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[S3] Carry Me To Diamond - Lee Sin Jungle

Last updated on September 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jungling And Ganking As Lee Sin

With Lee Sin you have the option to start either at Blue or Red buff and you are safe jungler to invade since you are not that depended on your buffs like some others are (For example 9_64.png).
So that gives you free hands what you want to do! So do the basic Wolves->Blue or Wraiths->Red for start, then you have couple options, you can either go to invade their jungler to the Red buff usually because it is alot easier to invade without ward than Blue buff is, or you can just continue jungle or early level 2 gank top.

Always remember to abuse your passive by starting the camp with First use of your skill->AA->AA->2nd use of your skill, that way you will get 2 AAs with 40% attack speed that is huge for your clear.

If I don't choose to invade their jungle at level 2 I usually go for fast 2nd buff and skip the small camp so I go like this: Wraiths/Wolves->Red/Blue->Blue/Red. That gets me to level 3 and I have my whole basic skill set open. There I can go for early gank, you usually want to start from the bottom side of the map so at Red if you are Blue side or Blue if you are purple side because that gives you the opportunity to go level 3 gank top lane which is usually the most snowbally lane and easiest to gank at early levels.

However if you do get bad leach and you have to use smite on the first camp here is how you should do it:
Against Weak jungler you can try still go kill him in the 2nd buff but it is risky so I do not recommend you to try level 2 invade if you get bad leach and you do not have 11.pngSmite available.

Remember in general that if you choose after your first buff to go invade their jungle you need to know where all the enemy members are and you need to realize the situation that you can safely go, if your lanes are already pushed to the tower and you realize you are not able to get help if something goes wrong then you should not do it if you are not 100% sure you can get out safely and manage to do something else than just burn your own flash.

Always keep eye on where the lanes plant their wards, with Lee Sin you can gank from every possible angles to be honest.

Remember always use lane bushes and bushes in general for ganking.
Ask always when you are going for gank your laners where did the enemy plant their wards so you know what route to take.

And always time buffs, dragons and barons it will help you control the map easily.

Nothing is more important on Lee Sin than good old 2044_32.png2043_32.pngWards.
With Safeguard (W) your mobility and possibilities to gank and do stuff and tricks raises alot.

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Mid-late Game As Lee Sin

Lee Sin is known for falling off after early game but that is not quite true. He has very good AD scales so with damage assasin type build you can actually deal ALOT of damage and with tanky type Lee Sin as I recommend you can tank, peel, protect, shutdown and disengage and engage fights easily. The damage output on tanky Lee Sin is pretty high with a very little damage in build.

In current meta many champions outclasses Lee at the moment but I still believe in power of the Blind Monk.

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Teamfights As Lee Sin

As I've told before Lee Sin is extremely good for peeling for your carries and helping them out. With tanky build that I like to run which core is usually something like this: 3190_32.png 3107_32.png 3143_32.png, so these items help you peel even more with their stats and actives.

Your kit is even better, your Tempest/Cripple (E) helps your AD carry by Slowing enemies movement and attack speeds. Your Safeguard/Iron Will (W) gives your ally shield which is 200 at max rank, and also your ultimate Dragon's Rage (R) is great for re-positioning or bursting down the enemy.

If you are looking to go more as damage dealer you can just shutdown enemy ADC with your E and bursting down him or some other squishy threat in their team with your Q->R->Q combo. These are items you should consider buying in that case: 3072_32.png 3035_32.png 3071_32.png.

Basically if you go tanky/2nd support Lee, you help your carries, if you go assassin damage type Lee you try to take down their squishies, especially their ADC.

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Last Words

Thank you for reading my guide! I appreciate all the feedback since this is my first ever guide and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Hopefully this helps people understand the blind monk better and become better Lee Sin players in general.

I am sorry for every mistake and will try to make this guide if this reaches any popularity.

Also as you may have noticed English is not my native language!

"The actions of one may sunder the world, but the efforts of many may rebuild it."

- Lee Sin