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Olaf General Guide by Sofistos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sofistos

[S3] Olaf TOP-Lane - Cooldown/Mana - Spam your Axe!

Sofistos Last updated on February 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction and Explanation

Wanna know why, is it funny to use a bunch of CD/Mana on Olaf?
Because it means you can spam your axe!
Yes, your axe, Undertow, Q, whatever you want to name it; as well as your other abilities more often (obviously).

Now, to understand better on how this kind of Olaf is going to work, one must understand that Mana, isn't going to make Olaf stronger, at all. That is why, I thought it would be smart to still leave 1 or 2 health items, to empower Olaf just the enough to stay in the battle.
Along with his armor and other attack damage items, it will be no problem to stay in a fight and do your job. :D

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Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells

Just a small explanation on these 3 aspects.

About the Runes...

I thought that the idea of having armor penetration marks and quintessences would help a lot, since Olaf's Passive, from his Ultimate - Ragnarok is dead, buying other items such as:
. The Brutalizer - would slightly ruin this guide.

As such happened, I decided to leave that item and a few others away.

Thus, having other things to aid you on the battle, such as Cooldown, will surely smooth your role throughout the game. And don't forget your need for Mana Regeneration. You don't want your mana to finish pretty soon, because of your Cooldown being high. That is why I incorporated Mana Regeneration Runes, that fortunately synergize with the Masteries.

About the Masteries...

As for the masteries, taking lots of Defensive Stats, is not a must, since we are going to build tanky anyways.
Therefore, balancing all 3 stats, Offensive, Defensive and Utility, will aid you in the battle.
Just keep in mind that you might have a bad early game.

Also, focusing on Utility is more preferred for a type of guide like this.

About the Summoner Spells...

I find it cool to choose, Ghost and Ignite, because the Ghost will give you a good catch up that synergizes with your slow from the Undertow spell and, the Ignite gives extra-damage, aiding you into defeating an enemy.
But of course, that other Summoner Spells can be used.
These 2 are just my choices.

below, i show these 3 aspects separated by chapters:
. Summoner Spells;
. Runes;
. Masteries.

These are just icons to also help guiding and, filling some space.
No explanations are shown.

Yet, below of the these 3 chapters, a Conclusion and Notes, may be found.

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Summoner Spells


. ; or
. ;
. ; or

Still Good:

. ; or
. ; or

Other Options:

. ; or
. ; or
. ; or

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. greater mark of armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration


. Greater Seal of Armor
. Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration


. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction


. greater quintessence of armor penetration Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration.

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Offensive Tree:

. 4 Points.

Defensive Tree:

. 4 Points.
. 3 Points.

Utility Tree:

. 3 Points.
. 1 Point.
. 3 Points.
. 3 Points.
. 3 Points.
. 3 Points.
. 3 Points.

Guide Top


Hopefully, you enjoyed this guide.
I tried to make it clean, simple and fresh, though, some mistakes may be found here and there.

Feel free to comment about anything, though, keep bad critics for yourself.
Only constructive critics will be accounted. Any other kind of negative comment, will be totally ignored.

Also, keep in mind that these are my ideas. If you dislike this guide, then create your own, with your own ideas.

All the informations here displayed, are fully constructed by me.
Therefore, using this guide as your own, will violate my morals and will make me sad.
Thus, i'll be spaming my Axe on you, till you die and then I say: Good Game! :]

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. Armor Penetration - Because we have no other item that gives us Armor Penetration, in this guide.
. Armor - Because you are going Top-Lane, which generally people go with Physical Damage based champions.
. Cooldown Reduction - Because we want to focus on it.
. Mana Regeneration - Because on the early match, you will be a bit mana hungry. (This synergizes with the masteries and items)


. Focusing on Utility was the intended. Although, we are focusing Cooldown, still having a bit of defense.


. Iceborn Gaunglet, is MUST, for it's Cooldown Reduction and Mana. PLEASE, ignore the Ability Power. Besides, this item will give an outrageous slow.

-Summoner Spells

. None to be added yet.


. Olaf scales better with HP, rather than MN. Still, since this is a; MN-CD, based guide, it's quite obvious we're gonna buy more of those kind of items. Though, leaving just mana on Olaf, would ruin it. Thus, buying a Warmong's Armor helps a lot.


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