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S4 Olaf Jungle, The Solo Drum.

Last updated on April 8, 2014
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This core build is based on start the team fight tanking all the inicial burst and then use your ultimate to avoid all the cc and hunt the adc.
1-The maw is perfect to Olaf, due to its synergy with Olaf own passive,Berserker Rage. Maw allows Olaf to take the initial burst and lose some life, then he obtain more dmg, as and health regen. After take the dmg, Olaf will have the chance to get closer the enemy adc and then use his ultimate to avoid all stuns, slows, knockairs etc, and kill the enemy adc. In this process Olaf will take a huge amount of damage, but thanks to the Maw shield, his w (Vicious Strikes) and Spirit Visage, he can keep alive with low health, becoming too strong.
2-Frozen Mallet, Furor,Randuin's Omen and his q (Undertow) gives Olaf all the cc/speed that he needs to catch the enemy.
3-Randuin's Omen, Spirit Visage, The Maw and Ninja Tabi gives olaf the tanky stats he needs.
4-Feral Flare is now (patch 4.5) so strong in jungle, with a awesome late dmg to champions. Perfect to champs who punish their enemies with autoatacks (Olaf has an awesome as rate).
The Alternative Build must respect these points, but the first point is unchanging.
Vs hard Ap team, u will need more mr and health, remove Randuin's Omen and buy Solari or Banshee's Veil or Warmog's.
If u want a more offensive build, u can change Frozen Mallet and buy Blade Of The Ruined King, contributing with an awesome hunt chance.
In early game Sunfire Cape grants a good dmg (passive)and is cheaper than Randuin's Omen.
In late game u can sell Feral Flare (not recommended now patch 4.5).
The others items still being viable with Olaf, but in most of the games they arenĀ“t the best choice. If u want to buy them, try to respect the points.