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Akali Build Guide by MrGrom222

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrGrom222

[S4] Akali : The Fist of Shadow

MrGrom222 Last updated on September 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I. About me

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II. Lore

Spoiler: Click to view

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III.Picking Akali

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IV. Pros / Cons

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Passive - Akali's passive is amazing. Since you will already be stacking AP, the bonus damage to your auto attacks is a great complement to your ability combo. You will also be building Hextech Gunblade every game, which will give you an additional 7.5% spell vamp. This combination is your source of survival in fights.
Q - Your farming tool early game. Akali's only ranged skill so use it to your advantage! If you're against someone who you are timid about just use this to farm, the cool-down is short so you'll be able to farm efficiently. Or with this ability you can harass the enemy champion, and if they come to close proc the mark with the auto-attack and fall back.
W - This is the ability that truly makes Akali the OP that she is. There are so many tricks you can pull off using Twilight Shroud that I have dedicated an entire section of this guide to it. This is your stealth ability.
E - This is your only AoE damage ability. It is less important and does less damage than Mark of the Assassin.Striking an opponent with Crescent Slash will also activate the secondary damage of Mark of the Assassin, which will be a big part of your combo.
R - This is the ability that makes Akali a snowballing menace. It is a decently-ranged dash that can be used to chase opponents, escape trouble by dashing to visible minions/creeps, or deal devastating damage. It has a very reasonable refresh time per charge. Up to 3 charges can be stored at once.
ALWAYS MAX THIS ON 6,11,16 lvl.

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VI. Masteries

With 21/9/0 you gain an increase in survivability & an increase in damage.




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VII. Runes

Standart Runes:


Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Ability Power
greater mark of hybrid penetration
Akali had recently had a passive change these marks are actually better for her, you only lose out on 2 magic penetration in return for 8 armor penetration. Remember that Akali is considered a hybrid champion, so these are the best choice.
greater mark of hybrid penetration
Best seals in the game right now. Because Greater Seal of Armor nerfed and Greater Seal of Scaling Health buffed.
The best and irreplaceable quintessences you can get on a ability power based champion.
I prefer this one, because we get more Ability Power and more benefits in early game.

Alternative Runes:


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Magic Penetration is always welcome to champions who use Ability Power.
Although nerfed, they are still do well against overwelming fighters/bruisers.
As I have said it's best and irreplaceable rune in your page for Akali. :)
Get these if you're going against AP champions that scale into late game.

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VIII. Summoner Spells


Ignite is a summoner spell which I prefer, knowing my luck the majority of time my opponent escapes with barely any life left. Well Ignite solves that problem for me, dealing true damage over time it finishes off the opponent for me.
Flash will get you closer to or farther away from combat. It can also put you in range of a champion or creature for a much needed Shadow Dance. You can also use it to quickly get over walls. It is so valuable because it has both offensive and defensive uses.


Exhaust can be used to slow the enemy down for that needed area to be able to Shadow Dance onto the champion. Also decreases damage dealt to you and can be used to escape. Get this summoner if they have a lot of AD on their team.
Ghost will last much longer than Flash and can get you further, but it won't allow you to quickly get over walls or dodge important skill shots.
Teleport this spell is very useful to protect your turret(s) or even an ally(s) when needed, blinking in by teleporting to a minion or ward in the middle of a team fight can change the tide of a game. Very team oriented summoner spell.
Barrier is most useful against champs with hard-hitting ults and finishing moves. This could be Nidalee's Javelin Toss, Lux's Final Spark, Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole Zed's Death Mark, Fizz's Chum the Waters etc...

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IX. Itemization


Start with this 90% of the time.
Start with this if you have a skill-shot oriented enemy helps you dodge the skill-shots much easier.
Buy it against heavy harass AD champions like Zed, Pantheon...
Buy this if you can bully your lane opponent, such as Nasus


An amazing item for a hybrid like Akali.The main reason why this is bought is for the spell vamp boost, and active passive.With the active, it acts like another mini- Ignite, that with a range of 700 you can place on a target champion and also slow them too, it was basically made for Akali.
This item is incredibly good now. Buying this as your second or third item allows you to be more reckless with Akali and engage first.
This item if a must have if you are facing an enemy team that is stacking magic resist against you. With the 35% magic penetration it can increase the amount damage you place onto the selected enemy champion. With the recent changes taking priority of getting this item over Rabadon's Deathcap will actually deal more damage.


Best shoes in the game for Akali, magic penetration = more damage.
Buy these boots if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control.
Buy these if you're against a difficult bruiser, AD champion like Talon.


Get this if you want to snowball early.
One of the main reasons why this item is chosen is because of the passive along with the 80 ability power, and 5 movement speed. After using an ability your next auto attack will deal physical bonus damage refreshing every two seconds.
With the highest ability power stats in the game, this item is wanted by every champion that scales with ability power.
Get this item if they have one major threat. With the active passive you can burst down the enemy quickly. leaving the enemy team with no real damage. This item is situational.


Guardian Angel is pretty self-explanatory. If you feel like you will be focused first every team fight and have a high risk of dying, get a Guardian Angel.
Great for when there's tons of crowd control on the enemy team, and to counter ultimates like Infinite Duress by Warwick, Nether Grasp from Malzahar, etc. It's like a free Cleanse but in item form.
Get this item if enemy team have stron poker's like Jayce, Nidalee.
Get this item if in enemy team fed ADC.
This item is not very useful on Akali. The only situation where this may be useful is when the team has several auto-attacking champions.


Buy this item if you're getting kited by champions like Ashe.
Situational item, start building this if you're against a high burst AP champions like LeBlanc.


Gives extra health to help you survive later in solo or team fights.
This consumable is whenever you feel like you need a power boost since is increases ability power, and it also reduces cool-downs which is very useful since she is extremely cool-down dependent.
This is your best friend, buy him every recall!!!
Used to gain vision control, typically set around Baron or Dragon.
This is your best friend too, upgrade him after fullbuild or earlier!!!

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X. Counterpicks

Easy to kill:
Watch out to his Pillar of Flame, it can hurt you bad, and just jump on him, if he wasted Pillar of Flame and Conflagration to farm minions! He is weak, but if he does his full combo onto you, he could beat you too, so watch out to his Pillar of Flame
Is in early game and at Start very annoying, cause she has a big range of her skills, and you can't harass her very you will need many ganks. If she farms too much, use your Twilight Shroud to make her running away of the minion waves!
also can do high damage, but if she wasted her skill for farm, jump and kill
can throug her ball ono you, but if she does, jump and kill
has without her ulti just 2 skills which are doing damage, so if she trys to attack you, and her Q misses, jump and kill
he has his card throing, and sometimes he can stun, so wait till he used his stun, look that he doesn't reach you and then jump and kill
he is waek under 6 lvl, and tottaly can be countered by Zhonya's Hourglass. Rush Zhonya's Hourglass after Hextech Revolver.

Could makes problems:
she is annoying with her ulti, which is an AoE, and her passive Rebirth
can cast one skill directly onto you, has 2 AoE and sometimes stuns you
his ulti slows you, and he can quite good escape, you are too good for him
has lot's of AoE's with high damage
can slow you and he has a AoE, and his passive annoys
kassadine can be annoying too, because slow you and with his ulti he can escapes you easily
with her Shunpo she is an assassin too, and all assassins can escape you well
has a stun, and with his Ulti he has an AoE
can be annoying in lane phase, because he can scilence you, slow and 1 shot if he fed, but you strong against him too. Rush Hextech Revolver and after 6 lvl try to kill him.
can be hard in lane phase, but if you will play smart you will win her. After 6 lvl in the momment of her ult use your W and wait her ult down, after jump and kill her.

These are doing troubles:
he has with his ulti an AoE, can fear you for 3 seconds, so you cant do anything if one ganks, can silence you for a long time and can heal himselve easily
heimaerdinger he can blin you, so you can't activate your Mark of the Assassin, his turrets are annoying and with his ulti hhe can slow you
he can detect you in your Twilight Shroud, can slows veryy well and has a slow
he can slow you, has a AoE, which holds you in your position and his ulti makes him dangerous
tons of damage with his Dark Matter, has an AoE stun, and his ulti is annoying
he has 4/4 AoE Skills, can slow you, can "jump" into your direction and does tons of damage with his Q and ulti
she also has CC (silence) and does more dmg that you. Additionally she has her jump to you, and suddelny jump back before you recognized! I had bad experience against her

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XI. Twilight Shroud Tricks

With Twilight Shroud and Shadow Dance there are many possibilities to juking. As requested, I have made pictures of locations that can be used to juke by either Shadow Danceing or just running like hell.


The differences in good Akali's and the ok ones, is all in the minor details. Normally Akali's will just randomly place their Twilight Shroud in a random area, not really thinking about placement. With the right placement it will be even more difficult for enemies to catch you and find you. The key point is using the ridges and curbs to separate the Twilight Shroud forcing the enemy to choose one of the many paths you could escape to.


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XII. Some LoL Terms

GL&HF- Good Luck and Have Fun
GG-Good Game
GJ-Good Job
CC-Crowd Controll
Gank-To ambush one or more unsuspecting enemies with one or more champions.
MIA-Missing In Action: an enemy champion who was laning does not show up in the original lane which may result in recalled to base, preparing to gank the other lane and/or hiding in the brush.
SS-Enemy champion missing, shortened form of "miss". "SS" (along with "miss") is more common than "MIA" on the European servers.
AP-Ability Power
AD-Attack Damage
Poke-A form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position.
Pink- Vision Ward
Revolver- Hextech Revolver
LB- LeBlanc
Jungler-A champion who forgoes fighting in a lane in order to obtain experience and gold from killing creeps in the jungle.
Hourglass- Zhonya's Hourglass
Lee- Lee Sin
Drake- Dragon
Nash- Baron Nashor
All Terms.

Thank you for information League of Legends Wikia. :)

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XIII. Contacts

VK Group.

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XIV. Special Thanks

  • Kalaaver for his images, which he did for me. I also want to say about his guide on [S4] Poppy, there you will be able to find everything you need to dominate your lane by playing Poppy!!!
  • Bryun for his guide on Akali, you helps me a lot and gave me for my spiritual guide and training in the League of Legends.
    P.S. I borrowed some ideas from your guide :P
  • Also, thank you so much Riot Games for what came up with this excellent game.

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XV. Conclusion

In the conclusion of Guide, I want to say thank you for what you've read my guide. I hope you have learned from it benefit! If you want to ask any questions, write me a PM or visit my stream, I'll be very glad to see you! Since you were MrGrom and my guide, so GL&HF !!! :)
+Rep me if you like that guide. ^_^