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Taliyah Build Guide by Doglightning

Support [s12 UPDATED][Challenger]Taliyah Support Guide👧🏽

Support [s12 UPDATED][Challenger]Taliyah Support Guide👧🏽

Updated on September 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning Build Guide By Doglightning 236 10 363,626 Views 13 Comments
236 10 363,626 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning Taliyah Build Guide By Doglightning Updated on September 21, 2022
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Runes: Electrocute - Burst Page

1 2
Cheap Shot
Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Kill Lane
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[s12 UPDATED][Challenger]Taliyah Support Guide👧🏽

By Doglightning


I am updating one guide a week for the next 10 weeks. If this message is not at the top of the guide then it has been updated
Welcome tomatoes! I am Doglightning an grandmaster Neeko Support main. I have been playing league since season 3 but s9 was my first season I really tried to progress as I was done with school. I hit Diamond for the first time playing Neeko support and managed to climb my way up to Master by the end of the split. My Goal has been to make off meta champs viable in high elo.

Why Taliyah support?
She is actually one of the more viable off meta supports I have played. She has crazy burst at level 3 and can one shot the enemy adc if a combo is landed. She has really high base damage and doesn't need items to 1 shot squishies in a late game teamfight. She might not have the best kit to 2v2 bot lane but her passive Rock Surfing and ult Weaver's Wall make her an amazing roamer like Bard. Taliyah can use these movespeed advantages to roam top/mid and get free kills.
Please check out my twitch it really helps support me in making content like this:

+ Great base damage
+ Amazing roamer
+ Decent Peel
+ Lane bully
+ Good Pick potential

Taliyah makes a good support mainly because her base damage is insane and her roam potential rivals great roamers like Bard. Since Taliyah's ultimate Weaver's Wall doesn't provide extra damage riot then compensated by putting extra power into her basic abilities. This means by level 3 power spike you are a damage menace that can solo any carry if you land your Seismic Shove into Unraveled Earth even without items. Also Taliyah's passive Rock Surfing paired with Relentless Hunter and Celerity means she can out roam all supports in the game. She is truly the roaming 1 shot mage support

- Hard too hit combo without setup
- Low range
- Squishy
- Bad vision control
- Terrible into Tank Supports

Taliyah's weakest part about being a support is she cannot land her Seismic Shove very easily without some sort of setup from an ally. This is why in ADC synergy her best combos are with ADC's that have some setup for her to combo off of. On top of this she is very low range and really struggles into hard engage supports that zone her. She also can only face check brushes with her Seismic Shove which is a long cooldown.

FLASH: This is an mandatory summoner spell on almost every champ in the game. As Taliyah you are low range and often going into bad situations to get damage off and this summoner keeps you safe.
IGNITE: Taliyah is kinda an ap assassin mage in the support role. I like to hide in the jungle and 1 shot squishies walking around. Usually Ignite is the difference to landing these solo kills and I think it is mandatory!
EXHAUST: I personally think Ignite is so mandatory to play Taliyah optimally so I don't usually opt for Exhaust that being said if you are vs a kill lane and really scared to die than Exhaust can be a good option!


Electrocute is really good if you think you will be able to hit 1 shot combos while lurking in the jungle later on. You proc this very easily with your 1 shot combo. It's also a good option if the enemy support picked something with high sustain like Soraka making it hard to stack Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest imo is the best rune for Taliyah. Your Q is on a low cd and shoots 5 rocks which means you can get them low and proc Dark Harvest very easily. Hitting people with multiple rocks doesn't count towards Electrocute which is why I usually run Dark Harvest instead.
Cheap Shot supports Taliyahs goal of trying to 1 shot people after lvl 3 and the extra burst could be the difference of a kill later.

Taste of Blood is an okay rune but in general you aren't looking to trade as a poke mage. You are looking for all in's which is why I prefer Cheap Shot

I run Zombie Ward because the late game vision control it gives is insane but I think it's only better in diamond+ elo as it requires the enemy to actually ward which lower elo supports don't really do that well.

Ghost Poro is better in low elos because for one the enemy is less likely to sweep wards making it easier to stack compared to higher elo where they enemy is constantly sweeping wards before you can convert them into powos.
Ravenous Hunter usually comes online once you have about 2 items. I would say this rune is good for people who won't roam much and just play for lane as its better for scaling.

Relentless Hunter has huge synergy with Rock Surfing! This will allow you to roam across the map much faster than other supports will even if they have Mobility Boots. I would recommend taking this rune and playing for the early game.
Manaflow Band is a good option for mana sustain. You can stack this very easily as a support. Since as a support you aren't really spending mana doing wave clear you should be good enough with just this option.

Presence of Mind Will help if you are really struggling with running out of mana in teamfights but I honestly dont think its necessary as a support compared to a laner. Either way it's still a good option!
Celerity gives about 12 extra movespeed level one while wall riding on Rock Surfing. Once you stack Relentless Hunter and get your Sorcerer's Shoes you will be gaining 20 ms when using Rock Surfing which will make you a roaming god!

Coup de Grace just adds some extra dmg to your combo when fighting low health enemies but imo it doesn't add that much extra dmg with the low amounts of items a support has. You can swap this for Legend: Tenacity if you are facing a bunch of cc champs.
Very standard rune set for a mage support. Can swap the Shield for Circle if facing a heavy magic damage bot lane.
Rock Surfing (Passive): Taliyahs passive basically gives her a bunch of free movespeed when she is walking next to walls out of combat. This makes her very good at roaming and maneuvering around the jungle. Make sure you are always using this passive while walking anywhere. Another use for Rock Surfing is you can use the move speed in lane to get in range to land the Unraveled Earth for a slow on the enemy making it easier to land a Seismic Shove.

Threaded Volley (Q): Threaded Volley throws 5 rocks and creates worked ground for 45 sec. If you try to cast Threaded Volley on worked ground it will only throw one rock but only cast 1 mana. Usually you don't want to create to much worked ground so that when you go for an all in you aren't limited on how to play the fight. You can also use the 1 rock on worked ground to stack Manaflow Band.

Seismic Shove (W):
Seismic Shove is Taliyahs hardest and most important spell. This spell knocks enemies in a direction which you can knock through Unraveled Earth to do some insane burst damage. When making picks hide out of vision and knock enemies towards yourself into a Unraveled Earth. If the champion has gap closers wait for them to dash onto you and knock them away instead. In teamfights I like to hold this spell for the most opportune moment and burst someone!

Unraveled Earth (E): Unraveled Earth puts a slow zone on the ground which slows enemies and deals damage to units that dash through it. This is a great zoning tool to place on the ground in a teamfight since the enemy will have to play around it. It lasts a while so don't be scared to place it early and use Seismic Shove later to knock someone into it!

Weaver's Wall (R): Weaver's Wall is a very unique spell that allows Taliyah to make creative plays. Basically it creates a long wall that you can either separate enemies, block enemies or ride to cross the map. Get creative you can use it while you burn baron to block the enemy or roam mid and pop up behind the midlaner. The possibilities are actually endless!

General Ability Order

There isn't really a better option than this order. Even if invading you want Threaded Volley
because the damage is insane level 1 compared to what the Seismic Shove knock back offers.
Basically you poke in lane with Threaded Volley and push wave for lvl 2 first. If you hit lvl 2
first you can look for a Seismic Shove but in generally you want to wait until lvl 3 for
Unraveled Earth so you can 1 shot someone. You max Unraveled Earth second because
you need it to 1 shot the enemies.

Starting Items

  • Spellthief's Edge is just a must if you don't wanna have mana problems in lane phase or later. Also the extra AP is really nice I think this is pretty self explanatory.
  • Dark Seal is really good on Taliyah. It gives mana and she is usually tagging all the enemies in a fight with her Threaded Volleys so she will get lots of free stacks. As a support if the enemy is focusing you than your team will usually win the fight so it's not as risky to get items like this.
  • If the enemy team has a lot of healing or have a healing support this is a great rush item as it lets your adc skip exe and get their core items faster.


Mythic Items

  • This is a great item for single target burst. It gives bonus damage to each enemy hit plus 20% ms making it also great for kiting the enemy team. Would strongly recommend vs teams without tanks
  • Liandry's Anguish is great vs teams that have 2-3 tanky targets. This is because it does %hp damage which obviously does great into champs with high HP pools. Combo this with Demonic Embrace and Void Staff and watch the enemy frontline melt.

Situational Items

  • Gives great stats for Taliyah. Health, resist, AP and a %hp burn that you can keep procing with your Threaded Volley. Can't really go wrong with this item so if you are unsure of what to build then just get this!
  • This item is really good for kiting because you can keep the slow proc'd with your Threaded Volley making it hard for the enemy to stick to you. Tbh since it no longer has the built in synergy with Liandry's Anguish I don't think this item is as great anymore.
  • Great if enemy team has a bunch of healing like Yuumi, Sylas or Darius. This item can be built 2nd and has a great build path for supports or final item as you don't have many open slots due to supp item and control wards.
  • Taliyah is super immobile and susceptible to dive champs. If you are being targeted by assassins this is a great 2nd item to get!
  • Really good if enemy team is ap heavy and has pick champs. For instance I like this vs Blitzcrank so I can play aggro and not worry about getting yoinked into the enemy team.
  • If you are snowballing then Rabadon's Deathcap can really make you a threat to the enemy team. This item has a very awkward build path for supports and would only recommend if you are snowballing hard.
  • If the enemy team is stacking MR and you are trying to be a big damage source then Void Staff is a must as it greatly increases your damage potential.
Level 1 on taliyah you have two options. One options is get an angle on your opponent and hit them with a Threaded Volley. If their champs have scary skill shots you don't want to be hit by then you can also use your Threaded Volley to push the wave to hit level 2 first. If you hit level 2 at the same time as the opponent you should just chill until level 3. If you hit 2 first you should walk up and zone the enemy while fishing for a Seismic Shove into Threaded Volley to get free burst and usually a Heal out.

Once you are lvl 3 you can now look for 1 shot combos on the adc by using your Seismic Shove> Unraveled Earth> Threaded Volley combo. If the enemy is a engage support you have to play safe and use your combo to counter engage instead. When you hit lvl 6 you can of course roam with Weaver's Wall but you can also make it look like you are roaming then use Weaver's Wall behind the bot lane to cut off their escape forcing a 2v2.

Finally don't forget you can always shove waves with Threaded Volley and then use your Rock Surfing to quickly roam mid for some free pick. After a back I like to sometimes roam top if my top laner has cc to help me land my full combo for free. Remember if you are losing 2v2 bot you are always free to roam to side lanes!
In the mid game on Taliyah you want to be getting vision in the enemy jungle when you can and using Oracle Lens to make sure you aren't walking in vision. You then want to wait for the enemy to rotate through and make free picks with her 100 to 0 burst combo. Off these picks you should transition to get objectives like Drag, Towers or baron. While you are hiding in the jungle you are also between 2 lanes that you can use Weaver's Wall to assist teammates if they need help. As a roaming support your job is to always be near 2 different allies so you can quickly rotate with Rock Surfing to assist the ally that needs help more.

In teamfights you want to play front to back. What this means is you don't want to be looking for picks on the enemy back line but instead damaging the closest champs that are near your carries with Threaded Volley. When someone comes in to dive you want to use Unraveled Earth to discourage them and use Seismic Shove to knock them away. Usually in a teamfight you have 3 ways to use your Weaver's Wall. The first is to block the enemy from coming in as you start an objective like drake. The second is to split the enemy team mid fight. The final way which is the most risky is if you see and enemy carry alone in the back you can use it to dive them but usually you will want other people on your team diving with you or you will die.
In the conclusion to anyone who made it this far. I thank you! Taliyah support is a bit tricky but it is super addicting!! One you start one shotting people and having your teammates ? mark ping you, you'll understand why this pick is so good as a support! Please like this guide and comment as it really helps me grow and of course check out my stream and ask me questions live. I love to meet you guys!

I used JHOIJHOI guide Making a Guide to create this.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Doglightning
Doglightning Taliyah Guide
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[s12 UPDATED][Challenger]Taliyah Support Guide👧🏽

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