts you at a huge XP and gold lead while having more map control.


Ganking is an essential part of playing Elise, its what she exist to do. With her ability to tower dive, she can gank even in situations where normally junglers couldn't. The way you approach ganks will be situationally different, however here's some tips for better success when ganking.

1: Using auto attacks with crest of cinders will slow the enemy, making it harder for them to dodge your Cocoon.

2: When tower diving, its better that you tank the tower aggro as you can reset it or juggle it to somebody else with Rappel.

3: Holding Cocoon and saving it will increase its chance of hitting. Not only will the opponent try too hard to dodge it and just die to auto attacks, but you can walk up next to them for a point blank Cocoon rather than going for a max ranged one. They may also use Flash early.

4: Use Cocoon while they're already CC'd or stuck in an animation that prevents them from moving. For example; if you have a Renekton, let him stun the opponent with Ruthless Predator, they cannot dodge it and they cannot dodge your Cocoon while stunned either. Champions like Lux stop moving to throw out abilities, so you can Cocoon her when she uses Prismatic Barrier or Final Spark.

In this clip, I actually don't throw out Cocoon early, because Rengar has a lot of mobility. He can leap to minions to dodge it, or he can Flash the Cocoon itself. By auto attacking him with crest of cinders , I slow him and force him to constantly keep trying to dodge my Cocoon, saving it for when he eventually uses Flash and catching him when he has no where to run to. In this clip, I use Cocoon as Ornn uses Call of the Forge God which locks him in an animation that prevents him from moving to dodge the Cocoon. I dodge his Call of the Forge God with Rappel, and finish him off.

While most ganks are best started with human form, there are some cases where you can gank in Spider Form. I prefer to do Spider Form ganks when the enemy is far away from me so I can Rappel closer for Cocoon. Some instances you can also just walk up and start attacking them in Spider Form, saving Rappel and human form abilities for after the enemy runs away.

I use Rappel on a minion to get closer to Diana, she immidiately uses Flash but because I still have Cocoon I'm able to Flash for her and finish her off.
Mechanics & Combos

Elise's combos may seem complicated on paper, but once you get an idea on how they work, you get used to them. She is mechanically tricky so I'll walk you through various parts of her kit that synergize to dissect the main combo. General plan is you want Neurotoxin to hit first and Venomous Bite to hit last when considering combos. Her kit helps spell out which to start with and which to end with thanks to Neurotoxin's percent current health damage and Venomous Bite's percent missing health damage. For the sake of this combo guide, Axe means Auto Attack.

Starter Combos

+ & +

Using Neurotoxin first in your combos is important to maximize your damage, as it does bonus damage equal to a percentage of the target's current health. This is why usually you'll start with Neurotoxin, then use Volatile Spiderling, however if you have enough distance between you and the target, you can actually cast Volatile Spiderling before Neurotoxin and have Neurotoxin land first. If you're in point blank, do QW but if you have some distance, WQ.

+ + & + +

You can either start with Cocoon or hold onto it. Something important to learn is holding onto Cocoon is more panic inducing to the enemy than throwing it out and missing, so give yourself time and walk up first or bait Flash to make it easier. More often than not you'll throw Cocoon, then follow it up with the rest of your combo. When people are 1v1ing me, I tend to use Cocoon later after I already used Neurotoxin and Volatile Spiderling, holding it for when they jump into me or using it later so the stun timer isn't waste with the cast times of the other abilities.

+ +

Skittering Frenzy is an auto attack reset. Timing Skittering Frenzy after the auto attack deals damage will cancel the ending animation of the auto attack, and immediately make you auto attack again. This lets you get in an auto attack faster, especially when sieging and taking longer duels.

Basic Full Combo

+ + + + + + +

This is what a basic combo looks like. Most Elise players will use this combo to quickly kill targets they pick off with Cocoon. Volatile Spiderling is thrown out first if there's enough distance between you and the enemy so Neurotoxin actually connects before Volatile Spiderling. Venomous Bite is used last for max damage, with the Skittering Frenzy being used to finish opponents still alive with auto.

Advanced Mechanics


Since Venomous Bite does bonus percent missing health damage, its good to use your Chilling Smite before using your Venomous Bite. However since Chilling Smite is instant damage, while Venomous Bite has an animation, you can cast Venomous Bite first and time Chilling Smite to go off as you do damage with bite. This is why Elise is really good at stealing objectives because combining Venomous Bite and Smite makes her secure them from higher thresholds of health.


When swapping with Spider Form, there's an interesting interaction with Elise's auto attack. If you start an auto attack before you transform, the attack turns into a ranged spider form attack. This means the auto attack will apply the bonus damage of her passive, but also let her be at a distance without having to walk forward (which typically Venomous Bite would do for her anyway). This is very tricky to get used to and may require a lot of practice, however weaving this inbetween your combos helps with Venomous Bite's percent missing health damage, especially when you have Lich Bane and Spider Queen procing before Venomous Bite.

Advanced Full Combo

+ + + + + + + + +

This is Elise's strongest burst combo. It combines the human combos, the auto attack transformation trick, and smite bite to deal maximum damage during the opponent's stun timer. After using this combo, if they're still alive you'll continue to finish the opponent off with auto attacks from Skittering Frenzy. If you use Cocoon later in your human form combo, you'll be able to use more auto attacks in Spider Form as the stun timer will begin and end later.
Closing Games & Teamfighting

Doing large 5v5 teamfights is a bit struggle for Elise, so playing slow for picks or peeling with Cocoon is the way to go. Catching one person can lead to engages and objectives to close out the game. If the enemy decides to force fights on your team, you can Cocoon whoever dives in, saving your carry and killing them instead. You can poke with Volatile Spiderling when sieging towers either making them too low to walk up or making them back off entirely. A good way to make picks happen is with proper vision control, and pressuring the threat of baron nashor and elder dragon . Somebody eventually will walk up to ward, so if you hide in a bush around those objectives, the enemy may walk into your arms, which either lets you take the objective free or opens up the window to force a 5v4 teamfight and end. Stick close to your team so if the enemy does dive on them, you can respond, and if you or a teammate do catch an enemy with Cocoon, you guys can follow up and help kill them.
Elise is a very high risk, high reward champion to learn. She will test your game knowledge and overall jungle knowledge with her high tempo gameplay. Once you master Elise, she is very potent and can carry your solo queue games with her insane jungle pressure and snowball potential with her team.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or join one of my discord servers, as well as follow me on Twitch!

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