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Katarina Build Guide by Kat_Alien

Middle [S12.9] 100% PENTAKILL KATARINA 1v9 GLASS CANON Kat_Alien

Middle [S12.9] 100% PENTAKILL KATARINA 1v9 GLASS CANON Kat_Alien

Updated on May 15, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kat_Alien Build Guide By Kat_Alien 83 16 34,854 Views 45 Comments
83 16 34,854 Views 45 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kat_Alien Katarina Build Guide By Kat_Alien Updated on May 15, 2022
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Runes: Classic one-shot runes

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order Classic path with maxing Q

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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide


By Kat_Alien
Hello! My name is Kat_Alien. I'm a Twitch streamer who fall in love with Katarina YEARS ago (I'm playing league for over 10 years right now). I have over 2 million points on her and I created my own build which gives me the best results at making that amazing 1v9 outplays. I call it MAKING ART with Katarina. Try this build and you will know what I'm talking about. If you want more details I invite you to my Twitch where we can talk about everything. You can also watch my plays on TikTok or YouTube.

I'm Also on synapse at 1670 video 4:25:


INNATE: Scoring a Damage takedown aganst an enemy champion within 3 seconds of dmg them reduces the coldown of all Katarina's abilities by 15 seconds.

INNATE - Sinister steel :
Whenever Katarina retrieves a Dagger, she uses it to slash around herself, dealing 69-240 (based on level)(+75% bonus AD)(+55/66/77/88%(based on level)AP)magic DMG to nearby enemies and applying ON-HIT effects at 100% effectiveness to enemy champion hit, as well reducing Shunpo's total cooldown by 78/84/90/96%(based on level).

Daggers will disappear after being on the ground for 4 seconds.

Q-Bouncing Blade

Active: Katarina throws a Dagger at the enemy that upon arrival bounces to another nerby enemies up to 2 times, dealing magic dmg to each. The Dagger lands onto the ground after 1 second, roughly 350 units opposite from where it struck its first target.


Active: Katarina tosses a Dagger into the air above the current location and gains movement speed that decays until it lands after 1.25 seconds as well as ghosting for the same duration.

E- Shunpo

Active: Katarina BLINKS to the target location around the target unit of Dagger, dealing magic DMG to the nearest enemy in range and applying on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness. Shunpo resets Katarina basic attack timer (autoatack).

R- Death Lotus

Active: Katarina channels for up to 2.5 seconds, rapidly spinning in place to throw daggers every 0.166 seconds up to the closest nearby enemy champion, revealing herself in the process. Each dagger deals physical and magic damage applies on-hit (without applying life steal) effects and inflicts 60% Grievous Wounds on the target for 3 seconds. An enemy champion within 500 units is required to cast this ability, and targets di bit have to ve visible to be thrown at.
+High snowball potential
+Very fun playstyle
+Good for Roaming
+Pentakill champion
+Mechanically challenging and fun champion


-If the enemy takes exhaust(or multiple Exhausts) you will find it hard to get kills in the lane and team fights because it reduces your damage output.

-Katarina is a mele champion which means she will need to get into melee range to deal damage. You will be in a vulnerable position all the time. It is easy for the enemy to bully you in the lane and get you low. You may have to sacrifice some CS or XP until you find a good opportunity to ALL- IN them.

-When we get to the part where we didn't get any kills and we have no snowball potential it will be hard to carry or do anything useful for the team. Katarina has no CC. Only pure dmg. With less gold income, you will be unable to deal a lot of damage.

Passive: Damaging basic attacks, abilities, item effects, and summoner spells, as well as the application of crowd control and damage over time effects, generate stacks against a target within a 3 second period causes them to be struck by lightning after a 0.25- second delay, dealing with them 30-180 (based on level)(+40%bonus AD)(+25
5 AP) Adaptive damage.

Why Electrocute???

Electrocute is a standard keystone for Katarina. it is super effective in the early and late games. In the early game, it lets you poke the enemy to the point where you can be sure you get that kill. In mid and late games it helps you to one-shot enemies with only one dagger on the ground ( especially with my build that you will fall in love with). After we get that sweet reset we are able to drop more daggers and finish all of the enemies or at least get that enemy carry.

Sudden Impact
Passive: Dealing damage to enemy champion within 4 seconds of using a dash or blink(our shunpo), or exiting from stealth, grants 7 Lethality(4.36-7(based on level)armor penetration) and 6 Magic Penetration for the next 5 seconds.

Why did I choose Sudden Impact?

Well, the sudden impact works with Katarina perfectly due to the large amount of shunpo that we can proc.

Eyeball Collection
Passive: Collect 1 Eyeball whenever scoring a takedown against the enemy champion, up to 10. Gain 1.2 bonus Attack Damage or 2 Ability Power (adaptive) per Eyeball collected, up to 12 bonus Attack Damage or 20 Ability Power (Adaptive). Completing your collection awards and additional 6 bonus Attack Damage or 10 Ability Power (Adaptive).

Why did I choose Eyeball Collection?

Katarina especially with my build needs that snowball potential. After we get some kills this rune helps us to become even stronger and do more Pentakills :)

Passive: Scoring a takedown against an enemy champion heals you for 12% of your missing health and grants you an additional 20 Gold.

Why did I choose the Triumph?

It is especially effective when getting multiple kills that keep you alive in team fights for longer. Triumph can also keep you alive in laning phase after you score a takedown and you survive that early dive or the ignite that has been proc at you by the enemy...

Coup de Grace
Passive: Deal 8% increased damage (except true damage) to champions below 40% maximum health.

Why did I choose Coup de Grace?

This is extremely useful on our lovely Katarina, especially with my build. Dealing extra damage when enemies are low grants you a higher chance of getting that sweet one-shot and then make those perfect resets to score more pentakills <3.
With this build, you have to play hipper aggressive in the early game to get the most advantage you possibly can. At LVL 2 Abuse electrocute poke as much as you can with the Q on minions followed by quick shunpo in a place where the dagger is supposed to land to surprise enemies. At lvl 3 you are supposed to win every fight against every champion in game. The trick to win that First Blood is to dodge enemy crucial cc or dmg with shunpo/movement from W or just using flash. Remember to all the time autoatack and use that atoatack reset after shunpo. Our dmg and first power spike is after we get that sweet sheen. Daggers on the ground and our shunpo can proc sheen on enemies so why not abuse that at least 300/400 dmg bonus dmg on LVL 4 just from the one item in long fights while dodging enemies skills? Try it and get used to that. After nerfs on the ROAMS, I'm not a big fan of it because you can lose a lot of exp, and even when you come back with 2 kills enemy midlaner will be 2 LVL above you with all of his summoner spells which can end up losing advantage rather than getting it. Consider winning lane and then one shot everything that stands on your way! Keep on mind that you can also get advantage on lane by following the fight on early crab where our junglers fight. That sweet double buff is just too broken to lose lane with it. Also jungler will fall in love with youthat you came to help. Be prepered for help from him.

At the time we won our lane and pushed our mid lane turret we are supposed to help other lanes to push their lanes and get that sweet free kills with at least ended up nashor (keep it on mind that we will have some teamfights at objectives what is perfet to get resets and free kills). This is the time where we have to risk much to get as fast as possible rabadon before enemies will start building Magic resistance. If we get to the point we have rabadon we start making 1v9 plays that push us to end up the game or at least finish the full build. In many scenarios, my games end up at the mid game. But if we get to the late game I invite you to the next section (LATE GAME)
If we get to the point where we have full build and we can't easily end the game we are supposed to make pressure on enemies by trying to push alone lane and be prepared to make that 1v9 outplays to let our team get something out of it. If you don't feel that good on Katarina to make that big risk stay with your team and wait after enemies waste all of their crucial cc or dmg and just follow teamfight to try to win the game. Remember that when you are pushing with this build and you have that sweet lich bane and Blue potion you can destroy the turret with a few atoatacks. You use W ability to proc lich bane. Then you follow it with the shunpo to reset autoatack so the turret disappears. Personally, I also like to start a team fight with that one dagger on the ground. When they step on it it's like at least 2/3 hp of enemy team. You probably die but give opportunity to the team to win teamfight and end the game. If you are fast enough you can deal that dmg and also escape because we have that shunpo reset.

Patience is very important in teamfights, if you are going in a wrong time you get get smashed with the crucial CC as malzahar ultimate or LULU's Squirrel ability. You have to go at the right time with your team. My favorite part of team fight is to drop as many daggers as you can. For example, if you know you will one shot enemy adc with only shunpo and ultimate you proc the q on someone else and use w in any spot to have escape system or proc that dagger on others after getting a reset from killing enemy adc. If you drop enough daggers in a team fight following this strategy you are able to kill even the tankiest enemy in the enemy team.
LEarning how to team fight as Katarina is the most important thing, it takes time but it is possible. The Key is to understand what you want to do. Never go without the plan. If you are killing enemy adc look who is next and where to place the daggers. That was the hardest part of mastering katarina for me. I was good at the basic fight on mid but at late game, those seconds matter. Try to be as fast as possible and try to dodge abilities not only go for the dmg. Also sometimes consider that it is not most important to try to get to the back lane. Try following your team even on the frontline to get that rests and slowly get to the backline.

They say that roaming is a key for katarina. I guess it WAS good because it was nerfed to the ground. If you fail that roam you probably lost your lane because the enemy laner is farming and getting that gold and experience advantage. When we look at my playstyle I always focus on making an advantage on the lane and destroying enemy mid and enemy jungler at once. It gives you that amount of experience and gold that at 15 min after you win your lane you are able to one-shot enemy bot lane under their turret. It is pretty safier than trying to lose lane/game with a few roams that won't work. Of course sometimes you get that TAHM KENCH on mid lane and you can't kill him then you HAVE TO try to ROAM because you will fall off from the game only without early kills. With this build, you have to look for snowball everywhere. When you decide to ROAM you are supposed to be sure that the enemy bot lane is pushing the lane. Only in one situation, you can ROAM to an enemy bot that is not pushing. When they have hipper low HP and you are sure you won't die there. Sometimes in the early game, I like to make a deep ward in enemy jungle to look for low hp Jungler and get that free gold followed with finishing his camp.
I really hope you all will enjoy this build. If you like it please leave a like so it will help me grow. I worked hard on every single build I have created. If you want you can ask any questions on my social media or live on Twitch. Feel free to join my community which I call ALIEN'S FAMILY!. Leave a comment if you have any ideas on how to upgrade this Guide and don't forget to like it if you like it. THANK YOU! <3
There are also again links to social media:


I'm Also on synapse at 1670 video 4:25:
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kat_Alien
Kat_Alien Katarina Guide
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